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Parallel pins are cylindrical pins which are subject to a fit. Parallel pins are used in bores that have a fit and can perform various tasks. In the production of parallel pins, the material used is always steel or stainless steel. This is also hardened.

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Parallel pins are part of the standard equipment in all workshops and in tool cases in the industry. These pins are essentially part of the bearing safety elements, as are the grooved pins and the hollow pins made of metal or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). An important feature of a parallel pin is that it has a continuous parallel shape over its entire length. But more about this later. In this article we would like to tell you more about the parallel pins, their general structure, the materials from which the parallel pins can be manufactured and where they are used. Of course, we would also like to say a few words about which of these parallel pins we always have in stock for you, so that you can install them in technical equipment and devices. Let us first come to the construction and assembly of parallel pins in all possible diameters and lengths. A parallel pin is a round pin made of a solid material, optionally of steel or stainless steel. When using stainless steel, two different versions of one type of alloy are always used. One is the stainless steel version in V2A and in V4A. The entire body length of the pin is absolutely parallel and the surface is ground absolutely fine and designed as a fit. At one end there is a smaller chamfer, which is used to round off the front element so that no sharp edges can arise. The opposite side is equipped with a slightly larger chamfer and this side serves exclusively as an insertion aid when the parallel pin is to be inserted into a fitting bore. In order to mount a parallel pin, it is important that it has a similar fitting hole in a metal. It depends on how the parallel pin is to be used. If, for example, two types of moulded parts are to be aligned with absolute precision and the parallel pin is used as a position-securing element, a core hole must be drilled through both steel parts during assembly, which is firstly: smaller than the outside diameter of the parallel pin and secondly: a through hole. The core hole must be smaller because it must then be reamed to a fit with a reamer. Only then is the bore ready to accept a parallel pin with an exact fit and hold it securely and without play. Why it has to be a through hole on a steel part is that when a parallel pin is driven into a blind hole, the fit ensures that the air underneath is trapped and compressed and the parallel pin cannot be driven in any further. Remember: always drive into a through hole, or as a substitute create a very small ventilation hole inside the hole to the outside! Only then is it ensured that the metal pin can be driven in completely to the stop!

Our stock program of parallel pins - buy online in our online shop

Parallel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AParallel pins, in addition to nuts and bolts, also belong to a very important group of locking elements which are indispensable in the industrial production of technical equipment and machines. For this reason, it is important that the demand for parallel pins also reflects the supply within the online shops and that all common shapes, diameters and lengths, as well as the materials are included in the offer. When we founded our company back then on the Internet, we started with the fasteners and fastener elements that we make available to our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe. In the process, we quickly received inquiries from our customers, who asked us to provide metal parallel pins as well, so that we could further expand our product range and complete the purchases by our customers with this product as well. Of course, we have taken up this task and started looking for stainless steel parallel pins and steel straight pins. This task was of course not easy, as we attach great importance to the quality delivered and thus want to deliver high-quality products to our customers. After a long search, we were able to identify two suppliers who now supply us with parallel pins in all common variations. Therefore we offer our customers the possibility to buy their parallel pins around the clock in our online shop and to be supplied quickly and comfortably. In order to explain the order process clearly and visibly to everyone, we would like to say a few words about it, so that misunderstandings do not arise during the purchase process. Surely you have also come to us via one of the big search engines and the keyword " parallel pins" and therefore we welcome you very warmly! Now you have the possibility to buy all your parallel pins in the version you need. Please put all parts into the shopping cart of our shop system. If the first step of an order is completed, the second step follows, which now offers you the possibility to open your customer account with us. To do so, you need to enter all important data, such as your address and your email address, so that we know where we can deliver the parallel pins. When this order section is completed and you would like to pay for your goods, follow the instructions in the shopping cart and you will be offered a list of payment options where you can choose the one that suits you best. By making your payment you indicate that you have effectively completed the purchase. You will then receive an order confirmation from us, stating exactly what you have ordered. Now we can send your parallel pins to you.

The production on parallel pins

Parallel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ASo that you can also install and use the parallel pins on machines and technical equipment, it is of course important to manufacture them. In order to produce parallel pins today, ultra-modern and highly efficient CNC machines are used. These machines are loaded via a program where all parameters are stored and the feeds and distances are stored. All distances during a working cycle are stored within the CNC machine. So the machine knows exactly which parts have to be produced. A changeover to another thickness of parallel pins or other lengths is no problem. Only the parameters have to be reloaded and the zero point of all bits and drills have to be set once. In principle, parallel pins can also be produced on all CNC lathes that have an additional grinding device integrated that can grind fits. For economic reasons, there is always a loading system behind the CNC machine, which is connected to the machine by a cable. In this loader system the raw solid bars of steel or stainless steel are inserted. When all parameters are loaded and the machine can be started, the first bar is loaded into the chuck of the machine. Now the core hole is drilled inside the face of the parallel pin. When this first production stage is completed, the hole is countersunk and the thread is cut into the hole. Now the outer chamfer can be applied. If this partial section is now also completed during production, the fit on the parallel pin can be ground on a grinding wheel. This is usually also constantly measured by a camera during the grinding process. Now the parallel pin can be cut off and the opposite chamfer can be applied. Now the parallel pin is actually already finished, if it is an unhardened pin. If the parallel pins are to be hardened, they must still be hardened. Then all pins can still be washed to remove any oil residues. Now all pins come into our warehouse and wait for you to buy them. Then they will be picked and sent to you by mail.


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