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Window screws also fall under the category of screws, but are only intended to fix windows or window frames with the window screws.

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Window screws? What would be windows today that would be installed in a frame made of stone or other materials without window screws? Unfortunately, this is not yet technically possible. With today's technology, windows can only be securely anchored in all walls with window screws. But let us start from scratch. In this article we would like to go much deeper into the material of the window screws made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel, and explain the individual steps in the production of such window screws in more detail. We would also like to explain how such window screws are installed and what materials they can be made of. Of course, we will also go into our delivery program of window screws in more detail and the exact construction. However, in this article we would like to start with the construction of the screws. Window screws are screws that can be used to fix a window frame to a wall or aerated concrete blocks. With these screws a window frame can be securely connected to the cellular concrete or the stone wall. Such window screws are usually very long. There is a reason for this. This length is required so that the window frame can be drilled through completely and then screwed to the stone wall, the masonry or the porous concrete block. The lengths range from 70 mm to over 130 mm or even longer. The screws have a rather narrow, i.e. completely squat head area, which has a drive made of Torx, cross recess or with a hexagon. This holder is used for the tool holder and to generate the torque to mount the window construction screws. The thread, which is a coarse thread, or a wood thread, usually goes over the entire length of a screw. The assembly of a window screw is relatively simple. In the window frame, which was inserted in the recess of a reveal, only the drillings must be brought into the frame to then screw in the window screws with the pre-drilled hole in the wall, firmly and afterwards still align the window over the screws. As a rule, no dowel is required to fix the screw securely in the masonry. A window screw is also installed in the porous concrete block. However, no drill hole is made in the aerated concrete block in advance, but the window screw is screwed directly into the aerated concrete block. As a material for window screws, the coated steel with a greater hardness is optimal. However, if you want it to be particularly robust and corrosion-proof, you should always use stainless steel window construction screws. With this alloy, the screw can either be made of V2A or even of V4A. This creates an absolute absence of rust.

Our stock program of window screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Window Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWithout window screws no assembly of a window. This means that a secure connection cannot be created if the frame is to be connected to the wall. So one always needs a window construction screw to create exactly this safe connection. In the previous article we were able to tell you a lot about the construction and assembly. The demand for window screws has increased drastically in the past years. Thus the demand for window screws rises so strongly that also the on-line Shops must serve the rising demand. This is not always easy, because even the quantities that are desired must be in stock. In order to close this gap, we have also integrated the category of window screws made of steel and stainless steel into our online shop. So our customers from whole Europe and also from Germany can buy the window screws 24 hours over our on-line Shop favorably. Thus a purchase and/or an order is possible 24 hours on the day. That has many advantages. So that the purchase of the window screws made of steel or stainless steel can also run safely and your data can be stored securely, it is important that the entire domain on the secure SSL certificate run. We have integrated this SSL certificate some time ago, so that now with a purchase of window construction scrub hoods your data are safe, if your data is handed over after an order to our enterprise resource planning. If we are already on the subject of buying steel or stainless steel window screws, please also let us briefly explain how a purchase of such screws should proceed in an optimal manner so that a quick and uncomplicated purchase is possible. If we assume that you will also visit us on this website, because you have found us via a large search engine. That is nice and we are happy. If you have now arrived here, you are now in the right category of window construction screws. Now you have the possibility to have a look at everything in peace and if you have found the suitable window screws, then you can put these in the quantity desired by you in the shopping basket. Now you can continue with the purchase or proceed to the checkout and deposit your data with us. If you would like to deposit your data, simply open a login area and enter your email address. Please also enter your delivery address and your billing address. If you now want to pay the window construction screws and conclude the purchase with it, you follow the shopping cart and the instructions. After a few clicks, you will be shown a payment system. With this selection of payment methods for your window screws, you select now the best one for your purchase and pay the commodity. If the purchase was successful, you will receive a payment confirmation with the content and quantity of the window screws you ordered. Now we can compile your order and send it to you.

The production of window screws

Window Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have already reached the last paragraph again. This paragraph is about the production of window screws made of steel or stainless steel. We have already been able to explain to you in the previous paragraph how the window construction screws are installed, i.e. assembled. Therefore, we do not have to go into the installation of steel or stainless steel window screws on masonry or cellular concrete blocks again. What we are talking about here is the production of such special screws. It used to be different. At that time window screws were manufactured exclusively on meachanical machines and therefore the topic of economy was not yet a big issue. The automatic screw machines of that time were neither CNC controlled nor could these machines be changed over to other screws during a fast set-up phase. These were of course already problems, soch the machines were not so susceptible for a long time and run partly still today in small enterprises, which manufacture window screws from high-grade steel. However, the new and large screw manufacturers exclusively use CNC screw machines. These are directly connected to the connected loader via a CNC control and can load all parameters directly. All feeds and upsetting processes can be called up directly via the CNC and controlled electromechanically. Thus an optimal production, if it concerns the production of window screws from metal and/or steel or high-grade steel. Inside the screw machine there is always the processing head, which takes over all processes when it comes to the production of window srews. Outside is the loader that communicates with the machine. This can either be a strand loader or a drum loader which can take round stainless steel material in the form of wire. A continuous material can then be fed into the machine and the machine can be started after successful setup. The first step is to cut the individual window screws to length. Then it is the turn of the pre-press of the head. Now the final pressing of the head takes place at the shaft of the screw with the integration of the attribute. Usually this is made of Torx or cross slot or a hexagon drive. This can apply the torque when tightening the window screw to secure the screw. In the last step, the thread is rolled onto the window screw. This process is carried out by rolling rollers which have incorporated the thread. This rolling process is carried out so far that the shaft is pressed between the two rollers, under high pressure the material flows together and forms the wood thread or the coarse thread on the finished window screw. Now these can be taken out of the collecting container and stored in our warehouse. If an order or a purchase from you comes in via our online shop, we can process the order and send it to you.


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