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Rigips screws are very special screws used for the installation of Rigips panels in the interior construction of houses. Rigips screws have a coarse thread and therefore do not tear out of the soft material.

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Who can imagine life today without the Rigips screws? Nobody! That is for sure, because where is renovation and refurbishment carried out today, where no Rigips screws panels have to be screwed to wooden elements or sheet metal constructions. The fact is, without the Rigips screws, a durable and correct fastening is no longer possible. Now, Rigips screws have been designed exactly for this application, so that all important factors have been taken into account in the construction of this screw. But let us start from scratch. We have set up this category of Rigips screws made of metal or steel or stainless steel to provide you with a lot of important information free of charge, which you should know about Rigips screws. We would like to go into more detail about the application and assembly of Rigips screws. We would also like to take a closer look at the detailed structure of such screws and of course which material is used for such screws. In the second part of this category we would like to show you our stock, which plasterboard screws you can buy cheaply in our online shop. In the last section we will give you an insight into the production of such Rigips screws, so that you could get to know this aspect in more detail. But let us now begin with the construction of a Rigips screws. Basically, a Rigips screws is constructed in exactly the same way as a normal screw, of course with constructional changes which need not be immediately visible at first glance. Since these screws are used for screwing sheetrock plates and these should not protrude or protrude over the sheetrock plates, these screws are always equipped with a countersunk head. This countersunk head on the Rigips screws then ensures that it can be countersunk. Of course, the Rigips screws also requires a drive, which is embedded in the front side of the screw. This can be a Torx drive, which is common, or a cross slot drive, or even with other screws the hex drive. The possibilities are different. At the head the shaft of the screw opens directly, which has the coarse thread or the wood thread and can be pointed at the end. Some manufacturers of sheetrock screws have a normal tip, which can be screwed into the material, or a drill tip. That again depends on the manufacturer. When fixing sheetrock panels to wood as a substructure or a sheet metal substructure, Rigips screws can be used perfectly. The screws drill into wood as easily as into sheet metal parts that are screwed to walls. Basically, when installing a sheetrock panel, a gigipip screw is always countersunk along the edge, which can hold the entire panel construction securely. The base material of a Rigips screws is always pure high-strength steel, which is coated on the surface to delay corrosion. However, if you want to completely prevent corrosion of your Rigips screws, you should always use stainless steel as V2A or V4A version. Only these alloys prevent this effect permanently.

Our stock range of Rigips screws - buy online in our online shop

Rigips Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThese special rigips screws have made a lasting breakthrough in recent years with the further development of the Rigips technique and its fastening, because the entire interior construction of buildings makes it possible to finish the building at the lowest possible cost compared to other, conventional construction methods. Due to the drastic increase of such gypsum plasterboards or Rigips panels, the fastening technology for sheetrock panels has also increased dramatically. The demand for plasterboard screws has almost doubled in the last ten years and the demand for such screws continues to grow daily. It is now the case that companies in particular require large quantities of Rigips screws, because large areas also have to be covered with Rigips panels. This makes the quantities of screws sometimes so rare that the online traders can hardly meet the strong demand and the stocks are almost always empty. Our long-standing customers have also asked us whether we would like to include these Rigips screws in our stock. After a long search we have found two suppliers who can produce such large quantities of Ripis screws, which are also of high quality. With this topic, we would not like to leave also the topic security from the eyes, because your data are sacred to us. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet site to the secure SSL procedure and thus ensure the greatest possible security. Now a data access from our online shop to the merchandise management is no longer possible by third parties. So you have the possibility to buy your Rigips screws from us around the clock and have them sent to your company. We would also like to briefly explain the order process to all those who are interested, so that you can quickly put together your product and buy it. Did you also find us because the search engine suggested us in the search query for Rigips screws? If so, we are very pleased and you can now take your time to look in this category to see which Rigips screws you need. Once you have found the right Rigips screws, you can place them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. You can now buy other cheap products or screws or pay for the Rigips screws. To do so, open an account with us and enter all your data, such as email address and delivery address. After this step, please stay logged in and go back to the shopping cart, where your Rigips screws are already waiting to be purchased. Now click on Continue until the payment methods are displayed. Now choose the perfect payment method to pay for your Rigips screws and complete the purchase. If the process was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

The production of Rigips screws

Rigips Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we come to the last section in this large category of rigips screws. Many of you now know exactly and in detail how such screws can be constructed and what differences there are between the various manufacturers, but many of you not only want to process rigips screws, but also want to know how such screws can be manufactured. We would like to introduce two methods to you, the former, on older screwing machines and the modern and economical production. However, we would like to start with how in those days the rigips screws made of steel or stainless steel could be produced on mechanical machines. These old machines, were successful because the downtime was very short, but the set-up time and production speed was very slow. Today such a thing is no longer possible. Today, efficiency and a fast production as well as a high quality must be paid attention to. Also the lot sizes are not always high and the machine often has to be changed to other sizes of rigips screws made of steel or stainless steel. Basically, every modern machine must be equipped with a CNC, so that the parameters can be loaded quickly. This saves valuable time when converting to another plasterboard screw size. Inside the machine there is a machining station which takes over the entire production. Outside there is always a drum loader and a bar loader. For thicker round material than steel or stainless steel, it is possible to buffer in this loader. However, if smaller rigips screws are to be produced, the drum loader is always used. This can store thinner stainless steel wires or steel wires. Once the CNC screw machine is set up, production of the rigips screws can begin. For this purpose, the piece of wire is fed into the machine and as a first step the length is cut to length. Now the entire countersunk head of the rigips screw is pressed on and pre-pressed. In this procedure the insertion of the drive is also possible, either as Torx drive or as hex drive or as cross drive. Depending on manufacturer and specifications. Now only the bare shaft is on the countersunk plaster screw without the thread. In the further work step the thread is now rolled onto the plasterboard screw. This is followed by two counter-rotating rollers which already have the coarse thread and the wood thread. By the pressure of the shank between the rollers the thread is now rolled onto the plasterboard screw. These operations are carried out as often as screws are needed for rigips. Afterwards all rigips screws are sent to our warehouse and if you place an order we can ship the goods to you. After a few days, the package with your steel or stainless steel rigips screws should arrive.


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