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Construction screws, as the name suggests, are used in construction. These construction screws can be screwed very well into soft material and give a perfect hold.

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Most of you can't understand the superficial term "construction screws" because it doesn't include a specific type of screw, but a large group of screws that are popularly called construction screws. In this section, we would like to take the opportunity to explain which screws should basically be referred to as construction screws. Furthermore, we would like to explain in more detail how construction screws are constructed and what material they can be made of. We would also like to take a closer look at the use of construction screws and present our range of construction screws in more detail. In the last section, as always, we will also deal with the production of such screws, so that you can also get a small insight in this regard, with which machines an economic production of building screws in the long term can be well possible. We would like to start again with the definition of the building screw. A building screw, is called this, if a building can be carried out with it. Here it is also important to mention that such screws are usually machine screws, which are equipped with a hexagon head or an Allen key. This group of screws is also usually equipped with a metric thread and is secured and tightened with a nut at the end of the screw. This type of screw is a detachable connection that can be screwed on at any time. Construction screws can be designed as short screws with a metric thread or as long screws with a metric thread. Such screws are used almost imemr in construction. However, this term is very broad and should mean that also wooden constructions can be screwed through and through or also in steel construction such construction screws with spring washers and washers are to be found again and again. For example, carports can also be securely screwed together with construction screws, or such screws can also be used on steel scaffolding constructions. As a rule, the nickel-plated steel construction screw is used as the material, especially in interior areas or areas not directly affected by splash water, or the stainless steel construction screw. This material, stainless steel, offers an optimum rust protection combination and is used outdoors to prevent permanent corrosion. In this group of stainless steels, the material can be expressed as V2A or V4A. V4A for a stainless steel screw or a construction screw offers all-round protection, even when acids and alkalis come into contact, i.e. the best material for finding clean connection solutions with construction screws, even outdoors.

Our stock assortment of construction screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AConstruction screws made of stainless steel and nickel-plated steel can be found today in all conceivable construction systems and thus offer a releasable connection that can be tightened or unscrewed as required. Of course, this also means that the demand for construction screws has risen by several points. Of course this is nice, because the online dealers, who not only sell the construction screws, but also offer all other screws and fasteners, can be found in their assortment. Of course, the availability of such screws is not very large, because if the quantities that the companies need and now also the private users increase extremely, then these peak demand must also be sellable. Our long-time customers from Germany and the rest of Europe have also asked us if we can also expand the category of building screws within our online shops, so that our customers and all others can order and buy their building screws quickly and cheaply from us. Of course we have followed this request, and so we have created an independent category, which deals exclusively with the construction screws made of steel and stainless steel. So that shopping in our online shop can be safe and fast for you, the subject of safety has become extremely important. So we have decided to convert the entire website to the secure SSl certificate. This certificate makes it possible for you to buy your construction screws made of steel or stainless steel from us safely, quickly and cheaply and to transfer your data to our merchandise management system without third parties being able to access it. In this context, let us also talk about how a purchase of your construction screws should proceed within our online shops, so that you reach your goal quickly. We want to give you a guideline so that you can read through the information. Surely you found your way to us via a search engine and ended up in the right category of building screws. Now you have the possibility to have a look at all products of the category of building screws. If you have found the right building screw, you can now place it in the shopping basket. You can now buy more products on our website or pay for the construction screws and complete the purchase. In order to buy the goods you must create an account with us in the next step, by depositing all your data, like email and contact data. Stay logged in and go back to the shopping cart. Now follow the further rejections and click on the button Next until you are shown different payment options. You can now pay for the goods. If the payment process of your building screws was successful, you will receive an automated order confirmation and we can now assemble the products and make the goods ready for shipment.

The production of construction screws

Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the previous article we were able to give you some information about the use of construction screws made of stainless steel and nickel-plated steel. But it is certainly also interesting to learn how such Basch screws can be produced today on modern equipment or CNc screw machines. In order that the production of such screws can also take place in highest quality and a perfect economy, it is important that they are modern machines equipped with the CNC technology so that a fast and resource-saving production can take place. These CNC screw machines are always equipped with a highly efficient loading system for the production of construction screws and other types of screws, which can communicate directly with the machine. This loader can be used to store bar stock or to roll up the necessary thinner wires for thin types of screws in a connected rotary loader or drum loader. The bar loader is almost always used to produce stronger stainless steel construction screws. In order to get the CNC machine ready for operation, the CBC program must always be loaded, where all cutting parameters and feeds are bundled and the machine controls the production of building screws. Once the machine is set up, production can start. For this purpose, the round raw material is drawn into the machine and cut to the pre-calculated length in the processing head. Now the rear part of the head of the future building screw can be pre-pressed. After this process, the end pressing of the front area is carried out with the drive. This drive can be designed as Torx, cross recess or hexagon. Now the construction screw already has the head with the shaft without the thread. In the next part, the metric or inch thread is rolled onto the shaft of the construction screw. This process is the most efficient and is a cold forming process. Two counter-rotating thread rolls are used for this purpose. These already have the metric or inch thread structure. These roll surfaces are hardened. If the shank of the building screw is now held in the counter-rotating rolls and turned under high pressure, the thread structures of the metric thread or the inch thread are transferred to the building screw. Now the production of such belly screws is finished. If there are enough construction screws made of stainless steel in the collection container, they can be placed in our warehouse and sent directly to you with an order.


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