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Cross slotted screws also belong to the large group of screw connections. The head of the cross-slotted screws has two slots.

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Cross slotted screws also belong to the large group or family of fastening elements, which can be fastened by means of a friction-locked and form-fit connection. Metal cross-slotted screws are a type of screw which, like the other screws, also contain a shank and a head with a cross-slotted recess. A cross-slotted screw only got its name because the tool holder - in this case the cross-slotted screwdriver - fits exactly into the holder of the screw and the screw can therefore firmly connect one or more components. For example, the name cross recess only indicates that the screw makes this holder available for the tool. This screw also basically consists of a shank that has a thread rolled in and a screw head that is provided with a cross recess. The shape for the tool holder - the cross slot - indicates that it is a cross-like notch in the screw head. This notch promises a serh favorable effect when tightening or loosening this type of screw. With the different forms of the holders and the certainty that the tool holders cannot "overtighten", we would now like to briefly enumerate the sequence for you. At that time, when the screws were found, there were only the slotted screws, which were provided with a slot in the screw head, but this slot is quickly destroyed if the screwdriver slips only once. So they thought about what a clean solution could look like for this problem. The result was a cross slot in the screw head. This second important invention made tightening a screw much easier, even if the cross-slotted screwdriver is used at a slight angle. Due to the distribution of forces within this form, the screwdriver tends to overtighten the cross-slot much less. However, even with this type of mounting, you still have to apply enough pressure when tightening the screw so that such problems do not occur. So the Torx screw head was invented as the highest stage, which does not require any pressure when tightening and loosening the screws and also the angle of the screwdriver is not essential and compensates some unevenness without problems. The contour of the tool holder alone makes this type of screw so robust and robust.

Our delivery program of cross-slotted head screws made of stainless steel - Buy online in our online shop

Cross Slotted Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWhen we started with our online company as a manufacturer and dealer, that was some years ago again, so we started with cylinder screws in all popular sizes in our online shop to provide cheap. Many of our customers who have bought these screws have asked us of course sometime whether we also plan to expand our range sometime also and also to integrate the cross-slotted head screws into our delivery program. After several years of successful sales of cylinder screws made of V2A and V4A, we have looked around for a high quality supplier on the market to provide our customers with the requested cross-slotted screws in our online shop. After some search we also found our supplier for screws with a cross-slot head. Since this time we could reach many more customers all over Germany and also in Europe with our products. Our online-shop offers you the possibility to buy your products in our online-shop around the clock. We make our cross-slotted screws of stainless steel constantly available to our customers. In order to make the purchase of your products even safer for you, we have thought about it and converted the entire Internet shop to the secure SSL connection. It concerns an encoding of your data with the transmission to our enterprise resource planning. This means in plain language that your data can no longer be tapped by third parties during data export and is therefore even more secure. In the same breath, we would also like to give you an understanding of how to buy your cross-slotted head screws in our online shop. At the beginning please look for all cross-slotted screws of stainless steel and the other desired products in our online shop together and put these please in the desired quantity in the shopping basket. This can also be very small quantities. Once you have collected all the goods, you now have the opportunity to continue the order and follow the instructions. At first you will be asked to create a customer account. Once this section has been completed, click on the "Checkout" symbol and we will provide you with a larger selection of payment options. Select the best option for you and confirm the payment. If the payment of your cross-slotted screws was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail directly after the purchase. Now we can also become active and assemble your goods in our warehouse for you and hand them over to the transport company. Now your stainless steel cross slotted screws should arrive in the next days with you.

Production of cross-slotted screws - A2 and A4

Cross Slotted Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, the cross-slotted screws you want to buy must first be manufactured on the appropriate machines in order to be installed on your premises. This requires a production of these screws. In this short section, we would like to give you an idea of how these cross-slotted screws are manufactured. In order to guarantee a cost-effective production, modern CNC machines must be used today, so that the production speeds are in line with the process costs. Only CNC screw machines can achieve this. These are designed so that they have a chuck through which the screw wire is fed to work through the individual processes until a complete Phillips screw comes out. At the other end the wire drum sits with the endless wire inserted into the chuck. Thanks to the continuous wire, the machine can also produce almost unmanned in night shift operation, which has a positive effect on costs. First of all the wire is always cut to the predetermined length and then in the next process it is pre-cupled in the chuck by a taper upsetting tool. The collar of the Phillips screw has already been formed. Now the second stage of the production takes place, whereby the actual screw head is pressed by a further pressing tool with the cross slot. Now the cross-slotted screw made of stainless steel is firmly finished. Now only the thread is missing, which must be rolled in at the screw shaft. For this two counter-rotating thread plates are used, which have illustrated the thread. If now the screw shaft is rolled between the two thread plates under high pressure, the thread is transferred to the screw shaft. The cross-slotted screw is finished and can now go into the washing cycle or into an electric polishing machine to get a nice resistant surface. If this process is also completed, the screws are stored in our warehouse and can be shipped to you second hand when you place an order. We have then many different sizes and lengths of the cross-slotted screws permanently in stock.


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