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Carriage Bolts have a square below the bolt head. This square serves as a lock for the carriage bolt. The square presses itself into the soft material and prevents the entire screw from turning.

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Many have heard the term "carriage bolts" before, but still many people often ask themselves what exactly is hidden behind the term? In this article we would like to shed some light on this question and show you something about the construction of a carriage bolt made of steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A, as well as some information about our stock and the production of stainless steel carriage bolts. Also with this type of screw you can clearly say that it is a very special screw, because it has a special structure. Of course it also has a shank with a thread and also a screw head, but there are some special features in its construction. Let's start with the field of application of carriage bolts, especially if they are made of stainless steel. Due to the stainless steel, the screws are very popular for outdoor use or even for the ice netting on boats and yachts. This screw has been specially developed to be sunk into wooden beams or boards and can also be used as a safety screw. A safety function is given to the carriage bolt by the fact that it has a mushroom-shaped head and therefore cannot be opened from the head side in the installed condition, since the semicircular head does not allow any contact surface for tools of all kinds. A further special feature is that a square is fitted under the head of the carriage bolt, which serves only one purpose, namely to prevent the bolt from turning when the bolt is installed, because, as already mentioned, there is no possibility of packing and fixing the bolt head with tools. The square is pressed or hammered into an existing hole in the wood, so that the carriage bolt now sits securely in the beam of the wood and can no longer fall out. If the opposite part is now tightened using a nut and washer, the bolt connection can be tightened by turning the nut alone. Now it is no longer possible to open the screw connection from the head side (usually the outside). For this reason, a carriage bolt is also always considered a safety bolt.

Our delivery program of stainless steel carriage bolts - buy online in our online shop

Carriage Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe have founded our company many years ago to supply many customers in the industry and as private users with all kinds of screws quickly and economically. Of course we started with Zyllinder head screws, which we have included in our program. But that was a very long time ago and so in the course of time more and more inquiries for many other types of screws, as well as for stainless steel carriage bolts were added. In order to meet the increased demand fast and further we looked around for a supplier for carriage bolts which have a very high quality feature. The search was not easy, but after some time we found it and are now regularly supplied by two manufacturers with larger quantities of stainless steel carriage bolts, which have different thread sizes and different lengths. So we offer our customers from Germany and all over Europe the possibility to buy their carriage bolts around the clock in our online shop at a reasonable price. For this reason we have decided to change our website to a very secure SSL certificate, which has the clear advantage that your stored data cannot be accessed by third parties when exporting data to our system. So this change creates even more security when buying your products online in our online shop. While we are on the subject of purchasing, we would also like to briefly explain the ordering process within our shop in more detail, so that the order can be processed smoothly and quickly. First, find all the carriage bolts you need for your building project and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. If you have also collected all other products and goods and put them in the basket, you now have the possibility to create a customer account so that you can enter all your data which we need for invoicing and shipping. If you would like to complete your order, you will now be asked to choose a payment option and confirm this by making your payment. If this process is completed and your payment was successful, you will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail from our system. At the same time we will start packing the ordered VA carriage bolts and hand over the finished order to the shipping company.

The production of carriage bolts

Carriage Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe production of carriage bolts made of V2A or V4A is basically the same as the production of all other bolts, only the actual process-related sequence differs slightly. However, we would like to introduce you to this manufacturing process in a few rough outlines. In order to be able to install carriage bolts in wooden beams or boards, it is of course essential to manufacture these bolts first. For this purpose, today's modern companies make use of automatic screw machines, which carry out their work on a CNC basis. Such a machine is indispensable today, because the cost-benefit factor plays a major role in keeping prices stable on the market for carriage bolts. Such a screw machine has the possibility of unmanned operation and therefore night shift operation, which reduces further production costs. This CNC machine has a chuck through which the raw wire is fed into the machine. Behind this chuck, i.e. outside the machine, there is always a raw wire drum which serves as a storage for the stainless steel wire to be processed. When the production of the carriage bolts starts, the wire is always cut to the desired length and simultaneously pre-pressed with an upsetting tool. Now the head with the collar is on the half-finished screw. Now the semicircular head is pressed out. When this stage of production is complete, the square on the screw head is now milled in by a side milling cutter. Now the carriage bolt is ready so far that only the thread has to be rolled. In order to roll or roll the metric or inch thread onto the screw, the screw shaft must be rolled back and forth between two threaded plates in order to transfer the thread from the threaded plates to the screw shaft. Now the coach bolt is almost finished and only needs to be cleaned or polished to a high gloss by an electropolishing bath. When all these manufacturing processes are completed, the carriage bolts can be stored in our warehouse to be shipped to you.


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