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Thin-shaft screws are screws that are very narrow and thin below the screw head up to the beginning of the thread. Thin-shaft screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Thin-shaft screws made of steel or have established themselves quite late in industrial production, because the time was simply not ripe for these screws. What are the advantages of thin-shaft screws and how they can be mounted and used? In addition, we would also like to discuss these special screws with regard to the exact construction as well as the materials used for these screws. We would also like to take a closer look at our stock program of thin-shaft screws and as a last, but not unimportant point, we will also discuss the production of such screws. Usually such thin-shaft screws are made of steel or stainless steel with a drive as head. As a standard, the hexagonal head is always used. Of course there are also these screws with a hexagon socket as drive, which is not the rule. The special feature of these screws is the shank diameter to the thread diameter. The shank diameter is usually a bit thinner than the core diameter of the thread. This narrow shank is directly adjacent to the head of the thin shank screw. Depending on the length, there is also the ratio between the length of the shank and the length of the thread. But what are these screws mainly used for? Of course, we would like to answer this question first. Basically, there are components on machines and devices as well as devices which, if they are removed, must not lose the screw mounted with them. This means that the thin-shaft screw sits in a metal sheet and when the metal sheet is removed, the screw cannot fall out. To achieve this effect, it is important that the sheet metal or component has a thread in the through hole. Only then has the thin-shaft screw become a captive screw. If the screw is now screwed into the component with the threaded hole until it slips into the thin shaft, the screw can no longer be lost. A further advantage of this screw is that the thin shank creates more room for manoeuvre, so that sheet metal parts or components can be better aligned to maintain certain positions. The material used for these screws is either bare steel or stainless steel. This alloy always comes in two variants. On the one hand it is the stainless steel V2A and the stainless steel V4A. V2A stainless steel is usually sufficient, but if you want to use these screws near salt water, you should always use the V4A variant. Only this one is acid and alkali resistant and therefore also suitable for the chemical industry.

Our stock program of Thin Shaft Screws - Buy online at Online Shop

Thin Shaft Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, the demand for thin-shaft screws has continued to rise in recent years. The reason for this is that the industry has found out that screws that are supposed to be captive can quickly get lost on hoods and covers. For this I have pointed out the thin shaft screw as a perfect means in the area of fastening elements and can counteract this point effectively. Once the thin-shaft screw made of steel or stainless steel has been screwed into a threaded hole, it can no longer simply get lost. Due to the constantly increasing demand in this area, many online shops are simply no longer able to offer their customers the desired larger quantities of these special screws. We would like to counteract this situation and have further increased our stocks of these thin-shaft screws. So we would like to create a constant availability. In order to ensure constant availability via our online shop, the issue of security is just as important. For this reason we decided some time ago to convert the entire domain to the encrypted SSL certificate. This only creates advantages when buying your thin-shaft screws. The data stored by you to your address is needed so that we have all the data to send you the goods quickly. Through the encryption of your data, access by third parties is no longer possible. Especially if your purchase is handed over to our merchandise management, the necessary security is now given. If we are already with the topic purchase, then let us also some words lose, which concerns the order expiration. In addition we can also welcome you surely, because you have found us over the search word "thin-shaft screws". Then we welcome you cordially! You are now in our category of thin-shaft screws and now have the opportunity to put all your screws in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. After this purchase process you can open an account with us, which allows you to enter all your data such as delivery address and email. Of course we need this data to send you the goods as soon as possible. If you now have all other products in your shopping cart besides your thin-shaft screws and would like to complete the order, the last step follows, which now offers you the option of paying with cash. Now select the best option for you and pay for your purchase. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation with all purchased products immediately after the purchase. Your goods will now be processed by us and can be sent to you promptly.

The production of thin-shaft screws

Thin Shaft Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have arrived again in the last article, where we would like to give our customers of course also some information about the production of thin-shaft screws made of stainless steel V2A or V4A or steel, so that also this gap is missing in your production. Surely many of you know these screws exactly and know how they find their application and can be used in the industry. In order to produce such special screws almost exclusively modern CNC screw machines are used today. Just because of the topic Effezients it is especially important. Of course, there are also screw manufacturers who produce these screws on so-called old conventional machines, but the economic efficiency is today a bigger topic than in the previous years. Such a state-of-the-art machine, which can produce thin-shaft screws, is optimized to produce a fast and high-quality screw. There is always a loader connected to this machine. This loader safely and fully automatically feeds the round steels made of stainless steel or steel. The raw material has the core diameter to roll the thread. If now the CNC program is loaded within the machine and all parameters are stored, so that all speeds are stored and also the feeds. Once this start production process is completed, the actual production can take place. First, the raw material is loaded into the machine and firmly clamped in the machining chuck. The first step is to cut the entire screw to length. Then the thin shank is turned down directly. Once this section has been completed, the head of the screw can be pre-pressed. Now the front face of the rear view of the screw head is formed. After this process, the drive is compressed as a slot or hexagon socket in the end of the screw head. Now the thin-shaft screw is almost ready and can continue to the last process. The thread is now rolled in. This process is done by moving the shaft back and forth between two hardened thread rolls. Once the thin-shaft screws have been manufactured, they can be collected and stored in our warehouse. If now an order or a purchase arrives, then we can arrange the commodity for you and dispatch to you.


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