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Spax screws stand for a branded screw that is sold and successfully used worldwide. Spax screws are available in a wide variety of designs. They can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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pax screws are on everyone's lips today to make the market unthinkable without them. These very special and high-quality processed screws come from the renowned and German manufacturer, which has its production in Ennepetal and a plant in Barcelona and has been producing ultra-modern fastening elements, the so-called Spax screws, since 1967. The company has specialized primarily in the fastening of wood and chipboard to ensure that the Spax screws are subjected to the best possible loads. The great innovations of the Spax screws over the many years, has developed the company into an internationally successful, growth company. Today, Spax screws are on everyone's lips and known beyond the borders of many countries. For this reason, Spax screws have become established in many companies in the wood construction and interior design sector as well as other companies and also increasingly among private users. They have become important aids for an optimal and resilient connection between different materials in combination with wood or chipboard.

Spax screws - What products does the company manufacture?

Many of you will probably ask yourselves very often what exact Spax screws the German company produces and successfully sells to companies and private users in the field of screws. The product range of Spax screws includes universal screws, which can be equipped with a countersunk, semicircular or lens head or with a back wall head. Or the category of the wood construction screws, which can be equipped with a countersunk head, disc head or cylinder head, or the special screws for drywall construction or the entire interior construction. Furthermore, the company also produces Spax screws as stainless steel screws. With a countersunk lens head or a half round head or with a plate head for facades or terraces. A further division of Spax screws is also the special screw for window construction. Here with a flat head with a cylinder head or a half-round head or a locking head. The product range of Spax screws has been continuously expanded over the last few years and thus the applications have been extended more and more.

How is a Spax screw constructed?

Spax Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs Spax screws are a branded product that has been accepted by most craftsmen and interior design companies over the past decades, we would like to give a rough outline of the basic structure of such a branded screw. Except one could think that the screw looks like an ordinary wood construction screw. At first glance it gives the impression, but at second glance there are serious subtleties that make the Spax screw what it is today. Like all screws, the Spax screw also has a head that is made for the most diverse applications and in the most different versions. This head also has the drive holder in the centre, which can safely hold the bit or the torx or the cross slot. The quality of these drive designs is extremely high and therefore tight manufacturing tolerances are an important criterion for guiding the bits cleanly in the drive unit. Only this circumstance ensures that the Spax screws can be mounted safely even under rough conditions. The drive or the screw head with the drive must also be able to tolerate angle changes during screwing without the drive suffering too much, while the Spax screw is screwed into the material under sometimes high torque. This can only be achieved by the precise processing of all Spax screws. At the head, the narrow pin opens up, where the contour of the individual spiral is so pronounced that it can also screw or drill itself into a wooden board or a chipboard under certain pressure.

The assembly of a Spax screw

In this section we would like to explain in more detail how a Spax screw can be correctly screwed or mounted in a connection with wood or chipboard. Once the right Spax screw for the right application has been selected and purchased, you can open the package and take a handful of the new Spax screws. Please make sure that the correct drive, i.e. the Torx or Phillips drive, has also been purchased from Spax before mounting the Spax screws. Only this perfect interaction of the drive mountings and the Spax screws can guarantee a perfect installation. As the drives, i.e. the Torx drive or the cross recess drive from Spax are also made of a high-quality and hardened material, a long life of the drives and the flatness of the head of the Spax screws is guaranteed. Use only a high quality cordless screw or a drill equipped with a high torque for the assembly. Once the bit has been inserted and the drill chuck properly tightened, you can now start with the actual assembly of your wooden elements. Take a Spax screw and place it straight on the material to be screwed. Now press the bit into the drive and press against the screw with a little pressure. Now the screw is stabilized by the correct position and the screw is in alignment with the bit and the cordless screwdriver.

The Spax screw assortment

The company Spax Schrauben has been offering not only individual packages of Spax screws, which can be purchased through the respective dealers, but also a Spax screw assortment for several years. This assortment is an extension and compilation of the individual products into a collection of assortments. Many of the craftsmen who work with a Spax branded screw in their everyday life and who implement the most diverse projects in interior and exterior construction for their customers, often need many different Spax screws of a smaller quantity. This is understandable, especially when it comes to implementing smaller customer projects. This is exactly where Spax has developed the Spax assortment and successfully offers them for sale through its dealers. This assortment is so intelligently arranged at the different Spax screws that craftsmen and also private do-it-yourselfers can profit from it and buy the most different screws in a box. This makes working with the Spax assortment so easy, because the selection of screws in this assortment is well arranged. If you also want to buy a Spax assortment, you have come to the right place.

What does WIROX mean for Spax screws?

