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Clamping lever screws are lever screws that have the screw below the lever. This screw of the clamping lever screw can be screwed into a component. Steel, stainless steel or plastic are used in the production of clamping lever screws.

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Clamping lever screws we the clamp lever nuts are constructed in a similar way, but these mechanical lever elements differ in a very specific detail. In this article we would like to tell you everything in detail about the Clamping lever screws, so that you know and can choose exactly which of these elements you want to buy in our online shop and for which application this element is intended. Furthermore, we would like to go into more detail about the material application and which clamping lever screws we have in our online shop for you. In the last section we will always deal with the production of such elements and how the production on ultra-modern machines should run to enable an economic production of such clamping lever screws. We would like to start again with the construction in detail. It must be said that such clamping lever screws always consist of three parts. On the one hand the Clamping lever screws base, which holds the screws and the Clamping lever screws itself. The base has a multi-toothing, which fits exactly opposite in the Clamping lever screws. The lever is then separated from each other by a spring, so that the lever can engage when pressed down and the torque can be transferred cleanly from hand to screw. When the tightening or loosening process is complete, the lever can be released again and can then be swivelled freely without unintentionally loosening the screw connection. The connection between the lever and the base piece is held by another screw connection. This way, screw connections can be tightened and loosened quickly and easily with a clamping lever screw. And all this without even bringing a tool into play. The materials used for the clamping lever screws are very often plastics and levers made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel. With stainless steel two alloys come into play. On the one hand, there is the alloy in the V2A version, which is usually completely sufficient, and the V4A stainless steel version. This version of stainless steel is completely resistant to salt water and acids and alkalis.

Our stock of clamping lever screws - buy online in our online shop

Clamping levers screws Stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4AThus, clamping lever screws made of steel or stainless steel or plastic have become more and more popular in the industry. Today, levers are found in all possible versions, which are installed in technical systems or are screwed to devices in order to realize fast and uncomplicated opening or closing maneuvers without tools. So that the increased demand for clamping lever screws can also be offered via the online shops to ensure fast and uncomplicated delivery. It is also important that larger quantities can be ordered and delivered promptly. Therefore we decided some time ago to include the complete range of clamping lever screws made of steel, stainless steel or plastic in our delivery program in order to be able to supply the industry quickly and promptly. So we offer all our customers, who want to order their clamping lever screws from Germany or the rest of Europe, the possibility to buy the goods fast and uncomplicated over the online shop. In order that the purchase can be carried out safely, it is not unimportant to be able to make a contribution so that your data can also be stored safely with us. Therefore we have decided to change the whole domain to an encrypted version. This has the advantage that your data can no longer be easily accessed by a data export, because everything is securely encrypted. But not only that is important to us, we would also like to explain how an order of clamping lever screws should be handled, so that you will get all your ordered goods delivered quickly. When you are on this website, you are in the category of clamping lever screws and can now choose the parts you need for your building project. It is important that you specify the quantities you need and put them in the warning basket. Now you have in the second connection the possibility to create your account with us. Simply open an account and enter all your data. If you would like to complete your purchase, follow the instructions in the shopping cart and you will automatically be asked to check out and can choose your payment options. Now make the payment. If everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us with a breakdown of your order on clamping lever screws.

The production of clamping lever screws

Clamping levers screws Stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4ANow, of course, the clamping lever screws must first be produced so that they can be installed in machines and systems. In this article we would like to take a closer look at this chapter, so that we have decided to write a report also for the production of clamping lever screws. As these elements naturally consist of two basic components, we would like to describe both parts in detail, so that you know how these parts can be manufactured in detail. We would like to start with the base screw, which has the cotter teeth to fit into the lever. This element is always made of steel or stainless steel or metal. These parts are always manufactured on CNC lathes. These usually have a loader, which is in direct contact and has to feed the raw material. In a lathe chuck the screw is now produced and all contours are turned on it. The thread must also be cut. Afterwards the milling of the multi-toothing takes place. In the last section, the hole with the thread is drilled, which holds the locking screw. Now the threaded screw of the clamping lever screws can be cut off and falls into the collecting container. The lever of the clamping lever screws itself can be manufactured as plastic version or as steel / stainless steel version. For the plastic lever, the injection moulding process is used. In this process a metal mould must be milled, which has the shape of the future clamping lever. The metal mould must consist of two mould halves and can then be clamped on an injection moulding machine. Now the liquid plastic is pressed into the mould under high pressure and heat. When everything has cooled down, the Foem can open and the clamping lever screws can be removed. The steel lever or the stainless steel lever must be produced in the wax-loss process. In this process the negative mould is produced as a wax mould and then dipped in a sand sludge bath. This sludge can then be burnt out in a furnace and the wax evaporates. All that remains is the shell. This can now be poured out with liquid stainless steel and then the mould is destroyed. Now the finishing work, such as grinding and polishing, takes place. Also the drillings can be brought in and the multitoothing. If now all parts are produced, they can be assembled to a finished clamping lever screw. Once this has been done, all finished clamping lever screws can be stored in our warehouse and shipped to you when you place an order.

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