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Plastic screws are plastic screws which are available in various materials. These plastics are the generic term for plastic screws.

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We have written this article because we believe that we can provide you with all the important information about plastic screws, so that you know everything about the material used for such screws, as well as the construction of plastic screws and also the different applications that such plastic screws offer in the inserts of possibilities. We would also like to tell you more about the history of plastic screws as well as our stock range and, finally, the manufacturing process, so that you know exactly what plastic screws are all about. As a rule, plastic screws are constructed in the same way as standard metal screws. Such screws are always equipped with a head and a shank in order to firmly and detachably connect at least two different materials. The thread of the plastic screw is for it, either as a metric thread or as an inch thread, to be in another hard material with the corresponding same thread type and the same diameter. The head of plastic screws always has a drive. This drive can be provided as Torx drive or as hexagon drive or even as slot or cross slot. These holders can then accommodate the appropriate tools to generate a torque, which the plastic screw in a threaded hole to screw or loosen. The plastic screw started its triumphal march very late. It was not until the last 40-50 years that plastic screws were developed further and further in order to also use materials that have a high breaking strength and are also very resistant. Today, a wide variety of materials, such as polyamide, are used as plastics. With better and better materials, better and better strengths can be guaranteed, especially in the joining of plastics.  Today such screws are used in all imaginable screw connections on metal pieces or plastic parts, where these plastics represent a sought-after component. Plastic screws can be found everywhere today, especially in industry, on machines and technical equipment and in medical technology. However, these screws are not only used in technical systems or other products, but also in model making and apparatus construction and in precision mechanics and electronics. Today, we find plastic screws on mainboards that are securely connected to a cover with spacer sleeves, without being able to conduct electricity. The plastic screws are optimal insulation materials, especially in the electrical industry and many other applications. The following articles will now also deal with our stock range of plastic screws, which sizes and lengths we offer our customers and also with the production of plastic screws.

Our stock assortment of plastic screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Plastic Screws PolyamidIn order to be able to offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe more and more products at favourable prices, such as plastic screws, we have created another category especially for these plastic screws. Since the demand in the preceding years has risen further and further, also the dealers must offer the necessary screws in order to be able to supply your customers fast and favorable with it. However, it is often the case that the desired quantities are not available and thus the production chain of the customers has to be interrupted. With this we also want to make a big contribution so that the common plastic screws can be bought quickly and easily as well as cheaply for all our customers via our online shop. With our online shop we provide a powerful platform which enables you to make a purchase 24 hours a day via our online shop. So that this service of the purchase can be completed well and surely, it is important that also the topic of the security is capitalized with us, so that the entire web page was converted some years ago and can run now over the safe SSL certificate. This security certificate, which allows a special encryption of your data at the transfer to our merchandise management and therefore a tap when ordering your plastic screws is no longer possible. In order to go one step further, let us also lose a few words, which explain the procedure of a purchase in our shop in a few steps, so that you can buy your plastic screws quickly and easily. Now you have found our website of the plastic screws certainly over or other search machines in the Internet and are naturally also immediately in the correct category. Now you can take a look and have a look at our range of plastic screws in peace and then decide which of the screws could be the right one for your building project. If you have now found what you are looking for, you can then simply put the right plastic screw in the desired quantity in the shopping basket. After this ordering step you now have the possibility to buy further and other products from us günstog or to buy only your plastic screws from us. If you now want to complete the order, you can create an account with us and deposit all your important data, such as the mail and your delivery address in it. Now simply follow the shopping cart instructions in the logged in state and you will be shown a selection of payment options, whereby you can decide on one. Now pay your plastic screws and you will receive an order confirmation from us. Now we can also become active and process your order.

The production of plastic screws

Plastic Screws PolyamidIn the last article, we do not want to talk about the location of plastic screws, which we have already done, but about the production of plastic screws. Now we assume that if you are looking for the right plastic screws to find, usually already know exactly what such screws should be used for. Of course, we can understand that very well. But very few of you have ever seen how such screws can be produced and manufactured in today's modern machine tools. Basically it can be said that plastic screws, which are made of plastic, can of course not be made of screw machines, like metal screws. Such plastic screws are produced and manufactured in a modern injection moulding process. This process is completely different from the conventional manufacturing process known from metal screws. Each individual plastic screw must be given a special injection mould. This is what makes the purchase of such machines with the corresponding moulds so expensive and complicated. Such injection moulding machines always have a processing station in which the injection mould for the production of the plastic screws can be placed. These moulds are always divided into two parts. So one side of the mould is fixed to the table of the machine and the second part is flanged to a hydraulic cylinder. If pressure is now applied to the cylinder, the mould closes. In order to load all parameters correctly, they must be transferred to the machine. Once the machine is set up, the production of the plastic screws can begin. The plastic raw material is now pressed as beads into an exopruder heating element and heated to the desired temperature. Once the temperature has been reached, the liquid plastic can be pressed under high pressure through the extruder into the closed metal mould to produce the screws. Now the hollow space, which gives the complete contour of the screw, fills up with the liquid plastic. This process takes only seconds and the mass can cool down. After this injection cycle of the plastic screw, the mould is automatically opened and the finished plastic screw can be pressed out. Now these processes are repeated repeatedly until a desired quantity of screws could be collected in the collecting container. These plastic screws come now sorted as assortment into our camp and wait now that an order and/or an on-line Shop purchase arrives over our Webshop and then we can arrange the screws from plastic and dispatch to Suie. After a few days you should have your order in your mailbox and be able to screw the plastic screws together.


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