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Iron handles are holding elements that allow a person to touch. Iron handles are indispensable for technical equipment etc... For the production and delivery of Iron Handles we can supply them as steel or stainless steel Iron Handle.

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Who doesn't know these indispensable helpers too well, but most of those who are looking for iron handles have hardly any idea what can reduce the grip performance of such iron handles and thus make work much easier in all imaginable areas. Iron handles are as old as mankind itself. Even in antiquity, iron handles were already formed and clay or clay was also attached to pots or vessels in order to make the often bulky goods or vessels easier to iron handles and carry. One could often think, "well, what's the point of such a iron handles"? Exactly these circumstances we would like to give you in this article, where it should only be about the use and the bow handle itself, a little more detailed, so that everyone can understand what iron handles are and which anatomical advantages and their use in today's modern world as work facilitation emanate from these iron handles. Let us start with the basic structure of iron handles and then go on to the areas of application and the different materials used in the production of bow iron handles today. We would also like to go into the points of stock-keeping and the purchase via our online shop of high-quality iron handles, as well as the production of plastic iron handles and stainless steel iron handles. As the name suggests, a bow handle is always constructed in the same way as a bow looks. Such a handle always has two fastening sides and in the middle an elevation, which can be designed according to completely different designs. The two fixing sides of the iron handles are always equipped with a hole or a threaded hole to create a detachable connection with another component. This means that countersunk screws or cylinder head screws can be used quite simply to fasten these iron handles. If threaded holes are provided in the iron handles, screws can be inserted through the component and screwed directly into the threaded holes of the iron handles. However, if the handle has through-holes or counterbores, in this case a screw connection can be used in conjunction with a nut and washer to create a detachable connection to another component. Such handles can be made of steel iron handles, plastic iron handles or even stainless steel. The areas of application of iron handles have hardly changed since antiquity, although other areas of application have been added in the last 200 years and today iron handles can be found on all conceivable technical systems and devices as well as in private areas. Starting with iron handles on cups, to the use on machine hoods and as carrying aid on glass lifters. Even these have permanently installed iron handles which must guarantee a secure hold. We would like to offer you the variety of handles in the most different shapes via our online shop at a favourable price, but we would like to offer you more later on.

Our stock program of iron handles - buy online in our online shop

Iron handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AIn the previous article we have already been able to tell you a lot about the iron handles and their materials and their places of use, so in this article we would like to tell you something about our stock range of iron handles made of plastic and (plastic) as well as steel iron handles and of course stainless steel iron handles. We would also like to explain how an order in our online shop should be processed at favourable prices so that you can buy the iron handles online. The demand for iron handles has increased steadily in recent years. This is not surprising, because these handles in all their variety are found more and more often on technical equipment and devices, especially in the technical areas. They are often attached to covers and hoods in such a way that a quick and good intervention in the iron handles and a firm fit is possible and guaranteed. Our stock programme of iron handles includes all common metal iron handles, such as stainless steel and steel, and also plastic iron handles. So we offer our customers, who meanwhile order their iron handles from all over Europe, the possibility to buy or order your iron handles quasi 24 hours over our online shop. This kind of shopping also has advantages, because you can easily put together your iron handles in the evening or at night and pay comfortably. In order to ensure that the purchase of your bow handles is secure, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to a secure SSL connection, so that all your data can be transmitted in encrypted form. We are sure that you have found us via one or the other big search engine and by clicking on our website you could be directly forwarded to the right category of iron handles. Thus we welcome you very warmly on our website in our company. As you are now on the right website category of handles, you now have the possibility to have a look at all our products. If you have found one or more iron handles made of plastic or steel or stainless steel, you can now choose the quantity of iron handles you want in our online shop and add the iron handles to your shopping cart. If you would like to buy more products on bow handles or other products, please proceed as described above. If you want to complete the purchase, you now have the possibility to create your account on our website and create a login. When you create an account, please enter your password and your e-mail address as well as all your data, such as the delivery and invoice address, so that we can send you the iron handles. Once you have done this and you would like to pay for the handles, you can proceed by clicking on the buttons while logged in to see the payment options. You can now choose the best method of payment for your iron handles and complete the purchase by confirming your payment. If everything was successful, you will now receive an automatic email order confirmation. Now we can also assemble your goods and send them to you. After a few days you should receive your iron handles.

The production of iron handles

Iron handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AIn the last article, we would like to discuss how iron handles are made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel, or to take a closer look at the production possibilities of plastic iron handles. We would like to start with the iron handles, which are made of metal. Two basic manufacturing methods are used for this purpose. On the one hand, such iron handles can be milled on a CNC machine, which can be very costly. In this case the noble iron handles are milled from one piece. This always means that a CNC program must be created and the entire machine must be set up. Afterwards, the ingot is clamped, from which the bow handles are produced. In the further and much more economical manufacturing process to produce iron handles, which are made of metal, is the sand mould casting or the casting process in general. The handles have to be produced either as a wooden model, as it was done in the past, to create a negative form or nowadays, to create a negative form with a wax cast handle. The CNC data is loaded into a program and the wax form is created with a 3D printer. This realistic form in the form of a hard wax model which corresponds exactly to the iron handles as ordered by the customer. This hard wax mould is then dipped into a mud bath to burn out the mud layer in a very hot oven. The mud hardens as a very hard layer and the wax evaporates. A perfect way to create molds relatively inexpensive. So your iron handles can be produced quickly and easily. Liquid steel or liquid stainless steel can now be cast into this handle cover. After the raw iron handles has cooled down, it can be removed by destroying the mud cover. Now the almost finished iron handles only need to be ground and finished. For the production of an iron handles made of plastic, the production process is again somewhat different. First of all, a steel mould has to be made, which consists of two halves. These two halves of the mould must fit together exactly when closing. The mould contains exactly the shape of the iron handles, which can later be extruded. This process always takes place on a plastic extruder. These machines are called injection moulding machines. Once the mould with the finished iron handles is created and produced on the injection moulding machine, the production of the iron handles made of plastic can take place after loading all parameters. The mould is completely filled with hot plastic under high pressure. After opening the mould halves, the finished plastic iron handles can be removed. Further processing of the finished iron handles is no longer necessary with this process.


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