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Hammer-head screws are special screws which, due to their design, have a different design in order to find a secure hold in T-slots. Hammer-head screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Hammer-head screws made of stainless steel or steel are in the actual sense so-called profile screws. Hammer-head screws are often colloquially referred to as these. These types of screws are also part of the large family of screws and have also found their place. Hammer-head screws are very special screws which can only be used in connection with certain profiles. But we would like to take a closer look at these screws right from the start and also describe in more detail how a hammer-head screw is constructed and how it can be used as profile screws in profile shafts and secured securely. We would now like to start with a rough description of how a hammer-head screw is assembled in the assembly. This screw has a very special head which basically looks like a hammer, hence the name: hammer head screw. This hammer head is designed in such a way that it runs diagonally at both ends on the outside. These oblique chamfers are important because they reflect the structure of the profile in which the screws are to be inserted later. Thus the contour of the hammer-head screw fits exactly into the groove provided when it is screwed into the profile. The lateral profile of these screws resembles a square. The shaft of the screw is located directly on the hammer head and is firmly cast with the hammer head. The screw is always manufactured in an investment casting process and thus consists of one piece, so that the load which the hammer-head screw acts in the installed condition can be absorbed without any problems. The shaft of the screw is also always equipped with a metric or inch thread, so that the hammer-head screws can be firmly connected to other components. This means in the first place that washers are placed underneath the bolt connection can be tightened with a nut. Hammerhead bolts made of stainless steel (V2A and V4A) are mainly used in industrial production in many technical installations and devices which are constructed with an aluminium profile. Today, aluminium profiles are optimal support elements for all possible applications. The aluminium profiles are designed in such a way that they have a special contour due to their weight and are also hollow on the inside and have grooves along their entire length. Hammer-head screws have been designed and constructed precisely for these grooves. In order to install such screws in aluminium profiles, the screw must always be inserted with the hammer head in the longitudinal direction into the groove of the aluminium profile until the slot nut sits on the floor. Now the hammer-head screw can be screwed into the groove by turning it 90 degrees. The screw stops when the hammer head hits the profile walls. This is the natural braking effect when the slot nut is inserted correctly. Now the further component can be put over the thread and be screwed firmly by means of a washer and the correct nut. This screw connection is fixed and, if required, can also be moved freely in the groove and quickly loosened again.

Our range of hammer-head screws - Buy online in our online shop

Hammer Head Screw Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have already given you some information about the hammer-head screws and you could already get a small insight into what these screws are for and where they are used with pleasure. These types of screws have established themselves quite late in the technical manufacturing or production in all imaginable areas. The reason is very simple. For what should hammer-head screws according to DIN be produced for if no suitable counterparts, such as aluminium profiles, have yet been developed? Hammer-head screws can only be used for the aluminium profiles developed for this purpose. Normal screws have been on the market for many years to create a quick and re-detachable connection in all areas. Hammer-head screws, however, have only been available for the last 30 to 40 years. We started with the construction of our company at that time, with most standardized screws, like cylinder head screws, in order to slowly build up our customer base. However, this has increased considerably in the last few years and so here and there there there have been a lot of inquiries related to hammer-head screws made of stainless steel or steel and the demand is also there. So we have also started with these screws to find a reliable supplier, who can supply and with larger quantities of hammer head screws in a very good quality. Of course we were able to find this supplier and today he supplies us with an excellent quality of screws. Our customers can buy all these screws around the clock in our online shop. So that the shopping pleasure is also safe for you, we decided some time ago to convert the entire online shop to a secure connection. The advantage is obvious. Your data is thus secured so that the data can be easily exported to our merchandise management system without being tapped by third parties. If we are already with the topic shopping, then we would like to explain to you also briefly, how a purchase can be derived in our Shop fast and uncomplicatedly. You are definitely interested in purchasing a certain product, in this case the hammer-head screw, from us. You will find all the goods you want to buy. When you are finished, add all parts to the shopping cart. To complete the second step of your order, create your customer account to store all your delivery addresses and invoice data. If this step is also completed, you will now follow the instructions of the shop system and the payment suggestions will be displayed. If you have decided on the best payment option for you, you confirm the purchase by your payment. If the payment of your hammer-head screws was successful, you will directly receive a confirmation e-mail from our system. Now your order will be put together for you in our warehouse.

The production of stainless steel hammer head screws

Hammer Head Screw Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to insert hammer-head screws into the correct aluminium profiles and anchor them firmly, the screw that can take over this function is always required. In this article we would like to explain in more detail how such screws are manufactured so that we can use them all. Hammer-head screws are of course also part of the large family of screws, but they cannot be produced on so-called CNC screw machines like the conventional screws, because this type of production is not possible with the hammer-head. These special screws are produced in a Wax-Lost process by pouring liquid stainless steel into a mould. For this purpose, a mould must always be produced at the beginning by means of a three-D printer and produced in solid wax. This wax form of the actual hammer-head screw is now printed out a hundred times and then attached to a rod which is dipped in a mud bath. The sludge is then dried in a kiln and during the drying process the wax runs out of the mould. All that remains is the shell of the hammer-head screw. This can then be poured out using the casting process. When this part of the production is finished, the outer shell of the wax mould is knocked off and only the raw part of the screw remains. Now the most important part is done, which cuts the thread to the screws. This task is done by means of a die. After this operation, the hammer-head screw is basically finished and only needs to be cleaned. This process is possible by means of a washing cycle. Now all hammer-head screws are ready and can be stored in our warehouse. If an order comes from you, the goods are assembled directly in our warehouse and shipped to you.


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