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Round head screws have a round head. This round head is equipped with a drive with which a tool can be picked up. Round head screws are available in many different designs.

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Round head screws have also become more and more popular in the economy in recent years. In the past, these types of screws were less in demand, because of the rather bulbous and semicircular head, the screw was somehow not so demanding for many. This has changed dramatically in the last decades. Today, just like the pan-head screws, where the curvature is actually kept very flat, the round-head screws can be found again in all areas of business and industry. Certainly there are also optical starting points why the round head screws have become so widespread again. Where are round head screws used everywhere? We would like to answer this question in more detail in this article, so that you know in rough outline where such screws can be found everywhere. Basically, round head screws can be used in the same way as cylinder head screws on all technical equipment and can also be found on the coverings and covers of machine hoods. The great advantage of such round-head screws is always that the semicircular head does not leave any injuries when such screws are attached to external machine parts. The round head can be equipped in different drives. We are referring to the slotted round-head screw, the Torx round-head screw or the cross-head screw. This alone is a great advantage. When the fingers quickly slide past these screws, the fingers are quickly and gently drained via the round head shape. No resistance whatsoever is noticeable. Round head screws can be designed as machine screws or as wood screws or many other types. The thread, if it is a machine screw, can be in metric form or it can be an inch thread. The thread of the round-headed screws can be only a partial thread, which reaches to just before the head of the screw, or it can also be designed as a full thread. As you can see, the variations are almost unlimited with these types of screws. The same applies to the choice of material used for these screws. The steel round-head screw is always used as a low-cost variant on machines and technical equipment. These structural steel screws have a lower strength and the corrosion behaviour is also higher. For this reason, structural steel screws must always be coated with a very thin nickel layer to stop corrosion. These round-head screws should never be used in the outsewing area, because then the screw begins to rust within a very short time. The material of choice today is almost always stainless steel (V2A or V4A). Only this material is able to resist corrosion permanently. V2A round-head screws can be used without hesitation on all technical installations outdoors, because these screws are not affected by humidity! Caution is required, however, when round head screws are used in connection with seawater and are used on boats and yachts. In any case the higher quality, the V4A, should be used. Only these alloys can withstand salt water and other chemicals such as alkalis or acids. For this reason, round-head screws in the chemical industry are exclusively made of V4A. If this is not the case, acid can easily decompose the screws.

Our stock range of round head screws - buy online in our online shop

Round head screws stainless steel V2A V4ARound head screws can be found today in all machine and plant components as well as individual tools. Without round-head screws, industrial production would be inconceivable. These screws are located in all possible positions. When we started to build up our company and to increase the number of screw types, we started with standard screws, such as cylinder head screws. But soon our customers also pointed out to us that it would be nice if round head screws could also be found in our assortment. Of course, we took up this request of some customers and started looking for high-quality round-head screws from a reliable supplier. This task turned out to be quite difficult, but after some attempts we were able to find a reliable partner for these screws, who has been able to supply us with the right round head screws for some time now. With our online-shop we offer our customers all over Europe the possibility to buy their round-head screws around the clock in our online-shop for a reasonable price. The topic of data security is also very important to us and therefore we have thought about it. The result was a conversion of the entire Internet presence to the secure SSL certificate. This data certificate has the great advantage that all data following a data export, as from the online shop to the merchandise management, is encrypted. This means that it is no longer possible to access your stored shop data, as everything is encrypted. In the same breath we would also like to inform you how a fast and uncomplicated shop purchase should proceed with us. We would like to give you a brief explanation of this process in a few steps. If you have now found one of the many search engines for and about the search word "Runkopfschrauben", we are of course pleased. Now you have the possibility to assemble all the screws you need and put them in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. When this section is completed and you have all the items in the cart, you now have the possibility to create your customer account. Please enter all your data correctly so that we can deliver the goods to you quickly later. If this order section is completed, you will now be redirected via the shopping cart function and have the possibility to choose your desired payment methods. If you have decided how you want to pay, please complete the section by paying the round head screws. If the payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase. The goods can now be assembled in our warehouse and shipped to you.

The production of round head screws

Round head screws stainless steel V2A V4AAll of us know round-head screws and know where these screws can be inserted and screwed together. Many people work with these screws every day, but most of these people do not know anything about the production of round-head screws and how they can be produced. There are old manufacturing processes, which used to be carried out on older machines and today there is the modern production of screws on complex machines, which can be controlled and programmed by means of CNC technology. Let us first come to the obsolete method of manufacturing round-head screws. This was produced on so-called cam plate machines. These types of machines have advantages but also many disadvantages. The advantages were clearly that the round-head screws could be produced very reliably and without major downtimes. The economic efficiency, however, was not given. The production speed was very very slow. Only a few hundred of the stainless steel round-head screws could be produced per day. And the changeover times were extremely long, because the cams had to be precisely adjusted. But that was a very long time ago. Today, almost only CNC screw machines are used. Due to their control and programming, these machines are of course somewhat more susceptible than the old cam machines, but in terms of economy, they are highly efficient and fast. This is an important factor today when man and machine have to work together. Now we would like to give you a brief introduction to the production steps involved in the manufacture of round-head screws. Everyone who uses CNC machines has a chuck that can be turned and has an inlet where the wire can be inserted from outside. The raw wire is always outside on a drum. This drum is rotatably mounted and supplies the machine with the correct raw wire during the entire production process, so that the production of round-head screws can run almost unmanned and in night shift mode. First of all, the shank of the screw is always cut to the correct length. This is done with a milling cutter or a saw blade. Then the first upsetting section of the head is upset. Thereby the screw already receives the back surface of the head. In the second upsetting section, the round head is pressed into the shank by the drive. Now only the thread is missing, which is rolled by high pressure. If this section is also completed, all round-headed screws will come into our stock and are just waiting for your order.


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