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Drilling screws are screws which make a previous drilling with a drill superfluous. The drilling screws have the drill integrated at the top.

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Today, drilling screws are an indispensable part of industrial production in mechanical engineering and trade. Every day thousands of people use the Internet and search engines to search for their suitable drilling screws. These can be coated from steel or however the more usual variant, from V2A or V4A high-grade steel are manufactured. This material makes the stainless steel drilling screws so resistant for outdoor use and especially for corrosion susceptibility. If the drilling screws are made of stainless steel V2A, they can be screwed without hesitation on roofs of houses and other outdoor areas. Often sealing washers are still attached under the head ranges of these screws, which represent a sealing surface to the underneath lying Matreial. However, if the drilling screws are to be used near salt water or on the open sea, it is always advisable to return to V4A. Stainless steel V4A is a must, especially for salt water or acids. Why do these screws bear the name "drilling screws"? In this article we would like to explain these and many other answers in more detail, so that you can learn a lot and know how these screws are constructed and processed. Basically the name already describes that it is a screw with a drill. In order to describe the construction of this screw exactly, we start with the head side. The head shape or the drive of a drilling screw can take on all possible shapes. This can be a countersunk drilling screw or a cross-head drilling screw or many other forms. As with the other screws, the shank is located at the respective head of these screws, which can also have individual lengths. On this shank there is always the coarse thread which can usually reach up to the head of the drilling screw. At the end of the shank it passes seamlessly to the drill, which is attached to the tip of the screw. This drill tip is also similar to a normal drill and has a grinding to be drilled into steel or stainless steel or even plastic. The twist can also be found in the tip of the drill to drain off the chip cleanly. These drilling screws are used in sheet metal processing companies such as mechanical engineering or in technical plant construction as well as in car body construction on vehicles. Here, sheet metal parts can be fastened quickly and easily by means of drilling screws without the need for pre-drilling. If you attach the drilling screw to the sheet metal and press it against the surface with sufficient pressure, drilling into the sheet metal is automatically carried out, naturally in the core hole diameter. Once the screw has passed through the sheet metal, the coarse thread automatically engages and screws itself firmly into the sheet metal parts. This creates a clean connection, which can also be quickly released if necessary. It works best with cross slot drives or Torx drives for drilling screws.

Our delivery program of drilling screws made of steel or stainless steel - Buy online in our Online-Shop

Drilling Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince it is no longer possible to do without drilling screws today, it is particularly important that these screws are available on the market permanently and permanently in all conceivable configurations at all times. This is the only way to prevent commercial failure due to missing drilling screws. When we started building our company, we specialized in machine screws, which are all made of stainless steel or steel. Thus we could reach many new customers in Germany and the rest of Europe in the industry and in private areas. Thus our stock levels could always develop further and reach thereby fast reaction times with the dispatch. So our customers brought us to include also the drilling screws in our assortment. Because little by little some mails and telephone calls reached us, which moved us to close this gap permanently. So we went on the way to find a supplier or a manufacturer, who can supply us permanently with larger quantities of drilling screws. We have also succeeded in doing this. Our customers have come to appreciate this and are happy to buy all possible self-drilling screws in our online shop. By the reorganization of our on-line Shop appearance we give now to all customers the possibility of buying itself your drilling screws around the clock favorably in our on-line Shop. So that the purchase of your screws can take place also surely, it is important that your data are also protected, against foreign accesses. We are talking specifically about preventing access by third parties during data transmission. This security can only be guaranteed if the entire website is stored on a secure server. We were also able to implement this security measure quickly and efficiently, which is to the advantage of our customers. So we would like to explain to you also in some sentences, how a purchase can be converted in our Shop fast and uncomplicatedly. You have surely reached our online shop via the search engine search, because you were looking for stainless steel or steel drilling screws. Search these in peace in our system together and put these in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. If this purchase process is completed and you have all the goods you need in the basket, you can now create a guest account or a customer account in the shop to deposit all your order data securely. If this section is also completed and you would like to send the order, you follow the instructions in the online shop and you will now be forwarded to the payment of the goods. Now you get several payment options to choose from, where you can choose the one that is best for you. Now make the payment and the order is completed. If the payment of your drilling screws was successful, you will receive an automatic email from our server. Now we also become active and can arrange your order in our warehouse for you and dispatch everything. After a few days you should have your drilling screws in your mailbox.

The production of drilling screws

Drilling Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs with all other screws, drilling screws must also be produced once so that they can also be processed. This process is called production. In order to enable the production of screws of all kinds, all manufacturers today use so-called CNC screw machines. In the past, the screws were often produced on conventional cam-operated automatic lathes, which, however, resulted in a very low yield because these machines worked very slowly. This meant that the machines were not really economical. Also the retooling or setting up from one type of screw to another was often very time-consuming. Today, for example, drilling screws are produced exclusively on the aforementioned machines, because they meet the criteria of economy. In order to produce drilling screws in all variations of steel and stainless steel, screw machines are equipped with the right raw material and equipped with a CNC program, which contains all data on how these screws should look like. Basically such a machine always has a machining chuck, where most processes of the drill screw production take place. Behind this chuck outside the machine is the drum bearing, where the material for the screw production is wound up. This stainless steel wire is then inserted into the machine and cut to size. At the beginning, the screw lengths are brought to the desired length. Once this section has been completed, the first section of the drilling screw is completed by pre-heading. The collar of the screw is pressed on. In a second section, the complete screw head of the drilling screw is pressed on. This produces the desired head shape as well as the drive in the middle of the screw head. Once this section has been completed, the most important part of the drilling screw production is the application of the coarse thread. This manufacturing process is carried out using hardened threaded plates. The threaded plates have exactly the same thread structure as the drilling screw. Now the shaft of the screw is rolled back and forth between the threaded plates under high pressure. Now the thread presses itself into the shaft of the drilling screw. At the same time the drill at the tip of the screw is created. Of course not yet with the twist and without the grinding. This is the last step in the production process. Now the grinding is ground into the pin at the tip so that the chips can be transported away later. The last step is to apply the relief of the drill tip to a grinding wheel. Once this last step has also been completed, the screws are usually cleaned by washing. Now the drilling screws can be stored in our warehouse in order to enable prompt delivery of an order.


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