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Tensioning Levers are lever elements which are intended for clamping. Such Tensioning Levers can perform a wide variety of clamping tasks. Due to their stability, Tensioning Levers are always produced and offered in steel or stainless steel.

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Surely you are also looking for a suitable tensioning levers on the Internet? Definitely, because otherwise you would certainly not be on our website to get more information about all the different types of tensioning levers. In this article we would like to go into more detail about the important points of tensioning levers, the construction of such elements, as well as the assembly and the different materials that can be used for tensioning levers. We would also like to tell you about our stock and the production of such elements. Let us also start here with the exact construction of all types of tensioning levers. In principle, a tension lever always consists of at least two large, individual parts. These include the clamping screw and the tensioning levers itself. The clamping screw always has the direct task of providing and ensuring the fastening between a component and a tensioning part. In principle similar to a normal screw, only with some special features and modifications, so that the tensioning levers can be fixed on it. Each clamping screw always has a multi-tooth element, which is the direct connection to the tensioning levers. Through this element, the lever can be lifted independently from the screw and can be reattached when the correct angular position has been found. The advantage of a tensioning levers is that it is a fastening element where the screw can be loosened and tightened without the use of a tool. The tensioning levers itself is located above the head of the tensioning levers and is pressed down firmly by a spring and secured with a screw. The different materials that are used for these levers for clamping are always the inexpensive plastic tensioning levers or the lever made of steel which must be given a surface treatment to prevent corrosion, or the material aluminium or even the highest quality stainless steel tensioning levers. This can be made of V2A and V4A. Thus, only a grinding process as surface treatment and a subsequent high-gloss polishing is necessary.

Our stock range of tensioning levers - buy online in our online shop


Tensioning Levers Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe sales of metal tensioning levers have dramatically increased in recent years, it is not surprising that these useful helpers not only look good, but have also found their place in all conceivable areas of industry, mechanical engineering and jig and fixture construction. These tensioning levers can be made of steel, stainless steel V2A or V4A or plastic and aluminium. It is also important that the desired quantities, which the industry needs today, can be offered and delivered safely by the online shops. Therefore we decided some time ago to offer the entire production range of tensioning levers made of all materials via our online shop to the industry and private people for hobby and handicraft work at any time and comfortably via our online shop. This way we have created a possibility to offer all goods, as well as the tension levers, to all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe at low prices, so that all customers can buy the goods at a reasonable price. In order to ensure that the purchase of such tension levers is also secure, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has only advantages for you and our system. On the one hand, everything is fully encrypted, so that your stored data is absolutely safe and also during data export, your data can be transferred quickly and absolutely encrypted from the online shop to our merchandise management system. An access by third parties is therefore no longer possible and increases the security to a maximum. While we are already on the subject of shopping, we would also like to say a few words about the uncomplicated and fast process of a purchase of metal, steel, stainless steel and / or aluminum or plastic tensioning levers. Surely you have also found our website through the internet and your research and the keyword "tensioning levers" and are now on our website. Please take some time now to put together the range of tension levers and deposit them in your brand basket. Once you have done this, you can now create your account with us. Now open a login area, so that you can deposit all your data. The last section is about how you can pay for the goods. Follow the instructions of the shop system until you are shown the payment options. Now you have the possibility to choose your best payment method and complete the payment. Once this is done, your tensioning levers will be shipped from our warehouse.

The production on tensioning levers

Tensioning Levers Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs always we come back to the last chapter of the tensioning levers in this article. In this one we would like to tell you a little more about manufacturing and the production processes involved. Today, tensioning levers are used in all conceivable areas of the economy, so that they require a certain degree of availability. In order to be able to manufacture these safety elements, two processes are always required to play a role. On the one hand, there is the tensioning levers screw, which must be manufactured as a single part and then married to the tensioning levers handle, which is of course subject to a different production process depending on the material. We would like to start with the tensioning levers screw and its production. CNC lathes are always used for this. These are always connected to a loader for economic reasons. If the stranded goods are loaded and equipped in the loader, the production always takes place. For this purpose the machine must be equipped and the CNC program must be loaded. When all these processes are completed, the production takes place. First the different diameters are turned. Afterwards, the multitude knurls on the screw head have to be milled and then the thread has to be cut. After the cutting-off, the thread is inserted into the head area for the fastening screw and the later lever. Now we come to the production of the tensioning levers handle. Here we have to distinguish whether we want to make a plastic handle or a steel handle. We start with the plastic tension lever handle. Here, a steel mould must always be made in order to be filled with plastic under high pressure in an injection moulding machine. The situation is somewhat different for the production of a stainless steel clamping lever handle. Here, the entire wax mould is dipped into a layer of sludge and burnt out under heat using the lost wax process. The hard wax evaporates and the solid hard outer body remains. This can now be filled with a liquid alloy of stainless steel, either V2A or V4A. When the mass has cooled down, the sludge layer is removed. Now the finished tensioning levers handle can be assembled with the tensioning levers screw and secured against falling down by means of a fader and the safety screw in the head. The tensioning levers is now finished and can be stored in our warehouse. If your purchase of metal or plastic tension levers arrives at our warehouse, we can ship the goods to you.

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