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Polyamide screws fall into the large group of plastic screws. Such high-strength polyamide screws can be found more and more often in all imaginable areas of the economy.

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What are polyamide screws actually? In this article we would like to get to the bottom of these and many more questions and explain all the advantages of these polyamide screws, which are very frequently used today. However, we would like to start with the term "polyamide" in connection with the screws. Polyamide is a chemical compound that is created when certain chemical processes take place thermally or otherwise and involve different substances that then undergo a completely new reaction, from which the polyamide can be formed. This chemical reaction of the individual substances and components results in a completely new material with completely new properties. The polyamide in screws, however, determines exactly the properties that have been created by this chemical reaction. Now it is so that through this chemical reaction a new polyamide material has been created, where the individual molocules have interlinked in such a way that a highly resilient material could be created. The properties of polyamide are flame resistance and an absolutely high breaking load. Furthermore, the bending strength has been increased to a minimum while at the same time reducing the brittleness. Thus a perfect material for the production of a polyamide screw. It is not quite certain, but the first successes in the production of polyamide date back to the thirties. Until then, however, the first polyamide screws were produced many years later, because a specific manufacturing process is required. A polyamide screw is a screw, just like the other fasteners that have found their way into industry and the private sector. It was precisely the properties just listed that played a decisive role in making the polyamide suitable for use in screw production. The polyamide screws also have a screw head which is equipped with a drive. This drive can then be equipped as a torx or slot drive or with a hexagon socket or even a cross slot drive. These drives have exactly the same purpose as the metal screws. Tools can then be applied which generate a torque to open or close a polyamide screw. At the head of the screw, the shaft of the screw opens directly. This shaft then has the metric or inch thread or the machine thread, which can be designed as a partial thread or as a full thread. Today, polyamide screws are used in many overlapping areas of industry and in handicraft supplies. Polyamide screws are the first choice, especially when insulation and spacing in the electronics industry must be provided for printed circuit boards. But also in model making more and more of these screws can be found, because also by the low weight in relation to the lead capacity an optimal ratio has been created. These polyamide screws can of course be produced in many different colours, so that the right colour ratio can be used for every application.

Our delivery program of polyamide screws - Online purchase in our online shop

Polyamid ScrewsNow we don't have to tell you anymore that the demand is so strong in the last years because such special polyamide screws have been introduced in many areas in the last years. Such screws can take over many functions that are specially adapted to their properties. Very high tensile or compressive stresses of the polyamide screws are absorbed and absorbed in the material without the screws bursting. With our online shop we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy polyamide screws 24 hours a day at a low price, so that you have a simple possibility to make your purchase at any time of the day. We have due to the strong demand, a further category submitted, which is aligned only particularly for the polyamide screws. So that the purchase of the polyamide screws can also run off safely and uncomplicatedly, the topic security is written with us quite largely and thus we have changed our on-line Shop some years ago to the safe SSL certificate, so that now with the data communication the coded data cannot be tapped so easily by third parties any more. This makes the purchase of your polyamide screws even safer and protects all your stored data within our system. While we are already on the subject of security, we would like to tell you about the order process in our online shop, so that you know exactly how such a purchase process should proceed. If you are reading this text, then you have surely been able to find us via a large search engine, as you have searched for the keyword "polyamide screws" and have now found us. Now you are also immediately in the right category, the plastic screws, where you can now look around at your leisure and choose the right screws. If you have found what you are looking for, you can simply put the screws you need into the shopping cart and simply indicate the quantity you need. Now you can either select further articles and put them into the shopping cart or pay for the polyamide screws in the shopping cart and complete the purchase. If this is the case, you have to open an account with us in the following step and enter all your data which is important for the purchase procedure. This includes the mail and the billing or delivery address. If this step is also completed, the necessary purchase step now follows. Now go to the shopping cart and follow the instructions and click on Continue. After a few clicks you will be shown a selection of payment methods, where you can choose the right one. If the payment of the polyamide screws was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Now we can also process your order and send it to you.

The production of polyamide screws

Polyamid ScrewsIn the last section we would also like to give you an understanding of the production of polyamide screws, so that you know how such screws can be produced. In the previous article, we were able to tell you a lot about the material properties of such screws and also give you an idea of the areas of application of such "plastic screws". Basically it can be said that such polyamide screws have to be produced with a completely different manufacturing process than the standardized metal screws normally known from the processing industry. The normal steel or stainless steel screws are nowadays produced on CNC lathes or automatic screw machines. Loaders are used to supply the machine with the necessary raw material for the entire production chain. The situation is somewhat different for polyamide screws. Here, so-called injection moulding machines are used for production, which in principle inject a metal or steel mould with liquid polyamide to produce the screws. Such an injection moulding machine is always equipped with the corresponding mould, which, as already mentioned, is milled from metal or steel. This mould has two mould halves, which are installed in the machine, one half is fixed below and the second half is attached to the cylinder in a movable way. In order to produce a screw from polyamide, a CNC parameter setting is required. This data is then loaded into a CNC program. This program controls a wide range of injection moulding processes. Once all parameters have been loaded and the extruder, which has stored the fine-grained polyamide bricks, is ready for production. When the start button is pressed, the extruder temperature is loaded first and the polyamide is heated. When the temperature is reached, the mould closes by closing the cylinder. Now the extruder can be injected into the mould under high pressure. After a few seconds the polyamide cools down directly in the mould and the production of a polyamide screw is already finished. Now the mould can open slowly and the screw is ejected. This process is repeated until enough screws have been produced and the storage container is well filled. Now the screws can be packed together and sorted in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you for the right polyamide screws, we can process your purchase and prepare the order for shipment. After a few days, you should receive your order and you can then screw the polyamide screws to your building project.


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