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Split pins are securing elements that are intended to secure bolts and other elements. Split pins are also used on castle nuts. These are placed through the bore and bent over. Steel or stainless steel is used for the material selection.

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This article will deal with the Split pins today. Split pins have been very important and also very old safety elements for many years, which have been used since the development of the industrial revolution. These fasteners are one of the cheapest and best methods to create fast and detachable security on bolts or axles or even on shafts. Not only the industry has discovered the Split pins made of metal for itself, but especially in the private sector, such as hobbyists and model builders, these elements have become established over the last decades. This is only due to the Split pins, because it is so easy to handle and an assembly or disassembly can be done so easily. In this article, however, we would like to go into the following points concerning the Split pins in more detail: What materials are these safety elements made of and how are they mounted? Furthermore, we would like to answer the questions how these parts can be manufactured and what is the basic structure of Split pins that are used on axles and round materials? Let us start with the first point, which deals with the material. It is important to know that in the past there were only Split pins made of mild steel, this group of bare steel was the only material available at that time. Today it is different, today there are Split pins made of bare steel as well as stainless steel. In the stainless steel version it can be used in the alloy V2A or also in the alloy V4A. How exact is the structure of Split pins? Again, it can be said that these elements are always bent from a semicircular stainless steel wire, which has a loop bent in at its middle point. This loop is responsible for the fact that the Split pins cannot slip through an existing hole, but can simply be pushed in as far as it will go and then be braked. The two semicircular legs of the Split pins are not equal. There is also a reason for this, which we will tell you about when we talk about the subsequent topic of assembly. Now we come to the assembly of Split pins. These can be inserted into all bores of axles and shafts, which are provided with a through hole. If the bearing or whatever part is mounted on the axle, the split pin can be inserted into the bore. Now the different leg length comes into play. This is important, because when gripping the Split pins and bending it apart, the longer leg can simply be bent apart. This is done with both legs until they lie around the axis. The axle is now perfectly secured axially.

Our stock program of splint pins - buy online in our online shop

Split Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ASplit pins are an excellent way to create a quick axial locking mechanism that is simple and inexpensive and can also be easily released again. These tasks are performed by Split pins made of metal or steel or stainless steel in a beautiful way. When we started to build up our online shop, we first concentrated on the standard fasteners known as bolts or nuts. This also included washers and spring washers. But little by little some customers approached us and asked us if it would be possible to include the Split pins in our delivery program. Of course, we were happy to respond to these requests and took care to find a suitable supplier for split pins who could supply us with a class of quality and quantity. We were able to find this supplier. Therefore we now have all possible sizes of Split pins and diameters in our stock. So we offer you with our online shop the possibility to buy your Split pins fast and uncomplicatedly cheap over our platform. So that the purchase of your Split pins is of course secure, we decided after some time to change the whole website to the secure SSL certificate. This creates more security when exporting your data and can no longer be accessed by third parties. Let us also explain a few words about how Split pins can be bought on our platform quickly and without any problems, so that the delivery can be carried out quickly and without any problems. This ordering process is not very complicated and therefore you can simply put all sizes of Split pins and the desired lengths in your shopping cart in the first step of the purchase process. When this step is completed, point two follows, which means that you can now create your customer account with us. To do this, you create a customer login and enter all relevant data. If you want to finish shopping, just follow the shop instructions and you will be offered a variety of payment options. Choose the best method for you and pay your Split pins. After the ordering process you will receive an automatic email if your payment was successful.

The manufacture of split pins

Split Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AThis article will deal with the production of Split pins. Of course we do not want to withhold this process from you, so that you also know how such elements can be produced on modern machines. Many people know Split pins from various applications, but most people do not know how these elements are produced. Today the production processes are completely different from those used many decades ago. Today modern CNC wire bending machines are used. These can produce several thousand Split pins in a few hours. Such technically sophisticated machines serve only one purpose, a highly economic, low-cost production at all levels of manufacture. Inside these wire bending machines there is a bending head which can do all bending tasks with one tool and thus can bend eyelets on wire in seconds and also the eyelets on the Split pins made of stainless steel, steel or metal. At each of these machines a drum loader is coupled, which takes over the task, which can make the production with a continuous wire possible. The semicircular stainless steel wire is fed into the machine and the CNC program with all data for the Split pins production can be loaded. Parameters such as speed of the tools and shears are also defined, as well as press pressures during bending or other important production parameters. When the wire is inserted into the machine, the machine can start by inserting the wire and using the bending tool to bend the eyelet in the middle of the Split pins and to place it firmly against the first Split pins wire, so that a certain pre-tension is created between the two wires of the Split pins wire. Afterwards the Split pins wire can be left longer than the first one and finally cut off by scissors. A burr-free cut is essential. Otherwise it can be difficult to get the wire into the intended hole when mounting the Split pins. Now all the bent parts fall into the collecting container and can be collected by the thousands. When the batch is ready, all Split pins can be sent to our warehouse and to you when you order. Then our warehouse comes into play and packs your order and hands it over to the shipping company.

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