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Eccentric clamps are clamping elements that use the eccentric during clamping. A large force is generated by the lever, which the eccentric clamps make possible. The materials used for eccentric clamps are steel or stainless steel.

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More and more people are looking for eccentric clamps, who expect certain functions from a quick-release, which can be quickly realized and implemented by certain functions. This is how eccentric clamps have become more and more widespread in the industry and have gained their importance. Of course, there is also a reason for this in order to achieve the status on the market as a successful clamping element, which is due to such a sophisticated part. An eccentric clamp is a mechanical marvel, which can take over a complex clamping work without having to use any tools at all to implement high clamping forces by leverages so that, for example, devices can be clamped or, in the leisure sector, entire wheels of bicycles or other seat elements, such as the saddle on the frame, can be adjusted in height so that the optimum seating position can be implemented quickly and without technical knowledge. But let us go even deeper into the technology of eccentric clamps. We would like to explain the advantages of such highly complex elements to you in more detail. For example, we would like to go into the efficiency and function of eccentric clamps and also what materials they can be made of. At the same time, we will also go into how our stock is structured so that you can see which eccentric clamps we can offer you via our stock range. In the last section we would like to give you a small insight into how eccentric clamps can be manufactured economically in industry, so that a favourable customer end price can be achieved. In this section we would like to start again with the exact design of eccentric clamps. It must be said that such clamping elements always consist of two or three individual parts. The main element is always the clamping bolt, which is intended to serve as a thread design and fastening element. Above this is usually always the clamping shell (eccentric clamps). This has the task of securing the semicircular shell shape in which the clamping lever can roll with precise contours. The clamping lever is the last, but not least important part of an entire eccentric clamp. The clamping lever is to be seen for the pure generation of force and the implementation of the clamping on the threaded bolt. Only this lever can be folded up and re-tensioned by the manual operation of a person. Due to the eccentric clamps of the eccentric tensioner at the pivot point of the lever, a shift of the distance from the pivot point to the roll-off point of the clamping shell can be created by folding the lever in. This means that the clamping shell is always pressed in the direction of the threaded bolt during clamping. However, we are only talking about a difference of 1-2 mm. This small distance alone is sufficient to generate a safe and large force to clamp the eccentric clamp securely to fixtures or bicycle parts. The smaller the difference, the higher the clamping force, or rather, the longer the clamping lever, the greater the clamping force. The materials used for eccentric clamps are always plastic or aluminium. Steel eccentric clamps or eccentric clamps made of stainless steel also find great application in all common areas. These are always also alloys which are designated as V2A or V4A.

Our stock of eccentric clamps - buy online in our online shop

Eccentric clamps stainless steel metal plastic V2A V4ASince the demand for eccentric clamps has become more and more intense in recent years due to the ever-increasing areas of application, the demand must also be constantly covered by online shops in the online sector. This requires more and more capacities, which have to be claimed in order to meet the demand. Also the manufacturing industry has to produce and manufacture the eccentric clamps in an ever increasing series and sell them to wholesalers so that the warehouses are well filled and the demand can be met. For this reason we have also decided to include the entire range of eccentric clamps in our stock range. All products related to eccentric clamps can be found in this section. With our online shop we now offer all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their stainless steel eccentric clamps or your plastic eccentric clamps quickly and promptly via our online shop at a reasonable price. In order to ensure that the purchase can be made safely, it is also important that the subject of security is not lost sight of. We have not forgotten this and have decided at that time to change the whole domain to the secure SSL procedure. The advantage of such an encrypted procedure is obvious. All of your data already stored in the online shop is thus securely encrypted and can no longer be read by third parties. So you can safely buy your eccentric clamps from us without having to take the risk that your order can be read by third parties. While we are on the subject of shopping, please let us also give you some details so that you can see how a quick and uncomplicated process should be when you make the purchase through our domain. If you have found us now, because you have come to us via a search engine using the keyword "eccentric clamps", then you now have the possibility to search for your products quickly and easily via our online shop and to put the quantity you require in the shopping basket. If this has happened, you can now proceed to the next step, which will allow you to create your account with us. Simply enter all your data that we need for shipping and billing. In the last step you can now pay for the eccentric clamps and the other products. To do this, log in and follow the instructions of the online shop, which will provide you with the payment methods you can use after a few clicks. Once you have found the right one and paid for the eccentric clamps, you will receive an order confirmation from us by e-mail. Now we can also pack up your goods and send them to you.

The production of eccentric clamps

Eccentric clamps stainless steel metal plastic V2A V4AIn the last section or article we have already arrived again and would not like to withhold the production of eccentric clamps from you. This section can be read by all those who are also interested in the production stages of such elements and who would like to know how the individual steps can be carried out. As the eccentric clamps can consist of at least three parts, we would like to go into these points in more detail. The still important part is the bolt with the thread, which can be screwed into a component. This is always made of metal or steel or stainless steel and is manufactured on a screw machine or a CNC lathe. The machine is almost always coupled by a loader and the raw material is stored in the loader. The material can be clamped in the chuck of the machine and then be machined by the turning process to such an extent that the thread can be cut and the heels, which are necessary, can be screwed into the bolt. Finally, a cross hole is also drilled into it, which can later accommodate the lever. The semicircular shell of the pressure plate is turned and milled on a CNC machine to be installed in the eccentric clamp. The lever, which is the most important part of an eccentric clamp, is usually always manufactured as a casting. The clamping lever must always be produced as a negatif mould in a wax part and then dipped in a special liquid slurry. This slurry can then be burnt out in a firing process in a furnace at a high temperature. During this process, the shell becomes extremely hard and the wax mould inside the sludge shell slowly evaporates. All that remains after the firing process is an empty shell. This can then be poured out by pouring liquid stainless steel or steel. When the mould has cooled down, the outer shell is removed. What remains now is the bare unmachined eccentric clamping lever. This must now be reworked. This means grinding and polishing of all visible parts. Afterwards the cross holes for the pin are drilled. If all parts of the eccentric clamp are present, they can be mounted. Once the assembly is completed, the parts are stored in our warehouse and if you place an order, the goods can be shipped to you promptly.

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