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Impact screws are screws that are firmly driven in by a blow with a hammer and form a joint. Impact screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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What is actually meant by the term metal impact screw? These and many more questions we would like to illuminate in more detail in this article, so that you can get all relevant details on the subject of impact screws and get the information that is important for you. But we do not only want to illuminate the term "impact screw", but also the exact structure of such screws and how they can be mounted or hammered into a medium. We would also like to go into detail about the background of these screws and why this type of fastening was developed. The second article will also deal with the range of impact screws you can find in our shop. As always, the last article should deal with how impact screws can be produced on today's modern machines and thus create an economic efficiency of the highest degree. In this article we would like to start again with the detailed construction of an impact screw made of metal, i.e. steel or even stainless steel. As with all other screws, impact screws are always equipped with a head, which includes a Torx drive or a Phillips drive. However, it should be mentioned that an impact screw only uses the drive to unscrew the screw out of the material again. At the head of the impact screw there is the directly connected and forwarded shaft, which is equipped with a coarse thread or a wood thread. Directly behind the head of the impact screw there is either a toothing or also a small thread and is usually separated by a plate to be continued at another wood thread. the end of the impact screw forms the thread with the attached point. In order to mount a steel or stainless steel impact screw, it is important that it is attached to a wood and hit into the wooden beam or the wooden profile with a heavy impact. The impact screw was designed to replace a lot of time spent on creating packaging by the unnecessary screwing through the hammering. However, these impact screws have the great advantage that they can be easily unscrewed by simply unscrewing them again if necessary. A perfect invention that can save a lot of time and money in the long run. The material used for the production of metal impact screws is always the higher hard steel, which must always be covered with a layer of nickel to protect the corrosion. If you want to have a permanent corrosion protection for the impact screws, you should exclusively use the stainless steel impact screws and process them in the materials V2A or even V4A. V2A is sufficient, but if the impact screws have to be seaworthy, V4A should always be used, so that the salt water can be defied.

Our delivery program of impact screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Impact Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AImpact screws made of metal, i.e. steel and stainless steel, are the future when it comes to saving a lot of time and money in the production of packaging made of wood or other wooden constructions. Because time is money and that is the most important point in every company. Especially when using impact screws, the function is important, which enables the user to quickly loosen the screw connection even when needed. Now that companies have recognized the time advantages of such connections, impact screws are the screw nails of the future. The demand and thus the demand has doubled in the last ten years. This also always presupposes that there are enough offers via the online shops, which also make it possible to buy the desired quantities of impact screws cheaply. But this cannot always be guaranteed, because nobody can keep tens of thousands of impact screws in stock and have to deal with high long-term storage costs. So we have also fulfilled our customers' wishes and have set up this category of stainless steel impact screws to give our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the opportunity to buy their screws quickly and uncomplicatedly at low cost through our Online Sho. This is now no longer a problem, but the issue of security also plays a major role. We were also aware of this and so we have the entire website on the encrypted procedure SSL converted. This encoding enables us now that all data of you, which can be loaded over our online shop, can be administered also surely. This creates more independence when buying your steel or stainless steel impact screws. In this context, we would like to inform you about the optimal order process and show you how it should be done. Surely we may also welcome you here because you have found us via a search engine and wanted to inform yourself about the screws for hammering. Then you are already in the right department of impact screws made of coated steel and also stainless steel impact screws. So you can now take your time to see which screws would be suitable for you. If you have found the right screws, you can put them into the shopping cart and enter the quantities. Now create a new account by entering your personal data. Now you can buy the impact screws made of steel or stainless steel by following the shopping cart and following the instructions of the button "Continue" until the payment modalities are displayed. Pay now and the goods with the impact screws will be sent to you by a shipping company.

The production of impact screws

Impact Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last section, the production of impact screws of all types should be included. Surely you now know the basic function of an impact screw, but many of you do not know exactly how such screws can be manufactured today. This should be finished now and you will learn in a short text about the processes of an impact screw production. In the past, such screws could always be produced on purely mechanical devices, i.e. machines. However, these were purely mechanical, and thus also quite slow in production. The advantage was that these machines did not have big breakdowns and could therefore continuously and slowly produce the impact screws from steel or stainless steel. Today this is no longer conceivable. Today, what counts is an incredibly fast production of such screws and a high economic efficiency. The quality must also be at a high level. For this purpose, CNC screw machines are used today, which have all these criteria that were just mentioned. In order for an unmanned operation to produce, loaders have to deliver the supply of stainless steel wire as continuous goods or, in the case of thicker screws, be operated by a bar feeder. If now the machine is fed with the CNC program, which has all parameters, the production can start after the setup. After starting the machine, the stainless steel wire is fed into the processing head of the CNC machine. Now the computer does the length calculations and cuts the wire as the first step. Now the rear part of the head is also pressed against the impact screw. In the next step the front part of the head is also pressed on with the Torx drive or the Phillips drive in the middle of the front of the screw. Now only the shaft of the screw has to get the wood thread structure by the rolling process. To do this, the shaft is now pressed under high pressure between two opposing rollers and the thread can be worked into the impact screw.


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