Hanks are listed as maritime articles. They are a kind of quick release, because they are equipped with a bracket. Thus jib riders can be put on and taken off in shortest time. Also here applies, it is best if hanks always find use in stainless steel.

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Hanks Stainless SteelStainless steel hanks are indestructible, because the hanks is without exception at home in sailing requirements. No sailboat can do without a hank. These little helpers are indispensable and are always, if they are of high quality, made of stainless steel. The front part of the hanks is equipped with a spring that has a preload. Due to this preload, the spring of the jib rider always lies firmly against the wedge of the hanks. The body of the hanks is made of stainless steel V4A. Everything is made of investment casting. The investment casting process is the most cost-effective casting process to produce series cast parts. Once the hanks have been cast, they only have to be gutted and then ground. Once this is done, the hanks can be polished to a high gloss to finish its elegant appearance. The hanks also has a "hook" on which fabrics can be hung. Thus the hanks is a small indispensable helper on every sailboat and belongs in every spare part bag. We have compiled even more information on stainless steel hanks, which you can find on our blog.

Our delivery program of stainless steel hanks - Buy online in our online shop

Hanks Stainless SteelFor some years now we have also included stainless steel hanks and metal hanks in our product portfolio. This is what we have been doing and what we have received from our long-standing customers in the industry in Germany and within Europe. At that time, we had no experience with metal hanks and were looking for a suitable supplier for this beautiful product, who was willing to supply us with a perfect quality of hanks that meet today's quality standards and norms. Of course we found what we were looking for after a long time and since then we have the most common hanks in various designs in our product range. The demand for V4A hanks has continued to rise in recent years and our company has been able to grow slowly but steadily with the demand for our products. So today we have a large stock, so that orders can be comissioned quickly and delivered to you as a customer. So we offer today with our online shop many customers around the clock the possibility to buy their star leaders too cheaply over our online shop. In order to make shopping even safer for you, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. The result was a very secure web presence that protects your purchase and your data even better than ever before. The advantage of this encryption is that your data is transmitted to our system without any access by third parties. We would also like to briefly explain how you can order your hanks from us. At the beginning, select all hanks and the other products and place them in your shopping basket in the desired quantity. If this process is completed, you will be asked to create an account within our system by entering all your data. Once this is done, you will be offered a pool of payment options that will show you which options are best for you. Select these now and pay the hanks. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic email which was created by our system. Now it is time for us to process your order promptly and send it to you.

The production of metal hanks

In order to be able to use these small or large helpers, we would like to give you a little insight into how hanks are made at all. Every now and then a customer asks us curiously to find out how such a manufacturing process works. We would like to reveal this little secret to you and give you an insight. No technical machines or CNC systems are needed to produce a hank, but the production is, as in the past, purely conventional. Since it concerns very strongly varying structure, these hanks are manufactured exclusively in the wax-Lost-procedure. This means that there is a moulding process which offers the possibility of pouring out the product within the contour using a liquid stainless steel. After the crude stainless steel has cooled down, the parts are basically almost finished. Now all that remains is to close the contour of the hanks and then polish them to a high gloss. Then the different parts can be assembled and tested for their function. If the function of the bow of the hanks is perfect, the hank can now be sold to you.


Further links on the subject of metal hanks

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