Two Hole Nuts

Two hole nuts are nuts that have two holes in the nut housing. These two hole nuts can be used for preload and locking on shafts and bearing units. The two holes of the two hole nut are used to insert the two hole wrench.

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Two-hole nuts made of stainless steel or steel are a very special phenomenon, because these nuts do not resemble the original shape of the nuts at all. Nevertheless, they belong to the large family of nuts, as do all the other special shapes. Where is the two-hole nut used at all? Many people who see such a nut for the first time are probably asking themselves this question. It is round like a disc, slightly larger in diameter than all the other forms of nuts and has two holes opposite each other. In any case, the two-hole nuts are among the special nuts that are really not used a thousand times every day, but rather in individual cases. The nuts with two holes are used almost exclusively in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and special machine construction and possibly in model making, where the replicas should be very similar to the original. The even more specific use of two-hole nuts is mostly found on spindle drives, between the spindles and the drive motors. These connecting elements with the two holes usually secure the shafts which are held in the correct positions by bearings. The bearing seats can be perfectly clamped using the V2A or V4A stainless steel two-bolt nuts and can be retightened if necessary using a special wrench to correct the position. Even if the bearings run in and there is increased play in the bearing shells, the two-bolt nuts can be readjusted. Of course there are many more applications, but to list them all in detail would go beyond the scope of this manual. For this reason, the example should only serve as an example. If you want to learn more about stainless steel two hole nuts, please read the article on our blog..

Our stock range of two-hole nuts made of stainless steel - buy online in our online shop

Two Hole Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AFor many years we have been supplying mainly the industry with our stainless steel two-hole nuts and offer you as a customer the possibility to buy and have these elements supplied via our online shop. In our wide range of nuts and other fastening elements we also carry all common sizes of two-hole nuts made of stainless steel V2A and also V4A. With this assortment we cover the common sizes of the required two-hole nuts for the industry. But also in model making these nuts are used from time to time. We stock two-hole nuts made of stainless steel in the smallest size of the thread from M5 to the largest two-hole nut M10. Of course we also have all intermediate sizes in our assortment. These are M5, M6, M8 and M10. In order to make shopping in our online shop even more secure, we decided some time ago to convert the shop completely to its very secure encryption method. The advantage of this is that you can transfer your data to our merchandise management system without risk and without having to consider that this data can be accessed by third parties. This process of conversion is enormously important nowadays, as crime is on the increase. In the following section we would like to tell you exactly how to place your order on our website. At the beginning, secure all products and your stainless steel two-hole nuts together and put them together in the shopping cart. When all items are in the basket, you can go to the checkout counter and you will be offered different payment methods. Once you have chosen the best payment method for you, confirm this by clicking on the payment button and complete the payment process. Now we will pack your two hole nuts in the warehouse and ship them together with the other products.

The production of two-hole nuts

Two Hole Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to be able to install the V2A or V4A two-hole nuts in technical devices or spindle drives, they must first be manufactured. For this purpose, automatic lathes are always important to initiate the production of these fastening elements. In order to further improve the economic efficiency during production, these machines are usually equipped with a loading system so that the entire raw material can be stored as bar stock in the loader until the lathe has processed the complete stock. The raw material is always the same diameter as the later finished two-hole nuts in the outside diameter. There is no need to provide for any further processing of the outside diameter. This also saves additional costs and this profit can be passed on to you as a customer. Once the lathe has drawn in the raw material and clamped it firmly in the lathe chuck, the central bore can be drilled first. Once this process is completed, the thread cutting is carried out. The metric thread is inserted into the two-hole nut using a tap. Now the chamfer is turned on the outside diameter and inside so that the two holes can be drilled as the penultimate operation. Now the nut is ready to be cut off. It falls into the collecting container and can then be stored in the warehouse until your order arrives and the two hole nuts can be shipped to you.


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