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Spacer screws are screws that allow the fixing of elements that must be fixed at a distance. They can be made of steel or stainless steel, depending on the application.

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Spacer screws are today an indispensable fastener, which has become established in all areas of the woodworking industry with a great triumph in the last few years. However, it is not only the industry that has recognised these spacer bolts as a means of bridging distances, but also more and more often the private sector. To these belong also the hobby with the timber construction or the terrace construction in the garden range or in addition, the model construction in the hobby workshop. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the spacer screws and also shed some light on how this type of screw is constructed and how it can be used and installed in the application, i.e. how such spacer screws work. Furthermore, it should also be about the material customers of such screws that can bridge distances and can keep two materials at a distance. However, we would like to start with the pure construction of a spacer screw. As the name suggests, this type of screw is made and designed to enable bridging between one workpiece and the other to be produced in a cost-effective manner. Such spacer screws have a shank area that is provided with a coarse thread, i.e. a wooden thread, usually over the entire length. The head area, which borders directly on the shaft, is elongated, cylindrical and also equipped with a coarse thread. This wood thread provides a good hold in plastics or a wooden board or a piece of wood. In the head of the distance screw is also equipped with a drive to be able to be tightened also with an appropriate tool also surely. This drive can consist of a Torx drive or be equipped with a hexagon drive. When installing a spacer screw made of steel or stainless steel, it is important to first drill a hole as a thicker hole in the workpiece to be spaced. Now the spacer screw can be screwed into the first thicker hole and also into the second piece of wood. The exact distance can be defined by starting the screwing of the spacer screw. The assembly is now finished. As a rule, normal structural steel with a protective layer is used as the material for spacer screws. Of course, if you need a screw for outdoor use, you always have to use a spacer screw made of stainless steel as V2A or V4A. Only these alloys provide effective protection against a rust layer after many years of use.

Our stock program of spacer screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Spacer Screws Stainless SteelIn recent years, the demand for spacer screws has increased considerably. This also means that the industry needs larger quantities to be able to process the tasks in a timely manner. But we have already been able to inform you that it is not only the industry that has recognized the advantages of spacer screws made of steel or stainless steel, but also the private hobbyists who build terraces and process woods to realize their building projects. So that the increased demand of our increasing number of customers can also be served, it is important that there is also the Internet or online shops, which provide these stainless steel spacer bolts or steel spacer bolts in sufficient quantity. For this reason, we have also decided to create the category of spacer screws, so that you can choose the right screws and also buy from us cheaply. With our online shop, we have been offering our customers in Europe the opportunity to buy all their products (spacer bolts) 24 hours a day. In this context the security was, and is, not indifferent to us and therefore we have decided that the entire website was converted to the secure SSL certificate. Only this certificate creates the necessary security for the purchase of the distance screws, so that your data can be transferred securely to our merchandise management system without third parties being able to access your data. But also the shopping in our shop itself, we would like to briefly explain to you how an optimal purchase of your spacer bolts via our online shop should proceed. Certainly we can also assume that you have also found via a very large search engine, because you searched using the search term "distance screws" and then came across our website. You are now on the right page, which also contains the category of distance screws. Now you have the possibility to choose your spacer screws made of steel or stainless steel and to enter the desired quantity. Now you press the button "into the basket" and bring the spacer screws into the shopping basket. Now all your data is entered in a login area, which also includes the email address and your billing and delivery address. You can then take a look at other products or buy your spacer screws. If you now want to pay for the goods, go back to the shopping cart and click on "continue". After a few steps, you will be presented with a selection that gives you the opportunity to choose your optimal payment method for your spacer bolts and finally pay for the goods by clicking on them. Once the payment process has been successfully completed, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. Now we can also assemble your spacer bolts in our warehouse and pack them for shipment to you. After a few days you will receive your parcel with the goods.

The production of spacer screws

Spacer Screws Stainless SteelIn the last paragraph we would also like to inform you about the production of spacer screws made of stainless steel or steel. Many of you know spacer bolts and how they are processed. However, many of you simply don't know anything about the manufacture of such fastening elements and in this article we would like to bring this point a little closer to you. One of the most important criteria in the manufacture of spacer bolts is that the economic efficiency is first and foremost directly linked to the high quality. This economic efficiency in production is the measure to be able to offer our spacer bolts for sale in our online shop. In the past such screws were almost always produced on cam lathes. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is the mechanical cosntruction of the machine which causes almost no problems. The disadvantage is the slow production in small quantities and the long retooling costs. These advantages and disadvantages are eliminated by a CNC lathe or screw machine. These machines are today the common way to produce such spacer bolts quickly and economically. Such automatic screw production machines always have a processing station inside, which can securely hold the stainless steel or steel tube wire to start the production. Outside there is always a loader for bar material flanged on or a drum loader for strip material which is wound up. Once the CNC machine is ready for the production of the spacer bolts and the CNC program with the parameters has been loaded, production can begin. Now the round crude steel wire can be inserted into the machine and the material is cut to length first. After this step comes step two, which causes the head to be pre-pressed at the spacer screw. In the next step, the head is upset and the drive is pressed into the head. Now comes the rolling of the thread, the wood thread at the head of the spacer screw. This rolling of the thread is done by two rollers which already have the thread in the rollers and thus transfer it to the screw. The same is done on the shaft of the spacer screw where the thread is rolled in. Once all these manufacturing processes have been completed, the finished spacer screw has seen the light of day and can then be stored in our warehouse. If you place an order, we can pack the spacer bolts in our warehouse and ship them to you.


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