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Headless screws can also be found in the group of screws, but the special feature is that headless screws do not have a head on the screw body.

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Headless screws have established themselves in recent years as a common term for stud screws or grub screws, as an older term. The search is always on for screws that have a headless appearance. In this article we would like to give you more information about headless screws and their application, as well as the construction of a headless screw and the materials used. However, we would like to start with the construction of such screws. Headless screws are - as the name suggests - a type of screw that are equipped without a head. But how can you fix a workpiece with such a screw? The headless screws are screw drives without a head at the beginning of each screw. The screw has a hedged thread, which either runs to the end or can stop shortly before. Such headless screws also have a drive in the middle of the thread beginning piece, where the tool can be inserted to tighten the screw firmly. The drive of a headless screw is almost always a hexagon, because only this one transmits the necessary torque to tighten the screw firmly. In principle one cannot screw two workpieces together with one headless screw, but this screw is designed to secure the position of shafts or axes by means of a clamping function. Every sprocket or chain drive, especially in model making or bearing seats or adjusting rings, is firmly placed in the correct and predefined position with a headless screw. Especially in mechanical engineering such screws can be found on every machine and technical plant. These individual examples will show you how such headless screws have established themselves over the last few years in a wide variety of areas. Only two materials are used for the headless screws. On the one hand there are the normal steels, also called soft steels, which however do not have any rust resistance and therefore have to be coated, and the stainless steel headless screws. These can be used as V2A or V4A.

Our stock program of headless screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Kopflose Schrauben Edelstahl V2A V4ANo matter if you want to buy your headless screws with a full thread, which is from the beginning, i.e. from the drive to the end, or with a partial thread, which is only partly distributed over the screw, we would like to offer you with our online shop the possibility to buy your products fast and uncomplicated via our shop. So that the order can also run safely, it is important that your stored data are also securely stored in our shop and are protected during a transfer to our ERP system. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. It is now no longer possible for third parties to access your data after an order has been transferred to our merchandise management system. This prevents the SSL encryption perfectly. Let us now say a few words about the order process, d amit you exactly know how an optimal order can be processed quickly and securely. These steps for an order of your headless screws we would like to bring you now a little closer. Surely we can now also assume that you have also found us via a large search engine? Then you are in the right category of "headless screws". Now you have the possibility to have a look at all individual advertisements in this segment, whether you can find your screw type here. If you have now found what you are looking for and have found the right headless screws, you can now add the desired quantity to your shopping basket. Once this order section has been completed in our online shop, step two follows, which allows you to create your own account with us. To do this, open a login and enter all your purchase data or your order data, such as the delivery address and email address. Once this has been done, step three will follow where you can now pay for your goods. Now follow the shopping cart in the logged in state and after a few clicks you will be shown the payment methods where you only have to decide for the best. Buy now your headless screws and pay the goods completely. If the purchase was successful and the order is completed, you will receive an automatic email from our system to see exactly which headless screws you have just purchased.

The production of headless screws

Kopflose Schrauben Edelstahl V2A V4AIn the last article we would like to go a little deeper into how such headless screws can be manufactured. In the past, these headless screws were made exclusively on old cam machines, which were screw machines. The advantage of such old cam disk automats was the insensitivity against disturbances, because everything was purely mechanical. At that time, there were no CNC controls or stepper motors or linear drives that were susceptible to faults. The disadvantage, however, was the long set-up time when a screw change had to be made and the slow production time associated with such machines. Today it is a little different when headless screws are produced. For this only CNC screw machines are used, which enable fast, economical and cost-effective production. Each of the automatic lathes always has a loader coupled to it. This loader is equipped as a drum loader on a screw machine when thin material is involved. A bar loader is used for thicker material because the material can no longer be wound up. Once the CNC machine has been set up and the CNC program has been entered, the machine can simply be started once the loader has been loaded. The wire, which is made of stainless steel, V2A or V4A or a mild steel, can be inserted into the machine. Now the drive is first pressed into the headless screw. This is always in the form of a hexagon. Once this has been done, the second step follows, which causes the headless screw to be cut off. Once the headless screw has been cut to length and the head pressed in, the thread can now be rolled into the screw. The pin of the headless screw is inserted between two rollers under high pressure and the thread, which is in the rollers, is transferred to the headless screw. When this, the last step of production, is completed, the individual screws are collected in the collecting container. If enough headless screws are collected, they can be counted and stored in our warehouse. When we receive your order, we can process the purchase and pack the order of your headless screws and ship it to you. After a few days you will receive the delivery in your mailbox.


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