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Fine-thread screws are special screws, which are mostly used in mechanical engineering. These fine-thread screws have a very fine thread pitch.

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Fine-thread screws are a very special type of screw which can be available as metric or inch thread version in a certain DIN standard. In principle such screws are just like normal screws, which have a screw head with a shank. But the big difference is the quality of the fine thread on the fine-thread screw. The thread flanks and the flank depth as well as the flank distance are kept extremely fine. For this reason, these special screws are also called fine-thread screws. What advantage does this thread offer over the standardized coarser thread? The standard thread, i.e. the standard screw always has a coarser standardized DIN pitch and is circulated thousands of times as a cost-effective screw and used in industry and the private sector. Such screws can be found in all technical devices and systems. Fine-thread screws, on the other hand, can have two essential characteristics. On the one hand it is so that by the fine thread into much thinner materials in steel and/or in high-grade steel V2A and/or also V4A are screwed in and take up at the same time much more thread flanks compared with the thread of the standard screw. The thread is usually always made as metric thread, macnhmal also as inch thread. If a nut is used and installed for a screw with a fine thread, it is of course also the case that the nut must have the same thread design so that the nut can easily be turned onto the fine thread screw without cold welding. This can happen quickly if the sizing does not match. The second advantage of a fine-thread screw is that the load absorption can be enormously increased by the majority of the fine thread flank cycle. This means in plain language that the tensile strength that can act on the screw shaft can be many times higher, as is usually the case with screws with a standard thread, before the thread can and will tear out. It is also important to note that when fitting stainless steel V2A or V4A fine-thread screws, care is always taken to ensure that the correct lubricant is used. If the fine-thread screw is tightened firmly without lubricant and subjected to a torque under load, cold welding is usually unavoidable and the screw connection between the nut and the screw is destroyed and can neither be loosened nor tightened further.

Our delivery program of fine thread screws made of stainless steel - Buy online in our online shop

Fine Thread Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AFine-thread screws are used today in all conceivable areas of industry and require special applications on the screw connections. A few years ago, screws with a fine thread according to DIN standards could not yet be found in our warehouse, because we served our customers all over Germany and Europe with standard screws and metric threads and delivered the products quickly. At that time the fine-thread screws were not really interesting for us. But quickly we were confronted by different enamel inquiries from customers from the most different ranges with whether we would also plan to include such special screws in our assortment in the future. This gave us the incentive to also find a suitable supplier for fine-thread screws who would be able to supply us with large quantities of high-quality screws from these areas in the future. We were also able to identify two different manufacturers who have been able to supply us with very high quality fine-thread screws in all sizes since then. With our online shop we would like to offer our customers all over Europe the possibility to buy their fine-thread screws in stainless steel around the clock in our online shop and to have them delivered comfortably to your home or company. So that the purchase can take place safely, we decided a few years ago to convert the entire website to the very secure SSL certificate. This does not have any disadvantages, but only advantages for you as a customer, because your sensitive data are therefore even more secure in the way of third parties. Data export ensures that no data can be tapped by third parties. In this context, we would also like to briefly explain to you how a purchase of your fine-thread screws can be realized quickly and easily. If you are already on our website, you will find all the screws with a fine thread in the quantity you require and all the other products you need for your building project. Once this first phase of the purchase is completed, you can create a customer account or a guest account to store all the data we need for shipping and invoicing. If this section is also completed and you want to complete the purchase, press the button "Buy" and now you can choose your preferred payment method and confirm by the purchase. If your payment was successful and is completed, you will receive an automatic email from us confirming the order details, such as your fine-thread screws and the possible other products again. Now your order will be put together for you in our warehouse and handed over to the shipping company.

The production of fine-thread screws

Fine Thread Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AFine-thread screws made of stainless steel or steel can be found almost everywhere in technical systems today. This is not surprising, because in order to be able to install these screws on the systems, it is important to first manufacture them. Just like all other screws and screw connections, ultra-modern machines, so-called CNC screw machines, must be used. It used to be a little different, because conventional cam-type automatic lathes were still used to produce fine-thread screws from many different materials. But with these machines also the production capacity decreases, which is crucial today on the market in order to withstand the enormous cost pressure to make favourable prices possible. This effectiveness is simply no longer possible with such very slow machines. For this reason it is almost only possible to use CNC machines for the production of stainless steel fine thread screws. These have two advantages over conventional machines. The first is the fast set-up time with CNC programs, which allow a quick set-up or changeover of the machines to another type of screw. This saves time and enormous costs. Secondly, it should be mentioned that the pure production time is considerably shorter and an unmanned night shift operation is possible without any problems, which considerably increases the economic efficiency. How is it now possible to manufacture fine-thread screws? This machine is designed in such a way that a chuck can pick up the steel shaft end of the screw and accompany it through many processes. Behind the chuck, outside the machine, there is a pick-up drum which stores the raw material as bare stainless steel wire. The raw wire is then inserted into the chuck of the machine and production of the stainless steel fine-thread screws can begin. The first step is to cut the shank to the desired screw length. Then the screw head is "pre-pressed" and the collar of the screw head is pressed against it. A second pressing device ensures that the finished screw head is machined with the tool holder. Now the screw with the fine thread is finished to such an extent that only the fine thread has to be rolled onto the shaft. This production process takes place exclusively under high pressure. The machine has two hardened thread plates between which the shaft of the screw is rolled back and forth under high pressure. This rolling movement transfers the thread from the threaded plates to the shank. Each individual flank of the fine thread is transferred exactly. After this rolling process, the fine-thread screw is almost finished and only needs to be washed and freed from the production oil. Once this process has been completed, the fine-thread screw is brought to our warehouse and can be shipped to you.


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