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Hinge screws have the unique task of securely attaching hinges to parts. Hinge screws are coarse-grained screws that must find a secure hold in soft material.

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In this article we would like to deal only with the hinge screws and their application. But we would like to take a closer look not only at the application of such special screws, but also at the construction of a hinge screw. Also the different head shapes of hinge screws are certainly good for one or the other of you to know when to use which head on which hinge. We would also like to go into the assembly of such hinge screws and the different materials from which hinge screws can be made. In the following we will also take a look at our stock of such screws and as always in the last article we would also like to go into the production. However, we would like to start with the assembly of such a screw. Hinge screws are used today with a head shape as slotted countersunk screw head or mostly also as slotted lens head and as countersunk screw. The slot is usually common for countersunk screws, because this type of tool holder has become established as a standard in recent years. Of course other hinge screw drives are also possible and not excluded. At the head there is the shank, which has a wood thread, i.e. a coarse thread. This thread is tapering towards the end of the screw. This point is used as a centering point when screwing in and also as a drilling point for such screws. Since a hinge screw is usually screwed into a piano hinge, the base is usually made of wood, often hardwood. In these cases we always recommend to drill a small hole at the place where the hinge screw is screwed in, using a pricker. Then the screw can be screwed into the uterine base more easily. This type of screw is only used to attach a piano hinge or any other hinge and always serves as a fixing element between the hinge itself and the wood. A hinge screw is usually equipped with a wood thread or a coarse thread to grip well in relatively soft or harder woods. The materials used are almost always normal hard steel with an appropriate protective coating or, if the hinge screw is to be used outdoors, stainless steel. If it is a stainless steel hinge screw, it can be used as V2A or even as V4A.

Our stock program of hinge screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Hinge Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs more and more hinges on certain elements have to be permanently and detachably connected, the demand for such screws is constantly growing. This is shown by the current information, which indicates that search engine queries for hinge screws are increasing all the time. In this context, it is also important that there are enough online shops that provide a corresponding supply so that the demand can be met. Partly the customers need larger quantities of hinge screws to be able to realize the necessary building projects also fast and uncomplicatedly. In order to meet this demand, we also decided some years ago to create the category of hinge screws made of steel or stainless steel, so that we can offer these screws for sale to our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe. However, this requires a secure website, in which all your data is safely protected, when it comes to protecting your own data so securely that it cannot be tapped by third parties during a data transfer to our merchandise management system. We have successfully achieved this because the installation of SSL encryption ensures exactly this state. Do you actually know how a purchase on our Dormain should be carried out so that the purchase can also be carried out quickly and securely? Then let us explain a few words about it. Of course we can assume that you have found our website because you have searched through a search engine and the keyword hinge screws to buy such screws cheaply? Then you are already in the right category of hinge screws. Now you have the possibility to have a look around and if you have found the right screws, you can buy them from us. If you have found what you are looking for, simply add the hinge screws to your shopping cart and enter the desired quantity. Afterwards you can continue shopping or buy other products from us. If you only want to buy the hinge screws, you can pay for them now. To do so, create an account with us and enter all your data such as email and delivery address and then go back to the shopping cart. Follow the instructions and click on the button and after a few clicks you will see the correct payment options. You can now choose how you want to pay. If the payment was successful, you will now receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

The production of hinge screws

Hinge Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4APerhaps the last of this chapter is also of interest to you, because we would like to briefly describe the production of such stainless steel or steel screws, so that you can see exactly how such a production can take place. We would like to describe the modern production of hinge screws and also the earlier production of such screws. We would like to start with the production of stainless steel hinge screws. On older production lines, which still ran purely mechanically, screws for hinges could only be produced slowly and in small quantities. The reason for this was that these machines ran very slowly and without problems because the control was purely mechanical. But that was not really bad, because the pressure in the production of such screws was low and the quality very high. The susceptibility was very low and so these machines could produce millions of hinge screws without having to accept major breakdowns. But we come back to the production of stainless steel hinge screws, which can be produced on today's CNC machines. Here the topic of economy and dynamics is a convincing one. Also the quality is a maximum which we have to meet. Such CNC machines are today the standard in the production of all types of screws. In order that such a screw machine knows what it has to do, a CNC program must be loaded, which contains all the data and information about the production and then the parameters can be loaded. The main machining station is the main component of this machine. This is where most of the production processes for hinge screws made of stainless steel or steel are carried out until a finished screw can fall out. Furthermore, the machine also has thread rolls, which have hardened rolls that have the rough or wood thread pattern. From a loader, the start can now take place and the raw material can be loaded into the machine. Now first the head of the hinge screw is prepressed as a countersunk head with a slot and then end pressed with the drive. In the next step the shaft is inserted between the thread rolls under high pressure and turned. Now the wood thread can be transferred to the screw. Now the hinge screw is finished and can be stored packed in our warehouse.


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