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Sheet metal screws are screws that are only used when it comes to fastenings that affect the sheet metal. For this reason such screws are also called sheet metal screws.

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Sheet metal screws are also a very special type of screw in the other very large family of fasteners. Sheet metal screws made of steel or stainless steel V2A or also V4A are actually only used for connecting sheet metal parts with very thin wall thicknesses. This means that the sheet metal screws are constructed in such a way that they have a serh good hold, especially in thin-walled sheet metal parts. A normal screw with a metric thread cannot safely perform the task of holding in thin sheet metal. The reason is very simple. Because a screw with metric thread or a machine thread has such small thread flanks that they would be torn out immediately by the narrow flanks in a very thin sheet metal, where only 1-2 thread turns would hold in the sheet metal. And that even at the slightest load! For this reason, sheet metal screws also had to be invented at that time. A very advantageous invention, because these screws meet the criteria to hold excellent in thin sheets. The reason is the differentiated construction of these screws. The main reason for this is the formation of the thread within the screw shank. On the one hand, the shank of a stainless steel screw runs parallel over the entire length and tapers towards the beginning of the screw. This tip attachment allows the self-tapping screws to cut the thread groove into the drill hole. It is so important that the thread is very coarse and has extremely wide flanks. This is the only way that the thread flank can claw itself excellently behind the sheet metal hole and create a firm fit. The hole for the self-tapping screws must always be pre-drilled so that the self-tapping screw can claw into it. Of course, this option only applies to "non-self-tapping tapping screws". So there are also the so-called self-tapping self-tapping sheet metal screws, which manage without pre-drilling. The screw has only to be pressed firmly against the sheet metal with a little more pressure and a rotary movement and the screw drills into the sheet metal and is very tight at the same time. The tool holders for sheet metal screws made of steel or stainless steel can vary extremely. So sheet metal screws can be used as Torx holders or as cross-slot holders or even as slot holders. Especially in car body construction it is hard to imagine car repairs without sheet metal screws. These screws can also be found thousands of times in mechanical engineering for fairings or other sheet metal parts. Of course it is also not to be neglected which large quantities the private hobbyists need today and in the future.

Our stock program of sheet metal screws made of stainless steel - Buy online at Online Shop

Sheet Metal Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWhen we founded our company many years ago, we started supplying our first customers in Germany with standard cylinder screws. Nobody thought at that time of sheet metal screws made of stainless steel, which our customers might want to order at the same time. After several customer queries, we became aware that stainless steel sheet metal screws had also become a size in the industry that should not be underestimated. So we searched for a supplier to procure high quality sheet metal screws. That is and also succeeded and thus we can deliver our customers the required sheet metal screws fast and second near. In our delivery program we now have many different sizes and lengths as well as different tool holders for the screw heads in our warehouse. With our online shop we offer our customers the possibility to buy their sheet metal screws around the clock at a reasonable price in our shop. In order to make the purchase even safer for you, we have at the same time decided to convert the entire website ( to a safety certificate. This SSL connection protects the data transfer between the online shop and our merchandise management. By this special coding and their certificate a maximum protection is secured against the access from the outside, thus by third. When exporting data, your data can be transferred to us securely. Another additional security aspect that is of utmost importance for you. Whereby we are of course right when shopping, we would like to give you in this article a brief introduction to how you can easily buy your sheet metal screws in our online shop. First, look for all products such as screws made of sheet metal or all other products in the shop together and put these with the desired number of quantities in the shopping cart. You can also conveniently purchase very small quantities from us in the shop. If all desired products have landed in the basket, you first open a customer account or a guest account to deposit all your data with us. These are needed to know your delivery address, where the goods should be sent after the purchase. If this section is finished and you want to end the purchase, you will be asked by pressing the "checkout symbol" to look at the different payment options and select the best for you. By your payment you confirm the purchase and the order of your sheet metal screws we complete with it. Now you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. From this moment on we are also able to compile your order in our warehouse and then deliver or hand it over to you by parcel post.

Production of sheet metal screws

Sheet Metal Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIf we want to offer you the right sheet metal screws in our online shop, of course, we also consider it important that you get a glimpse of how sheet metal screws are made. Of course, we also have occasional inquiries, how such a production of sheet metal screws takes place. In the past, the process of manufacturing sheet metal screws was quite different than it is today. The machines that were used at that time were purely mechanical and were mostly driven and controlled by a cam control. Conversion to a different size of sheet metal screw was extremely time-consuming and time-consuming. These times are long gone today and therefore also other screw machines are used, which are quicker to change over and therefore much easier to operate. These screw machines are CNC machines that work completely independently and can process orders with them. These machines always have a large drum holder for the coiled wire. This is then inserted into the machine and brought forward through the chuck. The first steps are always to cut the screw shank to length. Then the screw shank is clamped in a chuck and the protruding shank is roughly compressed by means of a cone. Now the collar of the screw head is ready. The next step is to press in the head of the self-tapping screw and the tool holder. A hydraulic press is pressed firmly against the pre-pressed shank. Now the screw head of the sheet metal screw is ready. Now the sheet metal screw can be rolled around between two thread plates until the coarse thread of the screw is finished. When this section is finished, the metal screw is almost finished and can be washed or electropolished. Then the sheet metal screws made of V2A or V4A are ready for storage in our warehouse. If you now order the sheet metal screws from us, these parts will be assembled for you promptly in our warehouse.


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