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Sheet metal nuts are nuts which must be attached to sheet metal in a supporting manner. Thus, sheet metal nuts on thin sheet metal allow threads to be used without any problems.

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Today, sheet metal nuts belong in all areas of the economy, i.e. in the manufacturing industry. In recent years, sheet metal nuts made of steel or stainless steel have established themselves as a perfect connecting element. This means that connections between different components can be joined quickly and easily. In this article we would like to give you a closer look at the details of sheet metal nuts and also explain how sheet metal nuts made of steel or stainless steel are made and how they are assembled. Furthermore we will go into detail about the materials used in the industry and we will also say a few words about what makes up our stock of sheet metal nuts made of different materials. In the last point on this page, we would also like to discuss the production of such fasteners. We would like to start with the detailed construction of such parts. A sheet metal nut is essentially constructed in such a way that it is always bent as a clamp. This clamping function enables the sheet metal nut to be placed over sheet metal that is very thin-walled, thus enabling the insertion of a self-tapping screw. This clamp has a through hole on one side and a threaded hole on the other side for a tapping screw with a coarse thread. It is often the case that the thread opening has been pressed inwards so that the clamp sheet metal nut can be pushed over a metal sheet and then clicked into the existing hole. Due to the spring function of the sheet metal nut, which is made of spring sheet metal, self-locking on a sheet metal or other thin material is no problem. These sheet metal nuts made of metal are often used in the automotive industry, where sheet metal is extremely thin and no self-tapping screw would hold properly in it, or on plastic or cardboard cladding. Sheet metal nuts, also known as snap nuts, are a perfect connecting element for precisely such functions. The materials used for these spring elements as standard sheet metal nuts are always bright steel. Due to corrosion, this is usually provided with a nickel coating or other surface treatment. Anyone who wants a material that is resistant to liquids, such as water, should choose stainless steel as the sheet metal nut material. V2A is usually sufficient for this purpose. However, if you want to use the nuts on the high seas or near salt water or in the chemical industry against acids and alkalis, you should always choose stainless steel V4A as material.

Our stock range of sheet metal nuts - buy online in our online shop

Sheet Metal Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4ADue to the ever thinner sheet metal parts or other materials, such as cardboard or plastics, sheet metal nuts made of stainless steel or steel have become more and more established in industry and have created very special areas of application. But not only the industry has recognized the strong benefit of such sheet metal nuts, but also the private user is on the advance to use the nuts more and more successfully in private areas. As a result of the increasing demand, the industry must of course be supplied with sufficient sheet metal nuts, so that we have also included the nuts as special fasteners in our product range. Thus we offer all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy all their sheet metal nuts made of stainless steel or steel at a favourable price via our online shop. This creates free space and so all customers can buy from us around the clock. So that the shopping pleasure is not clouded, some time ago we changed the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate. This has the advantage that all your stored data is safe with us, because it is now in encrypted form. When exporting the data of your purchase from your sheet metal nuts, the entire order can now be transferred to our merchandise management system without third parties being able to access the order and your data. Now that we are already on the subject of purchasing stainless steel sheet metal nuts, we would like to go into more detail about the ordering process via our online shop. Surely we may now welcome you on our website, because you have also found us via a large search engine under the search term "sheet metal nuts". Then we welcome you very warmly. You now have the opportunity to search for your sheet metal nuts at your leisure and can then add your nuts to the shopping cart in the desired quantity. After this section follows the creation of the account. Now open a customer account and enter all required data. This data is now stored. If you now want to complete your order via our online shop, simply log in and follow the instructions of the shop, which after a few steps will show you the payment options available to you for this purchase. Now select the correct payment option and confirm the purchase by making your payment. Now you have successfully purchased your sheet metal nuts from us. Now we can also process your order and send it to you.

The manufacture of sheet metal nuts

Sheet Metal Nuts V2A V4AThe last section will deal with the production of such special metal sheet nuts, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The industry needs thousands of these every day, so most of you will know exactly how to use these nuts and how they can be fitted to sheet metal. In order for sheet metal nuts to be installed at all, the holes for clipping the nuts must always be located only in the edge areas of the components. If this condition is given for an assembly, the assembly can take place. But now back to the production of such parts. In order to be able to manufacture them in today's world, companies must have highly complex, state-of-the-art machines available that can produce such sheet metal parts, i.e. nuts made of sheet metal. This is always in connection with the economic efficiency and quality of production. Such sheet metal bending machines are known today as CNC machines and they are the best solution for these tasks. Such a machine always has a drum with the appropriate material, either steel or stainless steel sheet as spring sheet wound on a drum. This endless sheet can then be inserted into the machine to start the production of the sheet nuts. When all parameters are set up and the program is set up via the CNC control, the production of the sheet metal nuts can be started. First the machine starts with punching, forming, and the ducrhang drilling as well as the thread breakthrough. This manufacturing process is carried out in one piece, so that the clamp only has to be cut off in the next step. Once this process is completed, the clamp is simply folded into the appropriate form so that a finished sheet metal nut is produced. If enough of these parts are now collected in the storage container, they can be washed and thus freed of all oil residue. Now the parts can be stored in our warehouse and wait on the shelf for your order of the sheet metal nuts. We can then make them ready for dispatch and send them out to you.


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