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Welding bolts or welding studs are connecting elements that can be welded onto steel. Welding bolts can thus be quickly spot-welded and absorb large forces.

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Can you still imagine a fastening method today that can be carried out without the welding bolts? Certainly not! In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the welding studs, which are available in a number of different variations and in completely different materials. We would also like to show you how the welding bolts differ and which thread sizes are used in industrial production. Finally, as with all contributions, we will of course focus on the production of studs that can be welded onto sheet metal or hoods in mechanical engineering. Basically, it is like this, one should hardly believe that welding bolts also belong to the large group of screws, even if they do not look like this at all and also require special treatment before they can become a real fastening element. For this purpose, the screw must first be expanded to a sheet metal or sheet metal part. Only then can nuts or screws be screwed on to securely fasten another component to it. Wing nuts can also be screwed on in order to quickly dismantle the further component manually and without tools. The welding bolts are equipped in such a way that they look like a set screw in the final defect, but with a big difference. You can see this difference quite clearly if you take a closer look at the metal welding bolts. It quickly becomes clear that the end piece of the bolt no longer has a thread. This area is responsible for the fact that this can, in principle, "run" during the spot welding process. The thread is not affected by this. In order to fasten a welding bolt made of steel or stainless steel quickly and securely to a metal plate or sheet metal, a spot welding device is absolutely necessary. Only with this device can the studs be quickly "shot" onto a metal plate. The spot welder must have two tongs, one of which is placed underneath the metal plate and the other tongs are placed in the tube holder, where the welding bolts are seated. When the final position of the welding bolt is aligned and everything is seated in the correct position, the two holders of the tongs can be pressed together and this will trigger the current surge which will briefly send as much current through the welding bolt and at the same time flow through the metal plate, so that at the transition between the welding bolt and the sheet metal plate the metal becomes liquid and is united to form a permanent and secure connection. In principle, two different materials can always be used in the welding of welding bolts. Standard is always the bright steel, which can be welded to structural steel parts, or the much more corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which can be used in two versions. On the one hand it is the stainless steel V2A or stainless steel V4A for the welding bolts.

Our stock range of welding bolts - buy online in our online shop

Welding Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn recent years, the demand for welding bolts has become increasingly dense. There is also a reason for this, because with the production of the stainless steel sheet metal parts and the increasing demand for sheet metal bending parts as well as the covers on machines and technical equipment, the industry has also recognized the fastening possibilities, which allow a cheap way of fast and reliable fastening between the connection of sheet metal parts or steel plates and welding bolts. In the past, weld nuts often had to be widened in places that were difficult to access, which is still the case, but the welding studs made of stainless steel or steel have slowly but surely replaced these older fastening options and the demand for welding bolts on the German and European marketplace is therefore also increasing. Some time ago, we received several customer mails asking us if we could also include metal welding bolts in our stock range so that we could slowly expand our product range. We have also taken up this request and looked for suppliers who can supply us with high quality welding bolts in large quantities on a permanent basis. The search was successful, as we are now supplied by two suppliers who can supply us with these metal welding bolts at short notice. So we offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their welding bolts quickly and easily in our online shop and we send the welding bolts promptly to your company. In stock we have welding bolts as studs and with external thread and with internal thread in stainless steel or steel. So that the purchase over our online shop is also safe, we have decided some time ago to change the entire Internet presence to the secure SSL certificate, which has only advantages for your stored data. These can now no longer be accessed by third parties when your ordered welding bolts are transferred to our merchandise management system. At the same time, we would like to explain to you how a purchase in our online shop should be made so that all ordered parts (welding bolts) can be delivered to you quickly. May we also welcome you on our website, because you have come to us via a search engine using the search word "welding bolts"? You now have the possibility to put together all the parts you need and add them to your shopping cart in the quantity you require. Once this order section is completed, you can now create an account within our online shop and enter your email and address as well as your access password. If you now want to complete your order or purchase, simply follow the shop instructions, which will show you some payment options for your welding studs. Choose the right one for you and pay for the item. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from our system. Now our employees in the warehouse will be active and put together your welding stud order and hand it over to the shipping company.

The production on welding bolts

Welding Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order for you to be able to weld the welding bolts on sheet metal parts and other steel sheets in your daily production, these, like the other bolts, must first be produced. This process usually takes place on technical equipment that has been developed and constructed especially for this type of bolt production. Exactly for this purpose the welding bolts with a male or female thread are made of stainless steel or steel to enable an economic production. It is important to ensure that a certain speed, short changeover times and simple production result in high-quality production. These criteria are only fulfilled by modern CNC machines, which have been designed to produce a large number of inexpensive welding bolts. These CNC screwing machines are so compactly constructed that they usually have a processing station in which the complete process necessary for the production of welding bolts takes place. Either a bar feeder is installed to store thick-walled raw material bars in a length of 6 meters or a drum to receive the raw wire, if there are thinner shank diameters, which can be wound on a drum. When the beginning of the wire is then inserted into the machine and all the parameters for the production of welding bolts are loaded, production can begin. In this case, the end face is always turned off first so that a narrow pin usually remains, which can later be used as melting material when welding on. Once this is done, we either press a small collar or cut the welding bolt to the desired length. Once this is done, the thread is rolled on the welding bolt. To do this, the shaft is placed in a thread rolling machine which runs in opposite directions and the thread is rolled in under high pressure so that it is transferred to the shaft of the welding bolt. Now everything is ready and can be stored in our warehouse until we receive your order and we can assemble the welding bolts and ship them to you.


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