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Install screws are screws that are intended for laying materials. This means that Install screws are quickly screwed in at the right place with a battery-powered screw and all parts are connected.

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Everyone comes at some point to the point where they have to do and implement work that install screws. If you have an apartment or a house with a garden, sooner or later you will always come into contact with install screws. For this reason, we would like to give you an understanding of the structure of metal install screws in this article, so that you know exactly how such screws must be used so that the installation of OSB boards or planks is clean and quick. We would also like to present the different materials that can be used for such install screws. In short, the whole article is only about the install screws. We would also like to tell you which screws we have in our assortment for laying planks and OSB boards, so that you know exactly which screws you need to choose so that your building project can be completed quickly and easily. We would like to start by showing you how to use such universal screws with a wood thread or coarse thread and what can be fastened with them. The install screws, as the name suggests, are exclusively for the installation and screwing of OSB boards or chipboards, which in turn are to be firmly connected to a wooden support element. Also planks in a house or a terrace, such screws are optimally suitable, so that you can connect the planks firmly with the carrier element, a wood. Similarly, install screws are specially designed so that they can be screwed cleanly into a wooden element with moderate force. There are therefore two different types of install screws. Those without serrated cutting at the tip of the install screw or those with serrated cutting. When constructing a laying screw, it is the case that they usually have a countersunk head on the shaft. In this countersunk head there is either a Torx drive or a Phillips drive or a hexagon drive. Other types of drives are usually not used, as these drives can provide the best torque transmission without slipping with the tool. Below the head is the shank, as already mentioned. This shaft is usually directly adjoined by a wood thread and then an interruption until the wood thread continues to the end of the screw and then tapers to a point. The standard materials used for install screws are always normal hardened steel with a coating or stainless steel in V2A or V4A. Only this stainless steel ensures that corrosion can be excluded or avoided in the long term.

Our stock programme of install screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Install Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASales and, accordingly, demand for steel and stainless steel installation screws also increased strongly. Not only the companies working with install screws have a constantly increasing demand, because of the reconstruction and renovation work of the owners further demand is expected. But also the do-it-yourselfers are on the rise. They renovate and refurbish your houses and apartments and install OSB boards and lay floorboards and other wooden elements. Exactly for this purpose install screws made of metal / steel / stainless steel are an optimal variant, a universal screw, which was optimized for exactly these requirements in the fastening technology. It is not for nothing that this universal screw, the name "Verlegeschraube" (install screw), has been justified. But also here it has to be said that the increased demand has continued to grow and of course the demand for such fasteners is also increasing. Therefore the internet shops have to be able to meet the demand and also offer the suitable install screws in the desired quantity. This is not always easy, because availability must be guaranteed. For this reason, we also decided a few years ago to offer install screws made of steel or stainless steel in different forms and variations. We have only started to offer a small assortment of install screws for sale to our customers via our online shop and will continue to expand the range of products. Especially the stainless steel install screws, which can be used perfectly for outdoor applications, are the screws of first choice. So we offer our customers from Europe and Germany 24 hours the possibility to order our install screws. So that the purchase can run off also surely, it is important that also your data, which were deposited, can be protected also surely. We achieve this by encrypting the website with the SSL certificate. Let us now also come to the topic of purchasing install screws. We would also like to say a few words about this. Certainly we may welcome you on our website, because you have entered the keyword floor screws via a search engine. You have then discovered our website and are just about to visit it. You are now in the right category. Now choose the right install screws and when you have found the right ones, please put them in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. The next step is to register with us and store your data on our website. In the next step you can either buy more products on our website or complete the purchase by paying. If you would like to complete and end the purchase, go to our online shop while logged in and follow the shopping cart instructions. You will then be presented with a number of payment methods which you can choose. The purchase of the install screws is confirmed by the payment. Afterwards you will receive some order information by mail. Now we can also prepare your install screws for shipping and send them to you.

The production of install screws

Install Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last chapter of the install screws, we would like to give you not only a closer look at our product range, but also at the production possibilities for install screws. Many fitters and interior fitters know exactly how to use metal install screws made of steel or stainless steel and how such screws have to be installed when laying planks and OSB boards. There are several videos on this subject, which you can watch on the Internet. But what many people don't know is how these screws, which you screw a thousand times a day, can also be manufactured. In order to bring some light into the dark, it is important that you get some information about it. It must be said that the production of install screws was quite different 20 to 30 years ago than it is today. At that time, CNC screw machines were still a rarity, because programmable machines were not that far advanced at that time, so that purely mechanical machines were the non plus ultra. This was certainly not completely wrong when it came to the production of install screws made of steel or stainless steel, but such mechanical equipment was adjustable by means of cam plates. This mechanical equipment, when a certain screw had to be produced, took a correspondingly long time. Also the production itself, was sometimes so slow that the costs for a laying screw went up in part. Today this is completely different: Today everything must be seen from the principle of economic efficiency. Today, only CNC automatic screw machines are used for such production possibilities for install screws. There is a station within the machine which implements the individual work processes and speeds up the production process. Outside there is always a bar loader, which is designed to take thick round material. However, most of the Velege screws are produced with a drum loader that has wound up the wire. When the program is loaded, the wire can be fed into the machine. The first step in the production of the laying screws is to cut the wire to length. The next step is the pre-dipping of the head on the shaft. This shaft is now still without the coarse thread or the wood thread. The next step is the final upsetting of the head of the install screw. At the same time the drive is inserted, which is pressed in as a cross slot, a Torx drive or a hexagonal drive. Now a large part of the production of install screws is almost completed. In the last step the rolling in or rolling of the coarse thread or the wood thread takes place. During this process, two thread rollers run in opposite directions and the shaft is now held in between and can take on the thread of the rollers through the rotations. After a few more steps, the finished laying screw can now be collected in the collecting container and then sorted in the warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can prepare the install screws together with the other products and send them to you.


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