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Eye terminals belong to the group of railing accessories. Eye terminals are small clamping elements that can be easily connected by screwing the clamping sleeve together with a stainless steel cable and can absorb large forces.

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Today, eye terminals are indispensable in industrial production, i.e. in the industrial sector. Especially when it comes to installing stainless steel eye terminals, which can also be screwed, on a wide variety of attachments or on yachts and boats, or even in railing construction, quickly and sensibly. The eye terminals are a very special species when it comes to anchoring a steel cable firmly to the eye terminal by means of a screw connection. It is often important for our customers that especially screwable eye terminals are perfectly suitable for self-assembly and can be fixed to tools by anyone without large accessories. Of course, there are also the eye terminals which press the eye terminal and the steel cable together with great pressure by means of a device or a pressing machine. But most of us do not always have these pressing tools at hand and they are not very cheap to press a few eye terminals quickly once. This is exactly where the stainless steel eye terminals come in, which perform a good service by means of a base body, a sleeve as an eye terminal nut and the actual clamping sleeve. An Augterminal is called deshabl Augterminal, because it has a recess in the base body, where the Augterminal can be directly movable or fixed to a frame or a steel plate on a railing or anywhere else, fixed. This advantage of an eye terminal alone, the connection between one end of a steel cable and a flat steel with a hole, is the perfect design of this version of a stainless steel eye terminal. At one end of the basic body there is the eye for the fastening screw and at the opposite end there is the thread for the union nut, which has received the clamping sleeve. The stainless steel wire or cable can be inserted into the clamping sleeve. If now the union nut, which has a hexagon as a key adapter, is screwed slowly tight, the pressure on the clamping sleeve, which is slotted where the wire lies, becomes bigger and bigger, because the clamping sleeve is pressed into the conical part of the union nut. Now the pressure on the clamping sleeve of the eye terminal increases until the clamping sleeve is pressed together and the wire rope is firmly clamped by the lateral pressure of the sleeve. If the pressure is now increased further, the individual wires will press themselves further into the surface of the eye terminal clamping sleeve element until the steel cable has an almost positive contact. Now the steel cable is extremely tight and can no longer be pulled out. The nice thing about a screwable eye terminal is that the connection can be released again at any time and the steel cable can be firmly picked up again if necessary. In the case of a pressed eye terminal, the terminal must be destroyed after cutting off the steel cable and replaced by a new eye terminal. The material used is almost always stainless steel as V2A or even better than stainless steel V4A.

Our delivery program of eye terminals - Buy online in our online shop

Eye Terminals Stainless SteelEspecially the screwable eye terminals, which have a thread to fix a union nut with the clamping sleeve, have become very popular in the past years, because a pressing with expensive tools is not necessary and as a self-assembly for each of us with only one open-end wrench quickly to implement. Stainless steel cables can be quickly combined with a stainless steel eye terminal in just a few minutes, creating a detachable connection that can be reopened at any time. This is precisely why the Internet shops have to equip the Augwalzterminals with sufficient equipment, because locksmiths and steel construction companies in particular need these Augtererminals in ever larger quantities in order to implement their projects promptly and hand over the components to their customers. Especially in railing construction wire ropes have to be led through pipes and then at the end they have to be screwed to the frame with a stainless steel eye terminal. For this reason we have also included the stainless steel eye terminals in our delivery programme in order to be able to supply all our customers quickly with the right eye terminals at favourable prices via our online shop. This is where we come in and so our online shop offers all our customers 24 hours a day the opportunity to buy your eye terminals cheaply from us. so that the purchase can also run safely, your data must also be safely transferred to our inventory management. Some time ago, we converted the entire domain to the encrypted SSL certificate. Your data will be encrypted after the purchase of an eye terminal and then first transferred to our merchandise management. Let us also explain in this context the actual ordering process for a purchase of one or more eye terminals, so that you can understand the fast order process. We also assume that you have found us through the search of a search engine and the search term "Augterminal Edelstahl" and that you are now in the right category of eye terminals. Now you can choose the suitable stainless steel eye terminals as screwable versions and put them into the shopping cart with the desired quantity. You can then continue shopping or complete your purchase of the eye terminals by making the payment. If you would like to conclude now, you log in now with us on the web page, by creating an account and deposit then your email address and your further data. Now you can change back to the shopping cart and check once again whether all eye terminals are made of stainless steel stimming with what you want to buy. If everything is correct, click the Next button until you see the payment options. Pay now the eye terminals and you receive an order confirmation by mail. Now we can process your order and send it to you. After a few days the stainless steel eye terminal should arrive.

The production of eye terminals

Eye Terminals Stainless SteelIn the last section we would now like to briefly explain the production process of eye terminals made of stainless steel. Of course there are big differences when it comes to the production of stainless steel eye terminals, when the production methods of the past and the highly economical production methods of today are examined. As always, we would like to start with the short explanations of the traditional, old production of eye terminals. For this purpose mechanical lathes were used, where a mechanical setup, i.e. the adjustment to the respective size of eye terminals, was decisive. Extremely large batch sizes always had to be run and manufactured so that this time could be calculated with the set-up costs. Today, things have changed completely. Today, the economic efficiency of the production of eye terminals comes first, and it is extremely important that an economic price can be achieved even for small batch sizes. Such highly complex lathes are always equipped with a bar loader and can easily be operated unmanned due to the communication with the lathe, thus enabling production at eye terminals. The stainless steel bars are pushed into the loader as solid material and when the machine has successfully loaded the CNC program with all cutting data and the set-up phase is completed, the production of the eye terminals begins. The raw material of the bar is drawn into the machine and first all drill holes are drilled into the stainless steel eye terminal. Now the milling of the eye surfaces takes place at the eye terminal, so that the typical attachment of the eye terminal can develop. Afterwards, the union nut for the eye terminal and the clamping sleeve have to be turned and milled so that the assembly to a complete eye terminal can take place. Once enough parts have been manufactured, the assembly of the eye terminals can begin. If now enough parts are assembled, then these are stored after sizes arranged in our camp and can be dispatched and worked on with an Augterminal order from you, now by us? After a few days the ordered and manufactured eye terminals made of stainless steel should be in your mailbox and you can install the eye terminals.

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