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Drywall bolts are used so that drywall panels can be screwed together quickly and easily. Drywall bolts can be screwed into wood quickly without pre-drilling

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What do you mean by screws when you mention the term drywall bolts. A drywall bolts is a universal screw that was not only designed for drywall construction, but has also been successfully used as a universal screw in recent years. So we have also created a separate category for drywall bolts, where we would like to give you all the information about the screws that are the daily bread for the assembly of thousands of drywall construction companies. First and foremost, we would like to explain to you how a drywall bolts is constructed in detail and for which special locations such screws are best suited. Furthermore, we would also like to explain which materials are used for such screws and which advantages and disadvantages the different materials have when making the right choice. If we have been able to put these things into perspective, it will also be about what kind of drywall bolts we can offer you in stock and of course in the last article we will also give you a short insight how a production can be done. However, we would like to start with the detailed structure of a drywall bolts. This type of screw, like most other screws, has a head that is usually designed as a countersunk head. As a rule, a Torx drive or a cross slot drive or a hexagon drive is always used. The head of the drywall bolts is directly adjoined by the shaft with the "wood thread" or the "coarse thread" which tapers to a point towards the end and thus represents a perfect screw unit with which the screw can be screwed or mounted into any drywall bolts almost without pressure. The flanks of a drywall bolts are so large and have a very strong pitch that they are perfect for screwing into wooden panels or other semi-soft materials. Especially in drywall construction such special drywall screws are used, because these screws promise an optimal holding power and do not cause any "tearing out", so they guarantee a tight fit. But drywall bolts do not only promise a quick connection in wood, but also in sheet metal brackets or other angle fixings, which can be installed thousands of times a day, especially in drywall constructions. As a material, a higher quality and stronger steel is the basis for the production of such screws. The black coating prevents rapid corrosion and can be delayed to a maximum. However, only stainless steel drywall bolts promise lasting resistance if they are made of the basic material stainless steel and are made of V2A or even V4A.

Our stock of drywall bolts - buy online in our online shop

Drywall Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince especially the interior construction via companies is increasing more and more and costs can be saved, especially when the interior construction is done with gypsum plasterboards and in drywall construction, the drywall bolts made of steel or even stainless steel, for bathrooms, is booming. Every day in Germany alone, over 2.5 million drywall bolts are screwed into mouldings and drywall panels, which is an enormous amount. And not to forget that especially the do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists more and more often build their own drywall walls and therefore more drywall bolts have to be screwed in order to keep the construction safe and stable. For this reason, thousands of search queries are launched daily in Germany alone, which refer to drywall screws alone. For this reason, a high availability must be created and the online shops must be able to provide the required quantities and supply the industry and do-it-yourselfers with the large quantities. To ensure this supply cycle, we have created this category of drywall bolts. You can buy your drywall bolts from all over Europe in the quantity you require from usn around the clock at low prices via our online shop and thus implement your work for interior construction quickly and cost-effectively. So that the purchase can run off also surely, it is important that your data are also surely kept also a coding seizes, so that your data and enamels cannot be seized by third with a purchase of your drywall bolts by third. So we have converted our online shop some time ago and now offer you and your data a secure SSL encryption. Let us also say a few words about the order process when buying your drywall bolts. Surely you just come to us from a search engine because you have searched for drywall bolts. Then you are already exactly right in the desired category. Look around and pick out your drywall bolts and now you can put them in the right quantity in the shopping cart. You can now buy further products from us or complete your purchase. To finish your order, you can now simply create a login area and enter your order data. The enamel and your billing address is most important. Afterwards just stay logged in and go to the shopping cart where you will see your stored drywall bolts placed. Now click the "Continue" button until you see the payment details. Now choose the correct payment method and buy your drywall bolts at a reasonable price. If the procedure was successful, you will now receive an automatic order confirmation with all information about the product (in your case the drywall bolts) and the desired quantity. The order will now be processed and shipped to you. After a few days your order should arrive and you can screw or mount the drywall bolts made of steel or stainless steel on your building project.

The production of drywall bolts

Drywall Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AHaving arrived at the last section, we do not want to keep the production of such screws for drywall construction in front of you, so that you will get a small insight into the brevity of the production of drywall bolts. We also want to give you a short introduction to the production of drywall bolts on the older machines. In former times, i.e. just 30-40 years ago, only purely mechanical machines were used for this production. All processes were stored on cam discs, which then functioned as a "perforated belt" and produced the drywall bolts purely mechanically. This was very time-consuming to set up these machines and change them to a different size. Because of the pure mechanics, these machines were of course very easy to maintain and had technical failures. The production itself was precise but very slow. The manufacturers of drywall bolts can no longer afford this today, where the topic of economy has become so important and had to invest in expensive CNC screw machines. These machines are fast, very precise and have a high economic efficiency, because the changeover to other screws is no longer a problem even with small batch sizes. In order to produce such drywall bolts made of steel or stainless steel in such precise CNC machines, each machine has a machining station that is exactly designed to machine the screws. Outside there is always the coupled loader, which can either be a bar feeder, which stores thick round material for the drywall bolts production, or a drum loader, which stores the endless wire as thin wire. Once the program has been loaded and the machine is set up, production of drywall bolts can begin. The stainless steel wire is now drawn into the machine and cut to the pre-calculated length. The following step is the pre-pressing of the rear head of the screw. The next step is the pre-pressing of the front part of the drywall bolts with the drive, which can be a torx or cross-head drive or a hexagonal drive, depending on the tool. Now only the shaft with the coarse thread or the wood thread has to be provided. For this purpose, the machine usually has two thread rollers, which are hardened and have the wood or coarse thread in the roller. If the drywall bolts is now turned into the roller under high pressure, the thread is now transferred to the stainless steel drywall bolts. The centering point is now in the front. This manufacturing process is so fast that thousands of such screws can be produced for drywall construction until the storage container is empty and full. Now all finished drywall bolts come into our stock and can be made ready for dispatch when you order. After a few days you will receive the order with your drywall bolts.


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