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Ratchet screws are very special screws that have a ratchet toothing underneath the screw head. This way the ratchet screws can be tightened once and the ratchet teeth provide a good grip against unintentional opening.

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Today we would like to dedicate ourselves entirely to the subject of ratchet screws made of steel or stainless steel. These special screws are of course also part of the large family of nuts, and of course of the family of locking elements. In this section we would like to discuss where these screws can be used and where the main areas of application are. Furthermore, we would also like to take a closer look at the points that illuminate the topic of material selection or availability as well as their exact structure. We would also like to discuss how these screws can be installed and how the securing effect is created. As a last and very important aspect, we will go into how the production of such nuts takes place and which machines are used for this. Of course we would like to start with the construction of ratchet screws. Today's ratchet screws made of steel or stainless steel are constructed in such a way that these nuts have a collar or flange on the nut. This means that it is usually a normal six bolt, which everyone knows. The flange is always located on the front side. This flange is always larger in diameter than the actual bolt head. There is also a reason for this, because on this flange in the direction of the shaft where the thread of the screw continues, there is the locking toothing. This also points in the direction of the thread. Now we come to the actual ratchet teeth. This toothing is placed all around the flange and encloses the entire front flange side. If a ratchet screw is now to be mounted, two components should normally always be connected or fastened together. This means that there is a threaded hole in one component and a through hole in the second component. Or there are through holes in both components and the screw connection is closed by means of a washer and a nut. When the bolt is now screwed into a component, the wide flange of the locking nuts is dug into the component or surface when tightened. The higher the torque when closing, the deeper the flange teeth dig into the material. The reason why a ratchet screw with a flange is designed so that the flange is much larger than the screw. This increases the surface contact area and reduces the surface pressure, because more material can be distributed under a larger surface. If the screw is now to be opened again, it must be worked against an opening torque until the screws are released from the ratchet impression in the material again. These special locking screws are used in the industry to secure components that are exposed to fine vibrations or oscillations. Nickel-plated steel or galvanized screws are always used as the base material for ratchet screws. It can also be a bronzing. If you want to be sure, you can also use stainless steel ratchet screws, whereby there are two alloys that can be used as stainless steel V2A and V4A.

Our stock range of ratchet screws - buy online in our online shop

Ratchet Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AFlanged ratchet screws are becoming more and more common in industry and in some cases already among private users. The reason is obvious. There is no longer any need for separate ratchet washers to create a safe and vibration-resistant locking element. In the last 40-50 years, as a relatively young safety element, ratchet screws have continued to make their place in the industry. With our online shop we offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your ratchet screws fast and uncomplicated as well as fast and cheap through our online shop. As a customer you have the possibility to order your goods from us around the clock. So that a purchase of your ratchet screws with flange made of steel, metal, or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) can also be carried out safely, it is particularly important to us that your stored data is also safe. In order to be able to offer you this security package, we have converted the entire Internet domain to an encrypted version. This means that your data can no longer be accessed by third parties. Especially when we export your purchase of your ratchet screws to our merchandise management system, access by third parties is no longer possible. While we are on the subject of security, let us also briefly explain to you in more detail how a quick and uncomplicated purchase of your goods via our online shop can be well designed. Surely you too have found us via one of the major search engines using the search word " ratchet screws" and have found us as a supplier. If you are now on our website, you can now put together all your desired ratchet screws with the right thread and the right length and add them to your shopping cart. Once this process is complete, step two takes place, which allows you to open an account with us so that your delivery data can be entered. If you would like to complete your purchase, you will now come to the last step of an online order, which gives you the possibility to choose between different payment options for your ratchet screws with flange made of steel or stainless steel. You choose the best option for you and pay with your confirmation. If the purchase of your screws was successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail.

The production of ratchet screws

Ratchet Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last section on ratchet screws deals solely with the manufacture of these screws. It has to be said that most people in the industry deal with ratchet screws every day and know exactly how they are screwed and used, but most people do not know much about the production process. We don't want to sweep this point under the carpet, so that you know exactly how such manufacturing processes can take place. In order to be able to offer such special screws in the security segment, they must of course be manufactured first. Nowadays, highly modern CNC machines are used, which have been specially optimised for the production of screws. These machines usually have a loader connected to them, which can pick up the raw material. This allows an almost unmanned production, which makes an economic efficiency and high quality possible. In order for such a CNC machine to be able to start up ratchet screws, the CNC program is first loaded into the machine. All parameters, such as feed rates and speed, are stored on this program so that the raw material can be fed into the machine. First the screws are cut to the desired length. Then the flange is pre-pressed with the ratchet teeth. In a further step either the internal drive of the screw head is pressed on or the hexagon of the head. Now the next processing step is carried out, which marks the creation of the ratchet screw. The metric thread is now rolled between two hardened thread rollers. Now the ratchet screw made of steel or stainless steel is firmly finished and falls as a finished product into the designated container. If enough of these ratchet screws are collected, they can be stored in our warehouse. In a further step all screws are washed and sorted in a washing plant. If we receive an order from you via our online shop, we can assemble your goods and hand them over to the transport company ready for dispatch. After a few days your order should be received by you and you can install or screw the new ratchet screws with flange directly.


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