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Antenna holders are elements among the maritime articles that can accommodate antennas of any kind and shape. Such antenna holders, because they are used outdoors, must be water-resistant, so antenna holders are usually made of stainless steel.

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Just like fishing rod holders are stainless steel antenna holders have become an indispensable accessory for boats. The number of boat owners and yacht owners has continued to rise in recent years. Antennas have become standard on boats and sometimes even an obligation if the radio license is on board. Exactly for this reason antennas must be permanently attached to the boat hull. For this the boat owner needs an antenna holder made of stainless steel. This stainless steel antenna holder captivates by its clear design, which consists of high-gloss polished stainless steel. The material is V4A stainless steel and therefore absolutely seawater proof. The holder is basically intended for all different boat types. It doesn't matter if you own a yacht or a boat. These brackets fit everywhere on boats and yachts, because they are not bound to a certain fixing possibility, but can be fastened everywhere by means of simple screws.

Our product portfolio of antenna holders - Buy online in our online shop

Antenna Holders Satinless SteelFor many years, since our company has existed, all our customers can easily buy your products cheaply through our website: (online shop). We do not only provide antenna holders in the shop, but also many other mounting options, from nuts to screws, railing accessories and many other things. In order to make it even safer for you to purchase your antenna holders and other products, we decided a few years ago to make the website even safer, because it is important to us that you as a customer have the right to have your data transferred to us without third parties having access to it. This security is promised by the secure SSL certificate. This means that the entire website is on an encrypted basis. In order to purchase your articles in our shop, we would like to briefly explain the individual steps that are necessary for you to receive your goods quickly. First, select all articles, including your antenna holders, and place them in the shopping basket. Once you have put everything together, open your customer account and enter your address data for the invoice and the delivery address. Once this point has been completed, you will be asked to select the payment option. Simply click on your preferred payment method and confirm it by paying us. Now the online purchase is completed and your order confirmation is already in your mailbox. We will also compile your order and prepare it for dispatch.

The construction of the antenna holder made of stainless steel

The construction of this stainless steel antenna holder is hardly differs from the construction of the stainless steel fishing rod holders. Sometimes it is even the same basic housing with the same base plate and the same swivel mechanism. The antenna holder can thus be screwed directly to the deck with its large base plate using the four screws. The antenna holder can be rotated in both directions X and Y and the antennas can thus be optimally aligned. If the correct angle of the swivel mechanism is aligned in both directions, everything can be securely fixed using the large lever and little effort. The holder has a 3/4 inch screw connection for the antenna.

The installation of the antenna holder - Assembly -

Mounting the stainless steel antenna holder is really easy. But let us explain it to you briefly in a few words: There are four holes for countersunk propellers on the foot plate of the antenna holder for boats. Now place the holder on the bottom of your deck. Then mark the holes with a wood pricker - an instrument similar to a screwdriver, but with a tip. With this pricker you press into all four holes. Place the pricker on its side. Now you can simply screw the four countersunk screws into the deck of your boat or yacht using a screwdriver. The base plate of the antenna holder is now firmly screwed to the floor. That's it! Now you can screw the antenna directly into the 3/4 inch socket of your antenna holder and lay the cable up to the cabin. The last thing to do is to align the antenna holder and tighten everything with the big bracket. This is basically all you need to do when installing the bracket. Read more about stainless steel antenna holders in our blog.

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