Rampa Sleeves

Rampa sleeves are coarse thread or fine thread sleeves, which are equipped with a machine thread. Rampa sleeves can therefore be screwed into soft material to find enough hold for a machine screw.

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What actually is a stainless steel rampa sleeve? We believe that many people ask themselves these questions - but don't really know - how such a rampa sleeves is constructed and especially where and how rampa sleeves are used. The rampa sleeves is in the farthest distance, also a socket which actually belongs to the large superior category of nuts. Even if it looks completely different on the outside, it serves as a fastening element and was created for the use of screw connections. The rampa sleeves made of stainless steel is used in the industry, especially in special machine construction, which mainly work with soft materials. Furthermore, these sleeves are used in the furniture industry, food technology and in the private sector, where a lot is done with wood. This means that the rampa sleeves makes the transition between extremely soft materials like wood or soft plastic. Because in these soft materials it is impossible to screw a screw, a threaded rod or any other metric thread securely and stably in the long term. This is exactly where this special type of fastening is used effectively. It is the interface between the soft material and the metric machine thread of a screw. If you would like to read more about stainless steel rampa sleeves, please visit our blog.

Our delivery program of stainless steel rampa sleeves - Buy online in our online shop

Rampa Sleeves Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe serve many customers all over Europe in all kinds of industries who use our rampa sleeves in their daily work, creating very stable connections that are the link between a metal joint, such as a screw or threaded rod with a machine thread. In our online shop we offer our customers the possibility to buy even the smallest packaging units in order to purchase many different products at the same time. This makes you as a company even more flexible and saves a lot of money. Our delivery program of stainless steel rampa sleeves covers the rough area very well. This means that we supply customers throughout Europe with metal or metal sleeves. In our delivery program we stock rampa sleeves made of stainless steel V2A in the smallest diameter from M4 to M10. Of course all intermediate sizes are also available in our delivery program. The intermediate sizes include M4, M5, M6 and M8 as well as M10. In order to make your shopping in our shop even more secure, we have decided to switch to the very secure encryption certificate. Especially when it comes to your sensitive data, no effort is too expensive to guarantee the highest possible security. Now it is no longer possible for third parties to access your data from outside when the data is transferred to our merchandise management system. While we are at it, we would also like to explain how you can place your order in our online shop and thus quickly buy your rampa sleeves. First of all put together all the goods in the shop. If this is done by you, put them into the basket. Now create a customer account and enter all your data, like the address and confirm by pressing the button. If your purchase is now completed, you can proceed to the checkout. Here you will be given four different payment methods to choose from. If you have chosen one, then you pay the open amount. If this step is also completed, you will receive an order confirmation from our server by e-mail. In it you will see your ordered rampa sleeves. Now we will put together your order for you in our warehouse. The transport company will then promptly take your order and deliver it to you.

The installation of a rampa sleeves

Rampa Sleeves Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs already mentioned, the assembly of a stainless steel rampa sleeves is always carried out in materials that are either very soft, such as wood or plastic, or where the metric machine screw is to be used. This means that if metric machine screws are to be used in soft materials, this is not possible without a rampa sleeves! This is because a metric machine thread is so fine from the thread turns that the thread turns would tear directly out of the soft material. This is where the "rampa sleeves" interface comes into play. Mark the holes on the wood or plastic plate where the sockets are to be inserted. Now measure the core diameter of the sleeve on the outside. Do not measure the diameter of the external thread (the rough). When you have determined this, drill the core holes into the soft material. Now place the rampa sleeves on the hole and slowly set the rampa sleeves in motion with a screwdriver to drive (turn) it into the hole. Once the stainless steel sleeve has gripped, it can be screwed into the drill hole until it stops. If you want an additional locking device, apply a few drops of threadlocker to the male thread of the sleeve. The rampa sleeve will then harden and sit firmly in the core drill hole. Now the screw with the metric thread can be screwed into the sleeve. The screw connection can be easily removed again, just as required! The thread remains intact and is not destroyed. Rampa sleeves made of stainless steel do not corrode and the sleeve is preserved for a long time if it is made of V2A or V4A.


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