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Universal screws are used to quickly join all kinds of materials, mainly wood. Universal screws can be found in the industry and hobby sector.

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Universal screws can be found today in all possible areas of fastening technology. This is a simple matter, because with these universal screws it is that these screws have become known as all-round screws and due to their clever design for fastening all kinds of materials. This sounds strange at first, but we will be happy to go into it in more detail later in this article. However, in this article we would like to go into more detail about what a universal screw must do and what it can be used for. We would also like to shed light on the exact structure of such screws and the materials from which such universal screws can be made. We would also like to describe our stock programme in more detail in this article. Finally, in the last article we will explain how such universal screws are manufactured. However, we would like to start with the exact structure of a universal screw. The structure of such a universal screw is in principle similar to the structure of a normal screw. These screws usually always have a countersunk head. This countersunk head on a universal screw has the great advantage that screwing on soft materials is advantageous and designed for this purpose. The countersunk head can then simply be automatically countersunk into the material after tightening. Furthermore, the shaft is directly adjacent to the head of the universal screw, which accommodates the partial thread or the complete thread and can be passed on to the tip at the end of the shaft. The coarse thread or wood thread on a universal screw is an ingenious construction of a thread, which is designed for the screwing function of the screw in different soft or semi-soft materials. The universal screws do not have a drill tip, as with a Spax screw. However, these all-rounders are perfectly capable of either pre-drilling or screwing directly into, for example, OSB boards or pressboard. The thread form is so far outwards due to the widely pronounced wings that the shelving thin shaft offers a low screw-in resistance and thus the wide wings of the coarse thread or the wood thread can dig deep under the fibres of the OSB boards or the pressboard. Tearing out is not to be expected even in softer types of wood if the threads of the universal screws are screwed firmly and long into the material. The material used for the production of universal screws is the higher-strength structural steel as a standard option with the optimum coating, or the material stainless steel in V2A or V4A. Only this stainless steel material for a universal screw is absolutely resistant to rust or corrosion and can be used and screwed in under normal circumstances as a stainless steel V2A version for universal screws in outdoor applications.

Our stock of universal screws - buy online in our online shop

Universal Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIt is now the case that universal screws and their demand have increased dramatically in recent years. More and more companies that carry out interior work or the many thousands of private users who are modernising their homes or are renovating their gardens are looking for the universal screws that can be bought cheaply. In order to secure the supply of steel or stainless steel universal screws, it is important that all online shops also offer these types of screws to meet the customer and their wishes. This is usually not the case, because the online shops often do not have the desired quantities in stock to ensure that the ordered steel or stainless steel screws can be shipped quickly. For this reason, we have also opened the category of universal screws, so that you can see directly in this category, which types of universal screws are available for purchase today. With our online shop we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to order the universal screws made of stainless steel or steel at a reasonable price. In order to ensure that this process of purchasing is secure, it is all the more important that the Internet presence is also protected by a secure SSL connection. We made this conversion a few years ago and can proudly say today that the data transfer to our merchandise management system is now secure and cannot be accessed by third parties. And in this context we would also like to inform you about the exact procedure how an optimal order of a universal screw via our online shop should proceed. Certainly we may also assume that you have also found us via a large search engine and of course via the search term of the universal screw. Now you are also immediately in the right category of the universal screws and can look at the different screws exactly. If you have found the right universal screws after some time of searching and decided to buy them, you can then simply place the screws in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. After this purchase section follows the next purchase section, which now allows you to create a personal account. For this purpose you create a login area and enter all your data necessary for delivery and invoicing. Your email is also important to enable communication between you and us, especially if questions arise after the purchase of the universal screws or you receive the shipping confirmation from us. In the last section we would also like to give you an understanding of the possibilities of manufacturing universal screws.

The production of universal screws

Universal Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAbout the universal screws we could already explain some things to you, but most of you surely do not really know exactly what a production or the production of universal screws made of steel or stainless steel the process works. Now, of course, it must be added that the factor of economy plays a decisive role in every production of universal screws nowadays. In the past, i.e. 20-25 years ago, the subject of economic efficiency was not a major constant that had to be taken into account. At that time, machines were used that were controlled on a purely mechanical level, i.e. by cam control. However, the changeover times to a different type of screw were also problematic at that time. Universal screws were always placed on a machine in a very large batch size and the machine ran with these settings for a long time. Today machines are used which are controlled on a CNC basis. These machines have a processing station inside the machine and outside the machine is the loader, which can be used as a bar loader or as a drum loader for continuous wire. These loaders communicate with the screw machine and make sure that the wire feeder works properly. Now, if a universal screw is to be produced in stainless steel or steel, the machine must be equipped for this. For this purpose, the program is entered into the machine and all feeds and all other parameters. If the programming for a universal screw is now completed and the zero points are set, production can begin after the set-up process. For this purpose the wire is inserted into the machine and the program is started. Now, as the first operation, the calculated wire length can be cut off. Afterwards the rear head part of the universal screw is prepressed and afterwards also the front head part of the screws is pressed with the drive. This drive can be either a torx, a cross recess or a hexagon. Once all these steps have been completed, the thread on the shaft of the universal screw must now be rolled or rolled. For this process there are two rollers in the machine, which work in opposite directions and already have the thread on the roller. The hardened rollers can now hold the shaft between the rollers and under high pressure the wood thread or the coarse thread is rolled onto the universal screw. Now the universal screw is basically finished and can be stored in our warehouse. If orders come in from you now, the orders will be packed together and can be sent to the shipping department.


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