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MDF screws are part of the MDF boards to be able to fix them safely. MDF screws are indispensable, especially in interior construction.

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MDF screws are a big topic today when it comes to processing MDF boards. Today, MDF boards are being used more and more often in interior design by companies and private users. This of course requires the use of the right MDF screws. In this chapter we would like to tell you everything about MDF screws made of steel or stainless steel. So we would like to go into detail how such MDF screws are constructed and how they can be screwed or mounted in MDF boards. Many of you are searching for the right MDF screws, which allow an easy mounting in the wood chipboard. Especially when screwing a MDF board it is very important to use the right "drilling MDF screws". The reason is very simple. When screwing an MDF screw into an MDF board, it is extremely important that the material is not displaced, but drilled out. If the material in the wood is displaced too much due to the pressure created when the MDF screw is screwed in, the MDF panels may crack. Especially if the MDF screws have to be screwed to peripheral areas. In order to prevent this process, MDF screws have been developed exactly for these types of pressboard. With these screws it is possible to get a clean hole in a MDF board without pre-drilling. This saves time and also the risk of a crack at the edge of the MDF board can be drastically reduced. The MDF screws usually have a countersunk head. This countersunk head forms the head of this type of screw. Adjacent to this head is the shaft of the actual MDF screw. At this shaft is the coarse thread or the wood thread or also called drilling or cutting thread. The beginning of the screw at the thread is pointed, so that this form forms a perfect shape to be screwed or drilled into a wood, i.e. MDF boards or chipboards. On the flanks of the MDF screw made of steel or stainless steel there are cutting teeth or the shaft has so-called "friction edges". These friction edges form the drill flank when the MDF screw is placed in the chipboard and can be countersunk in it under rotation and pressure without pre-drilling. A perfect screw for use on chipboard or MDF boards. But which materials are mainly used for such screws? We would also like to explain this question in more detail. Basically it is the case that for such MDF screws the harder normal construction steel is almost always used. However, this is covered with a coating, which is supposed to delay corrosion. So for all uses indoors perfectly suitable. However, if you want or have to use MDF screws in wet areas, there is no way around using stainless steel screws. These stainless steel MDF screws can be made of V2A or V4A depending on the alloy. These variations prevent rusting in the outside area or in wet areas in the best way and that in the long term.

Our delivery program of MDF screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

MDF Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we can all well imagine how the use of MDF boards has increased dramatically in recent years. The demand for these MDF screws has also increased to such an extent that more and more people are looking for the best fasteners for MDF boards. The use for indoor applications ranges from coated MDF screws to the stainless steel MDF screws, which can withstand any outdoor weather. No matter if salty water or even against all chemical influences. Due to increased inquiries for MDF screws over our customers, we decided some time ago to dedicate an own category to these screws and thus to offer our German and/or European customers directly favorable 24 hours over our Online Shop. Thus enterprises and private users have the possibility to buy their MDF screws fast, favorably and uncomplicatedly over our Online Shop. This saves a lot of time and energy in the search for the right and cheap MDF screws for fixing MDF boards or chipboard in general. So that the service of selling such screws via our web presence can also be carried out safely, the subject of security should not be completely neglected. In order to take this into account, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet presence to the secure SSL certificate. Only this certificate provides the necessary security when purchasing your MDF screws. Let us lose a few words about the purchase of MDF screws on our website. Now we may assume that you can easily find our website through the major search engines on the Internet. If so, you are now already in the right category of MDF screws. Now you can see quite well, which screws from this range we offer you via our web page. Take some time to look at all products and choose the right MDF screws for your building project. Have you found what you are looking for? If so, you can now easily put the right screws in the quantity you need into your shopping cart. After this step you can either buy further products or pay for the MDF screws. In order to initiate this payment process, it is important to create an account with us now. Now open a login area and enter your email address and your billing address. Now you can follow the further shopping cart instructions and click the button Continue. After a few more pages you will be shown a payment method where you can choose the best one. If the purchase was successful, you will receive a payment confirmation in form of an email which lists the MDF screws you have bought. Now also we can pack your order together and make it ready for dispatch in our stock.

The production of MDF screws

MDF Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have arrived at the last section of this explanation about the MDF screws made of steel or stainless steel. Surely many of you now know exactly what MDF screws are and how they can be mounted and used. Especially for the screwing of MDF boards and press plates MDF screws are the best variant to guarantee a fast and crack-free screwing of the MDF boards. Only this type of screw connections successfully fulfils all the criteria that a high performance screw must meet. Nevertheless, in this paragraph, which is exclusively about MDF screws, we would like to go into more detail about how such screws can be produced on modern screwing machines. In order to achieve the necessary economic efficiency, the production of MDF screws today can only be successfully implemented using so-called CNC screw machines. These machines fulfil all criteria for a fast, cheap and high quality production of these screws. However, we would like to start with a short explanation of the construction of such machines. In the interior of such automatic machines, are always the processing area and the rolling station. Outside of such machines, there are coupled communicative loaders, which are either an endless loader as drum loader or a bar loader, which can take thicker material as round bars. This raw material always has a round shape and usually consists of steel or stainless steel. All feed and cutting parameters can be entered via the CNC. This also includes setting up for a specific screw when the machine is to be made ready to start. When all conditions for a start for the production of MDF screws are fulfilled, the start button can be pressed. Now first a piece of wire is drawn into the machine and cut off by the calculated length. Now the head and the back of the head is pre-cut on the shaft. Immediately afterwards the front part of the head of the MDF screw can be upset. When the head is completely finished, the drive is now also located in the head of the screw as a torx or cross slot or a hexagon. Now the screw is missing only the rough thread or the wood thread to become a real MDF screw. In addition now the two counterrotating rollers come into play. These have already let in the thread and if the MDF screw is now pressed between the two rollers and held rotating, then the thread grooves can very slowly appear on the shaft of the screw and transfer. If these last operations are also completed, the finished MDF screw comes into our warehouse and we can send this screw to you when you order.

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