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Quick-release levers are clamping elements that are made for quick clamping. A quick-release lever is designed in such a way that it can be clamped by turning it over. These quick release levers are also made of steel or stainless steel.

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Today, quick-release levers are important tools that many require for their applications and clamping devices. Just a few years ago, such clamping elements were not so much in demand because the applications did not yet require these criteria, as they are technically integrated as standard today. Of course, there are many different quick-release levers, all of which differ in their design and are therefore designed for very different applications. Quick-release levers can be normal clamping lever elements that can be tightened by means of a rotary movement. But they can also be a kind of Quick-release levers, which also offers a quick and effective clamping option. In this article we would like to explain everything in more detail about the function, the design and the materials used as well as our stock of quick-release levers. Of course, we would also like to go into the manufacture or production of such indispensable clamping elements in more detail. Let us now begin to go into more detail about the construction of normal round quick-release levers. Basically one can say that these clamping elements also consist of three main parts. On the one hand, there is the base piece, which is manufactured either as a screw version or as a nut version. This part always consists of metal, steel or stainless steel in V2A or V4A. On the upper side of the Quick-release levers there is always a toothing, which can be found in the same way also in the lever element. By the inserted spring, the lever handle of the quick-release lever is always pressed upwards and lifted out of the toothing. This allows the lever to pivot freely without transmitting torque to the base piece. If now the pressure on the Quick-release levers is increased and exerted against the spring, the lever engages in the multi-toothing and the applied torque can be transmitted to the base element. Now a force can be applied to the screw or nut by the rotary movement to loosen or tighten an existing connection. The materials for such quick release levers are actually always plastics or steel or stainless steel in V2A or V4A in the closer selection. As stainless steel versions you will always find the V2A variations, which are completely sufficient for normal applications and have a resistance to normal water or humidity. However, if you want to mount your quick release lever on a boat on the high seas or in the chemical industry in combination with acids and alkalis, you should always fall back on V4A. Only these alloys defy all the properties that the stainless steel V4A has against the highly aggressive substances.

Our stock program of quick release levers - buy online in our online shop

Quick Release Levers Stainless steel V2A V4AThe industry requires more and more of such quick release levers for use on technical equipment and on devices that have to be quickly operated. For this reason the demand and the requirements for such clamping elements have been growing more and more. In order to meet the increasing demand for quick release levers made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, it is necessary that online shops can stock the required quantities to enable fast delivery. For this reason, we have also decided to integrate the quick-release levers made of metal into our stock program, so that industry and private users can buy their products from us in our online shop at a reasonable price. Through the online sale it is possible for you as a customer to order your goods from us around the clock. So that the shopping pleasure is also not clouded, and the subject of security is not quite the same and we have thought about how we can make the entire domain even more secure, so that your purchase and your data can be stored even more securely. After some considerations we have converted the whole domain to the encrypted SSL system, which offers many advantages so that your data cannot be accessed by third parties. At the same time, we would like to say a few words about the subject of buying and their order process over our domain. If you have now entered our category of quick release levers via the search engine, you are already in the selection you wanted. You will now see all the quick release levers in the overview and can choose the right elements for your application and place them in the shopping cart. If you have completed your purchase and all goods in the shopping cart, you now have the possibility to create your account with us. Thereby you open an account with us and deposit all your data with us. These are important so that we can send the goods to you and you will receive an invoice. If you would like to complete the purchase and pay for the quick release levers, log into the system and simply follow the further procedure in the online shop and after a few clicks, the selection menus will be displayed, which combine all payment options. Simply pay for the goods and we will be notified by e-mail after payment has been made. Your quick-release levers are now packed together in our warehouse and shipped to you.

The manufacture on quick release levers

Quick Release Levers Stainless steel V2A V4ANow we have already reached the end of the chapter on quick release levers. Of course, we would also like to take a closer look at the subject of the production of such clamping elements, so that we can gain an insight into how such quick release levers can be produced on today's machines without losing sight of the economic aspect. We would like to go into more detail about the individual steps of the production and also illuminate the individual components of a quick release lever. We would like to start again with the base part, which can be found on each of the quick-release levers and has the important thread or the threaded hole. Since this part must always be made of steel or stainless steel in order to be able to bear the loads of a bolted connection, we will start the production of these parts. It is important to mention that if such an element has to be made of steel or stainless steel and has a round shape, it must always be produced on a CNC lathe. In order not to forget the economic efficiency, a loader is usually also connected, which is the coupling to the machine. This means that the raw material can only be stored in the loader if necessary and if the machine produces a new part, the material is drawn in and processed. When the machine is ready and the program is finished, the basic production can begin by turning the part in the chuck and lifting the first chips so that the basic contour of the base of the quick release can be turned. This is followed by the steps of threading and milling the multi-tooth contour at the head end. The drilling of the hole for the fixing screw can also be set. When all production steps are completed, the actual milled part is cut off. The lever itself can be made of plastic or steel or stainless steel by casting or injection moulding. As a metal part made of steel or stainless steel, the first step is of course to create a wax mould that has the contour of the quick release levers. This can be dipped into a mud bath after completion and then burned through in a burning process. In this heat-affected process the mud layer hardens completely and the wax evaporates. Now the shell can be filled with stainless steel or steel and can be removed after cooling. Afterwards, the drillings and the grinding and polishing of the metal lever for the quick release lever follow. If the quick release levers is made of plastic, the injection moulding process is advantageous. In this process a mechanical metal mould is created which is divided. This is placed on the injection moulding machine and filled with liquid plastic. After cooling, the finished plastic quick release levers can be removed. All these parts can now be assembled to a finished and assembled quick release lever by using a compression spring and stored in our warehouse. If we receive your online order, we can assemble your desired quick-release lever and send it to you.

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