Many questions always arise when you perceive the name or the term WIROX in connection with a Spax screw, what exactly does it mean? We would like to explain this term to you in more detail. When one speaks of WIROX in connection with Spax screws, then it is mainly about an extremely high degree of resistance to corrosion protection. Corrosion, on the other hand, means that oxygen triggers a reaction with water, which initiates the decomposition process. The material begins to dissolve. This is where the WIROX coating comes in. This type of protective coating, which is in the micrometer range (4-6), is completely wrapped around the Spax screw so that corrosion is reduced and delayed. The test of the WIROX coating on Spax screws has proven to be an increased protection, especially for outdoor salting. Thus, these WIROX Spax screws can also be used on carports and all other outdoor works that are not directly located in the wet area and are directly affected by it. At the same time, this WIROX coating offers an increased surface hardness. Of course, this has enormous advantages with these screws, especially when it comes to mechanical stress. Nevertheless, the WIROX coating for Spax screws cannot replace a permanent use of stainless steel screws.

We would like to present all advantages of WIROX Spax screws at a glance:
  1. WIROX is listed according to DIN EN 1670 in class 5 with a high resistance
  2. WIROX Spax screws are mechanically strong and have a high wear resistance
  3. WIROX Spax screws are environmentally friendly because they contain no chromium(VI)
  4. WIROX Spax screws are easy to process in service class 2 Eurocode 5 For exterior use without direct wetting
  5. WIROX Spax screws have a significantly higher corrosion protection compared to conventional screws than normal zinc plating

The stainless steel spax screw

Stainless steel is a wonderful material and is best suited for outdoor use. Especially if wooden buildings or other projects are to be realized in the open air, it is even more important to choose stainless steel screws, because only these stainless steel spax screws are sufficiently resistant to all weather conditions. Surely you also know that when water comes into contact with a normal steel in outdoor areas, a reaction is created by the water in combination with the oxygen, which must inevitably lead to corrosion sooner or later with normal structural steel without protective alloy. With a stainless steel Spax screw this problem is completely eliminated. As with other types of stainless steel screws, the material has been changed by the chemical composition to such an extent that normal rain or humidity cannot affect a stainless steel Spax screw. So, if you want to realize your do-it-yourself projects outdoors or under the open sky, you should exclusively use a Spax stainless steel screw to guarantee a secure fastening of your wooden elements. Materials like stainless steel V2A or even V4A are used, which gives the Spax stainless steel screws this incredible resistance!

Our delivery program of Spax screws in many sizes

Spax Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs the company Spax screws in recent years has gained more and more momentum, there are of course reasons for this. The company has brought to life more and more high-quality products from Spax in the last few years, which stand for an absolutely high-quality product that has found its way into more and more interior design and finishing companies in order to enable the best joining techniques of all materials with the basic material wood as a secure and above all detachable connection. Due to the increasing demand, we would like to integrate a large part of the Spax assortment in coated steel or stainless steel Spax screws into our assortment in the near future, so that our customers throughout Europe can buy their Spax screws quickly and easily at low prices in our online shop. For many years we have been successfully selling many screws and fasteners made of stainless steel through our online shop, which was launched at that time, so that all customers have access to it virtually 24 hours and can then buy your products from us in peace and quiet. If you are now on our website of Spax screws, you are of course also in the right category. You now have the possibility to have a look at our Spax screws or to have a closer look at all other products from our big online shop. If you have found your product, you can put it in the shopping cart in the quantity you want. If you have all other products in your shopping cart except Spax screws and would like to pay for them, you now have the possibility to create your personal login in our online shop. To do so, please create a login and enter all your data that are important for the purchase of Spax Screws - and please also enter your contact email address. Once you have entered these data and would now like to complete your purchase, please follow the instructions in the shopping cart and continue by clicking until the different payment options are displayed. Now choose the best payment method for your Spax screw purchase and pay. If the payment was successful, you will now receive an automatic order confirmation from our online shop.

The production of Spax screws

In this article we would like to go into a little more detail about how Spax screws can be manufactured. Basically, it is the case that just like the Spax screws, like all other screws, they are brought to life on highly modern and powerful screw machines. This process, which we will now explain, is of course not only the same for the production of Spax screws, but also applies to all other screws that are equipped with a threaded shaft and a head. Such screws are, as already mentioned, produced on ultra-modern CNC screw machines. Such machines always have a working area inside, where the screw goes through the different working processes until it can finally be spit out. Outside is a drum converter, in which the tubular wire is wound as steel wire or stainless steel wire. First of all, the machine must be informed by loading the CNC program which CNC program is to be executed with which parameters. All relevant parameters are stored within the CNC program. Now that the machine is set up and the program is loaded, the endless wire can be inserted into the machine. Now the actual production of the Spax screws begins. Here the future Spax screw is first cut to the appropriate length. Once this first production process is completed, step two is usually carried out, in which the head of the Spax screw is pre-pressed. During this process, the screw receives the back of the head. After this second step, the final upsetting of the Spax head with the corresponding drive at the front takes place. Now the almost finished Spax screw has only the bare shaft and the head. Afterwards, the screw is now rolled on the wood thread between two rollers, which are equipped with the wood thread, under high pressure. After this process the Spax screw is ready and can be stored in the bearing. In this process, many individual Spax screws are packed together into a package after production. When the order for your Spax screws arrives, the package can be assembled and shipped to you. After a few days, you should receive your screw order. You can now complete your work with the purchased Spax screws.

Here is an example of a CNC screw manufacturing machine:


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