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Hose clamps are clamps that are used to make a firm connection to hoses at pipe connections. The hose clamp is placed over the hose and tightened firmly. When hose clamps are manufactured, stainless steel or steel is always used as material.

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Could you imagine a life without hose clamps? Surely not, right? Otherwise we could have hoses firmly connected to each other at pipe connections? In this article we would like to examine these and other questions concerning the topic of "hose clamps" in more detail. Furthermore, we would also like to tell you how hose clamps are used and which versions of hose clamps are used in industrial applications today and which clamps can be found in private areas. We will also go into more detail about the different possibilities there are for the material selection of hose clamps. Now, most people would naturally assume that hose clamps are only there to secure hoses firmly to screwed pipe connections and thus to fix a hose so that it cannot slip down by itself even under pressure. For this purpose it is important that, depending on the pressure load within the hose, the receiving spigot where the hose is pushed over it also has a corresponding notch or groove so that the rubber hose or plastic hose can be pressed correctly through the hose clamp into the grooves of the pipe nipple. Only this type of pressure connection makes it possible to prevent the hose from slipping under changing pressure loads, which would have fatal consequences in some cases. A hose clamp must always be tightened by tightening it very firmly, in principle by wrapping it around the hose. Now there are hose clamps that have a quick-release fastener, so that the clamp can also be placed around the hose later on and can be tightened firmly so that it can be tightened. The standard hose clamps, however, are not equipped with a quick-release fastener and usually have to be inserted before the device hose is pulled tightly onto the union. There is, however, a trick that allows the normal standard hose clamp to be inserted later. To do this, you unscrew the tensioning screw completely so that the tensioning band falls out of the tensioning screw. Now you have the possibility to put the hose clamp around the hose and put it back into the tensioning screw and close it tightly until the garden hose or another hose is also seated again. As materials for the use of hose clamps normal steel, stainless steel as V2A or also as V4A are used. The bare hose clamps are usually covered with a protective layer, so that this can protect against rust, at least for a while. The stainless steel hose clamps are more robust against corrosion, because as V2A clamps this is usually completely sufficient. If, however, these clamps are used in connection on seawater or on boats and yachts, you should in any case fall back on the V4A variants as hose clamps. Of course there are many special forms of hose clamps that can vary in size and diameter and even this one to connect road signs to pipes or posts safely. The list of applications is infinitely long and should only serve as an example.

Our stock program of hose clamps - buy online in our online shop

Hose Clamps Stainless Steel V2A V4AAfter a few years, since our company was opened, our customers have pointed this out to us and asked us whether there is a possibility that we could also include a range of hose clamps made of steel or stainless steel in our range of fastening technology, so that our portfolio would be expanded so that our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe could also buy the matching hose clamps when buying other products. Of course, we were also happy to respond to these requests and started looking for one or two reliable suppliers who could supply us with high quality hose clamps in large quantities. The search turned out to be not so easy, because the quality standard of these clamps is also very high in our company. However, we also found a supplier who is still able to supply us with high quality hose clamps in steel or stainless steel in different sizes. With this we offer our customers the possibility to buy their hose clamps around the clock in our online shop at a reasonable price. This is a fast and uncomplicated way to have the goods delivered to your home or company. So that your stored data in our online shop is also secure, we have decided to convert the entire Internet presence to the secure SSL certificate. This makes shopping in our online shop even safer and your stored data can no longer be accessed by third parties. In this context, we would like to briefly explain how a purchase in our shop should work, so that you can order your stainless steel hose clamps from us promptly and easily. Of course, we also welcome you if you have found us via one of the major search engines using the keyword "hose clamps". There is beautiful! Now you have time to put together your steel or stainless steel hose clamps and add them to your shopping cart. Once all products and goods are in the basket and you would like to check out, simply follow the shopping cart and its instructions. Also create a customer account and store all your data. You will now be given the opportunity to choose your payment method and pay for the hose clamps. If the payment process was successful, you will receive an e-mail in which the individual products are listed. Now we can also put together your goods and send them to you.

The production of hose clamps

Hose Clamps Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article we would also like to discuss how the hose clamps are manufactured in principle. For this purpose we will go into details with some points so that you can see how complex the production of hose clamps can be. In order to produce such clamps, modern CNC screw machines are always used today to produce the clamping screws with the coarse thread and equally the socket in which the screws are located as well as the hose clamp band, which is rolled with a deep helical toothing. As you can see, the hose clamp consists of three parts, all of which have to be manufactured on machines in order to combine them into one unit, the finished hose clamp. The screws are, as already mentioned, manufactured on screw machines and are fed in collets with the raw wire. The first step is always the upsetting of the head with the hexagon or the slot, or the cross slot as drive. Then the shank is cut to length and the coarse thread is rolled between two thread rolls. The hose clamp on the other hand is produced on a punching and deep-drawing machine. In this process, the piece is punched out of a metal sheet in a punching process and, of course, is immediately formed into shape. The screw will later find its safe place in this trough shape of the hose clamp holder. The last operation is the production of the band of the individual clamps. During this process, an endless strip of stainless steel or steel in general is placed in a roller machine and passed through a roller belt press. During this process the band is cut out of a wider band and at the same time the thread notches are pressed into the band by an upper roller and a lower roller, which acts as the counterpart during the production of the hose clamps. Afterwards the strip is cut to the desired length during the production run. Now the band can be combined with the socket and the screw, so that a finished hose clamp is produced. Once the hose clamp is completely assembled, it is stored in our storage system so that the goods can be shipped to you when you place an order.


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