T handles are handles that look like a "T". Such T-handles offer the hand an optimal fit to get a good grip on the handle. T-Handles are used on machines and technical equipment. When selecting the material for a T-handle, plastic or steel oil or stainless steel can be used.

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Many people often ask themselves what is a T-handle and what is the difference between a T-handle and another handle element. We would like to explain these and many other questions to you in this article so that you can gain a reliable insight into how such handle elements are constructed in detail and also which materials can be used for the production of T-handle. In the following we would like to go into more detail about our stock keeping and also in the last section we would like to go into production in more detail. However, we would like to start with the use of T-handles in the industry and meanwhile more and more often in private areas as well. As these handle elements are very ergonomically shaped, they offer a special way of creating closures of screw connections or fastenings by a hand tightening torque. A T-handle made of metal, steel or stainless steel or plastic is therefore an optimal element on machines and technical equipment in industry to enable the loosening and tightening of connections without any tools. With these handle types, the whole hand can be used and a very safe tightening torque can be transferred to the screw with a firm grip. This is only possible because the shape of the T-handle allows this safe grip with the hand. It must be said that T-handles can be found in almost all machines and technical equipment today, because they are inexpensive to buy. Now we come to the construction of a T-handle. Each T-handle is very similar in its basic construction, so that the handle got its name from this. The top of the handle is often bent in a mushroom shape, so that a certain ergonomics can be achieved when the hand and the ball of the thumb firmly hold and enclose the handle. Furthermore, the grip is constructed in such a way that it can have two types of wings in one direction and in the other, which act as torque absorbers when the hand is applied. The actual shape of the wing can differ basically for each different type and also from the respective manufacturer. As materials, the plastic handles are very often the first choice as basic handles, but also the steel handles or as stainless steel handles in V2A or V4A. V2A stainless steel is a nice choice if the T-handle can be used in normal water without the salt content being too high. If the salt content continues to rise, as it does in sea water, you should always use V4A stainless steel. Also when used in the chemical industry, V4A stainless steel should always be used to ensure resistance to acids and alkalis.

Our stock range of T-Handles - buy online in our Online Shop

T-Handles Stainless Steel Plastic Metal V2A V4AAs we have already been able to explain to you in more detail, not only the industry has recognised the advantages of T-handles on machines and systems, but also more and more hobbyists who attach and install the handles on a wide variety of parts in their own four walls. Therefore the demand for these fastening elements T-handles has been steadily increasing over the past years and the dealers and manufacturers of such handles have to make sure that their warehouses are always full so that the customers in Germany and the rest of Europe can be supplied with the purchased goods quickly and immediately. So we have decided to include the T-handles as a fixed stock assortment in our online shop, so that we can meet the constantly increasing demand. With our online shop we have created a great opportunity to supply our new customers and also our existing customers quickly and promptly with the T-handles which they have purchased from us at a favourable price via the online shop. This means that purchases can be made around the clock and are no longer dependent on time during the day. So that also the topic security is not left out, we have decided to run the entire domain over a safe SSL coding, so that your deposited data are really safe to prevent access by third parties. Especially the data export to our connected merchandise management system is now secure and can no longer endanger your order. While we are on the subject of shopping, it is particularly important that we can explain the order process in a few short words so that you know how to make a quick order completion via our site (T-handles). If you have also found us on the Internet using a large search engine because you were looking for the search word "T-handles", you are now on our website and can put together your goods and then simply add them to the shopping basket. Once this has been done, the second part of the order of your T-handles will take place and you now have the possibility to create your customer or guest account. So you simply open a login area and set up your area where you can store all important data. Once you have done this, you can now complete your T-handle purchase quickly and you will be guided through the process of choosing the right bazaar and can now decide on the correct payment. Once you have made your selection, the moment comes when you confirm your T-handle made of plastic or steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A by making your payment. Now we also receive your order and can assemble your T-handle in our warehouse and send it to you (T-handles).

The production of T-handles

T-Handles Stainless Steel Plastic Metal V2A V4AAs there are different materials used in the production of T-handles, with the plastic T-handles handle being the most common, the steel handle or even the stainless steel T-handle can also be used. So in this last article we would like to discuss how the production of such handles can be opened up. We would like to start here again with the plastic T-handles. Since plastic belongs to the modern materials, they can almost exclusively only be brought into a certain form by means of injection moulding. This means that the first step is to create a metal mould, which is produced by a CNC machine and then has a divisible form. This circumstance now leads to the fact that this mould must be clamped on an injection moulding machine so that the liquid plastic mass is pressed into the mould halves by an extruder using high pressure. Now the mould fills with the T-handle and is completely ejected. It is important that a metal threaded bush is inserted and can be overmoulded by the liquid plastic. This metal bushing later serves as a secure fastening for screws or pins so that the thread cannot be torn out. The production of a metal T-handle or a stainless steel T-handle is completely different. In this case, not a mould injection is used, but a netagiv mould and a wax pattern must be placed in it. This wax pattern is finally intended to be dipped into a mud bath. In the following process the sludge mould is put into a furnace to harden the sludge layer. The sludge layer is hardened to such an extent that the wax mould can also evaporate inside. Now only a shell remains - the empty one is left. This can now be poured out with liquid stainless steel and when the steel has cooled down, the mould is broken. Now the raw casting can be taken out to be reworked afterwards. Now the grinding of the entire T-handle contour and the insertion of the threaded hole begins. When enough T-handles are finished, all parts can be stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can pack the goods together and send them to you (T-handles).

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