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Door hinges? What actually are door hinges? The term door hinge will cause a reaction in many people, because everyone knows what this term means. A stainless steel or steel door hinge can be found on practically every single door today. No matter if we are talking about an entrance door or a boat door. There are door hinges on all doors. Only through these hinges, it is possible to close and open doors.

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Door Hinges Stainless steel steelNow let's move on to the door hinges. Door hinges have a very long history. Imagine how long door hinges have been around? Already in history, door hinges were made by blacksmiths in many designs. Of course, not in the perfect accuracy, but already with some play. But also these door hinges were very good in their function. At that time it was not yet possible to produce accurate door hinges. Today, all this is different. Today, door hinges made of stainless steel or steel can be manufactured with high precision and in a large quantity with inexpensive means. In order to ensure excellent function in door hinges, these elements must work cleanly and accurately. Door hinges are always built in such a way that they are rarely firmly secured by the bolt. This is because a normal door hinge must be able to be hooked in and removed along with the door. With doors on boats and yachts it is different. Here, the door hinges must be firmly connected by the bolt and the door must not be able to be unhooked. It is also often the case that brass spacer rings are also placed between the hinges of the door hinges. These spacer rings ensure that no friction can occur between the material stainless steel or steel. The spacer rings absorb this axial force and pressure and dissipate the pressure. Once these brass spacer rings are worn out, they can be replaced quickly and the door can be opened and closed again without friction and pressure.

Our stock program of stainless steel door hinges - V4A or V2A - buy online in our online store

Door Hinges Stainless steel steelNow the fact is that door hinges made of stainless steel or steel today sit almost everywhere. Because wherever an element can be moved or swung, door hinges are used. At least two such hinges must be attached to a door. Only in this way can the door be easily operated and swung. But also three or more hinges are always a good choice. And exactly because such door hinges are so needed, we also went on the search, so that we too can offer our customers the stainless steel door hinges cheaply through our online store. After some time of searching for a usable and high quality door hinge, we were able to find the manufacturer who supplies us until today. So we were able to fill up our stock and can now quickly pack and ship your orders to you. But so that we can now connect you as a customer with our stainless steel door hinges, it is important that you also find us via the search engines. If you enter the term "door hinge" in the search engines, many dealers and manufacturers will follow. Among them you will then also find our link to our website of door hinges. If you click on this link, you will be taken directly to our website. After that, you can look at all the hinges that we can offer you. If you have now found the right door hinge, place them in the shopping cart. Finally, you only need to pay for the order, so we can quickly send you the ordered door hinges. After a few days of your order you will receive your stainless steel or steel door hinges.

The door hinge and its manufacture

This article is about the production of door hinges. In the last article, we address all those who are also interested in the manufacture and production of stainless steel door hinges. It is always necessary to distinguish between rolled door hinges and cast door hinges. This makes a big difference because the manufacturing processes are completely different. We would like to start with the rolled door hinges. Punching machines are used for this manufacturing process. Once the software is implemented, contour punching can begin. The outline of one wing of the door hinge with the fastening holes is punched out. This is followed by the rolling of the strips. The hinges are rolled in a bending machine until the pin holder fits in. If the two leaves are now placed together opposite each other, the pin can be inserted. For stainless steel door hinges, which have to be cast, the manufacturing process is completely different. Here, a negative impression must first be created, which has the contour of the future door hinge. Then the mold must be created and compacted with sand. The last step is the pouring of liquid stainless steel. After coring, the pin receptacles are drilled out and the door hinge is polished to a high gloss. In the last step, both wings are put together. Then the pin must be inserted and the door hinge is ready to be sold to you. If an order for a door hinge comes in now, the goods will be shipped to you.

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