Hollow Dowel Pins

Hollow dowel pins are rolled pins made of a spring-like material. Due to the rolled sheet metal, the hollow dowel pin is perfect to be driven into a hole. Due to the pressure, the hollow dowel pin sits securely and firmly in the component. Steel or stainless steel are the basis for the production of hollow dowel pins.

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What would the technical world in industrial production be without the widely known hollow dowel pins. In no single production in mechanical engineering, as well as in special machine construction, construction engineering, jig and fixture construction and mould making, can the hollow dowel pins made of metal or steel or stainless steel be dispensed with. If such securing elements are not always available and stocked in the workshops and service carriages, a long lasting standstill of technical machines and plants can quickly occur. Hollow dowel pins already have a very long tradition in mechanical engineering, because with the beginning of the industrial revolution, i.e. with the coming into force of machines, all connecting elements such as screws and also bearing locking elements such as hollow dowel pins became more and more important. The reason for the ever increasing demand for these elements is that machines and technical equipment have become more and more complex and, above all, more and more precise. Whereby we are already on the subject. Accuracy! This word has the decisive importance when it comes to securing two different components or workpieces that are firmly connected by a screw connection in such a way that the exact same position can be restored after dismantling the connections and without having to invert a tour de force in time. This is where the hollow dowel pins come into action. They are used exclusively to secure a specially set exact position on one component to another component with repeat accuracy by using hollow dowel pins. The materials used for hollow dowel pins are always steel pins or stainless steel hollow dowel pins, which are either made of steel or stainless steel in an alloy of V2A or V4A. Hollow steel dowel pins can also have a tendency to corrode if not used on machines with oil. For this reason, stainless steel hollow dowel pins can be found more and more often in companies where machines are built. But not only the industry needs many single pins during production, but also more and more private hobbyists and users. They also use the hollow dowel pins to convert power transmissions on shafts and hubs in model making and thus to convert power transmissions into hubs and their bores. But now back again to the bearing protection with hollow dowel pins. If, for example, two moulded parts in mould making have to be secured in such a way that these two halves always fit exactly on top of each other and have to be separated again and again to remove the mould and then reassembled, the exact position has to be restored quickly. In addition, there is always a core hole in the solid moulded parts opposite each other, so that these can then be reamed. Then the metal hollow dowel pin can be driven into one of the two halves. Both halves of the mould are now connected with each other with an absolutely perfect fit. These hollow dowel pins can then be quickly removed again by removing them or knocking them out slightly. The advantage of such hollow dowel pins is that they always sit tightly in all bores, no matter how deep and how "knocked out" the bore may be.

Our stock program of hollow dowel pins - buy online in our online shop

Hollow Dowel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AWithin our stock program, we offer a variety of hollow dowel pins within our platform, so that most customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can buy their hollow dowel pins quickly and easily. We offer the coiled spring pins made of steel as well as stainless steel and the alloys V2A and V4A. All hollow dowel pins are made of a rolled steel material or of a stainless steel material, which is wound cleanly and has chamfers on both sides. You can always find more details in the article description of the respective article. Each of the hollow dowel pins is pretensioned in such a way that it can be driven into the bore hole under the correct pretension. This gives the hollow dowel pin a firm and secure fit and enables it to connect shafts and hubs securely through bores and also to create repeatable positions, for example on moulds. As you can see, the applications for hollow dowel pins are almost irreplaceable and we cannot list them all. Therefore we offer our customers in Germany and Europe the possibility to buy all your required hollow dowel pins quickly and safely in our online shop and have the goods delivered quickly and safely to your home or company. We attach great importance to the topic of security, especially with regard to secure data, which is doubly protected against unwanted access from outside by our SSL encryption. Have you also come to us via a large search engine and have found our website under the search word "hollow dowel pins"? If yes, like most, we would like to welcome you. Now you have the possibility to collect all hollow dowel pins made of steel or stainless steel and, if desired, to put them into the shopping cart. If this order section is completed, you now have the possibility to create your customer login with us. To do so, please open a customer account with us and enter all relevant data relevant for the purchase of your hollow dowel pins. If you have now stored all products in your basket and would like to complete the ordering process so that your goods can be ordered bindingly from us, simply follow the instructions of the shop and you will now be presented with a mixture of different payment options, where you should only choose one. By clicking on the "Buy" button in the shopping cart, you confirm the purchase of your metal hollow dowel pins and thus end the shopping tour. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail immediately afterwards. Now we can also pack up all hollow pins for you and send them to you.

The production of hollow dowel pins

Hollow Dowel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article on this page we would of course not like to withhold from you how important it is to explain to you in more detail how hollow dowel pins can be manufactured. As many of you are familiar with and use hollow dowel pins in all possible variations, we would like to introduce you to the modern methods of hollow dowel pin production. The use of hollow dowel pins should have become clear, so that we can now move on to the production of these pins. In order to be able to produce such hollow dowel pins with a slot in an economic way, CNC forming machines are used today, which mainly use a steel strip as a base material. This steel strip, which is wound on a drum outside the machine, is a steel strip which can be made of stainless steel or mild steel. The width of such a steel strip is exactly the width required to form and wind the hollow dowel pin once. In the end, all that is needed is to wind a hollow tension pin which has a pre-tension and is provided with a slot at a sufficient distance. To start the production of a hollow dowel pin, however, the steel strip must now be inserted into the machine. Furthermore, the CNC program must be loaded on this forming bending machine so that all parameters for feeds and pressures during bending and forming of the strip are stored. When all these production preparations are completed, the hollow dowel pins can be started and their production can begin. For this purpose, the strip steel is pressed into a mould and pressed into the form of a hollow dowel pin by the strong feed pressure. During this process, the outer area of the steel strip is wound around an axis that indicates the later inner diameter that the later hollow dowel pin will have. Due to the strong feed pressure generated by the machine, the forming process is completed and the hollow dowel pin is rolled into its shape. During this process, the cut-off is made in such a way that the extraction chamfer is also attached to the hollow dowel pin at the same time. In this way, the pre-stressed pin can easily be placed against a bore hole and driven into it. The coiled spring pin is then firmly seated in the bore under tension and presses the metal flanks of the coiled spring pin against the wall of the bore.


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