Tooth Lock Washers

Tooth lock washers are locking elements which are intended to protect screw connections against unintentional opening. Toot lock washers are arranged with teeth in a wide variety of shapes. In this way the tooth lock washers can claw into the material. The material used for tooth lock washers is steel or stainless steel.

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In this chapter we would like to explain some things about metal Tooth lock washers in more detail and also the areas of application of such special radial locking elements. We would also like to address the topics of the construction of Tooth lock washers as well as the exact functional principles and the places of application in industry and private households. As the last and most important point in our list, we would like to highlight the manufacture of Tooth lock washers in modern production on technically mature machines. We would like to start with the material used. The Tooth lock washers used in industry and private areas is actually always bare steel with a nickel layer. If you have higher material requirements and would like to use a stainless material, a stainless steel alloy such as V2A or V4A is a good choice. These two materials can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. V2A is usually completely sufficient as a stainless steel Tooth lock washers, but if you want to protect screw connections on boats and yachts, you should fall back on stainless steel V4A. Now we come to the construction of a Tooth lock washers made of stainless steel. These special Tooth lock washers always have a round shape. In the middle there is a through hole, which is used to put the screws through. The whole Tooth lock washers has cut flanks all around, which are bent about 90 degrees. This allows the sharp flank corners to look out over the Tooth lock washers and thus develop their claw effect on the screw head. Tooth lock washers are always used under screw heads or under nuts. They are only used for a purpose, to secure a radial - i.e. a protection of the rotary movement that prevents unintentional opening. If the Tooth lock washers is now placed under a screw head and the screw head is now slowly tightened with a rotary movement, the claws press themselves into one side of the screw and into the material to be secured. This prevents unintentional loosening of the screw due to vibrations or other shocks and the screw connection is secured.

Our stock program of Tooth lock washers - buy online in our online shop

Tooth lock washers Stainless Steel V2A V4ATooth lock washers are used today in all industrial areas to secure screw connections against unintentional loosening to such an extent that they cannot be released simply by vibration. This also means that this is a cheap way of securing, which can be used in industry and also more and more often in private areas. So we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe since many years the possibility to buy their Tooth lock washers fast, cheap and reliable through our online shop. This is a simple and safe way to buy your goods quickly via the online shop and have the goods sent to your home or company. So that the purchase of the Tooth lock washers is uncomplicated and safe, it is important that all your stored data is safe and secure. So we decided a few years ago to change the whole website to the secure SSL certificate. This creates more security when exporting data to our merchandise management system, so that your data can no longer be accessed. Of course we are now already on the subject of buying or ordering stainless steel Tooth lock washers. So let us also say a few words about how an optimal order confirmation should be composed so that your goods can be delivered to your home quickly. Surely we may also welcome you here, because you have found us via a search engine using the keyword "Tooth lock washers ". Then we would like to welcome you very warmly! You now have all the time in the world to put together your Tooth lock washers in the quantity you require and add them to your shopping cart. If you have all the products you need in your basket, you can now create your customer account. Please enter all your data. If you now want to complete the purchase process, please proceed to the end of the purchase confirmation in the shopping cart and you will now be offered the different payment options. Now choose the best payment method for you to buy your Tooth lock washers. If your order and the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation via our system. Now we can also pack your purchased Tooth lock washers and send them to you.

The production of Tooth lock washers

Tooth lock washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article we would like to explain in more detail how Tooth lock washers can be manufactured on modern machines today and what exactly this production process can look like. With this we would like to close another gap in our knowledge and explain to all mechanics who work with Tooth lock washers on a daily basis how such productions or manufacturing can take place. Basically it is the case that today ultra-modern CNC machines are used which enable an economic and fast as well as cost-effective production. On the technically obsolete machines, as they were used in the past, today an economical production is hardly possible. But now back to the production of Tooth lock washers made of steel or stainless steel. These CNC machines are basically punching machines, which work on a CNC basis. For this purpose, each of these punching machines is equipped with a punched part which determines the diameter and shape of the Tooth lock washers. Outside there is always a loader which provides a steel strip where the Tooth lock washers can be punched out later. The punching device is not only a punch, but also bends the Tooth lock washers into the desired shape during the punching process. Once the CNC program for the production has been loaded and equipped with all data, the actual production can begin. For this purpose, the steel strip is inserted into the machine and the production of the timing belt Tooth lock washers is started. Now, in the first step, the punch is lowered and the finished Tooth lock washers shape is pressed out. When the head of the punch has reached the lowest point in the machine, another mould is made, which presses the teeth on the Tooth lock washers into the appropriate shape. Now you can see the claws that make up a toothed Tooth lock washers. Underneath is the collection box and collects all finished stainless steel or steel tooth lock washers. If enough are collected, they can still be washed, i.e. cleaned and then stored in our warehouse. If an order for a number of Tooth lock washers is received from you via our online shop, we can pack your order in our warehouse and send it to you.


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