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Lifting nuts are round structures that can be easily screwed to machine parts. Then you can easily lift and transport the device or machine with Lifting nuts.

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In today's article we would like to talk more about the use and design of Lifting nuts made of metal or steel or stainless steel. Lifting nuts are not normal nuts as we all know them, but differ dramatically from the standard nuts that everyone knows today. These special nuts are usually only used in very special locations and only in very special industrial areas. In private areas, Lifting nuts are used less, because the special construction does not allow this or because the nut could not assert itself so far. Basically, due to their width and rather solid form, lifting nuts are very popular in container construction. These nuts are ideal connecting elements when it comes to installing a flap on a container or other tubular instrument, which can be opened quickly by hinges or closed again. Due to the wide design, the stirrup nuts can be held very well in the hand and can be tightened with a relatively low force and a high torque. But not only in tank construction, Lifting nuts are also used on tank trucks, which can also be opened quickly and easily using flaps and lids. Let us now come to the divided structure of lifting nuts. As the name suggests, the head of the nut is designed as a shackle. Similar to a ring nut, the stirrup nut has a wide version of the stirrup in relation to the height of the stirrup. These nuts also have a bulge on the lower connection side, which has integrated the thread, which quickly helps the Lifting nuts to form a correct and firm connection to a bolt or screw. This allows these nuts to be quickly attached to bolts or screws and thus start their work. The material from which Lifting nuts are made of metal is usually always bright steel or stainless steel alloy. This alloy can be made of V2A or the acid-resistant V4A.

Our stock program of Lifting nuts - buy online in our online shop

Lifting Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn recent years, despite the rather limited field of application for Lifting nuts, sales and demand have increased considerably, which has also boosted the production of containers and in other areas of steel construction. For this reason, more and more lifting nuts made of stainless steel or bright steel are being used in all other industrial areas. So we also want to offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to order easily, quickly and uncomplicatedly via our online-shop at low prices. The online shop is the ideal way to order the required parts quickly and without much searching and effort. In order to ensure that shopping or ordering via our online shop is also secure, we decided several years ago to convert the entire online shop to a secure SSL connection. Thereby the whole domain is set on a SSL certificate and all your deposited data is automatically encrypted. This means that it is no longer so easy to retrieve your data. Especially if your purchase is transferred to our merchandise management system, it is now impossible for third parties to access your data. While we are already in the process of buying nuts, we would like to explain to you in more detail how a purchase on our platform should look like, so that the order arrives quickly and safely and can be delivered to you. Certainly you have also come to us via a large search engine using the keyword "Lifting nuts" and have found us. Then we welcome you very warmly. Now you have the possibility to choose your Lifting nuts in peace and quiet and to put them into the empty shopping cart. If the quantity is available and you have all products in the basket, the next step follows, which gives you the possibility to create your customer account. If this ordering process is completed and you would like to complete your purchase now, you will now be redirected so that you are offered a choice of payment options. You choose the best option for you and confirm the purchase with your payment. You will then receive an order confirmation and can see exactly which Lifting nuts you have ordered. Now our warehouse staff come into play and make your order ready for dispatch and put everything together.

The production of lifting nuts

Lifting Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4ASo many of you know exactly how to use Lifting nuts and how they are constructed, but most of you know nothing about the production of such things. Basically there are always two different processes used in the production of lifting nuts made of metal, steel or stainless steel. One is the production by the forging process, whereby much higher loads can be attached. In other words, a stable nut that can be used in special locations. The second possibility, and also the most common one, is the production by the casting process, which is used today as a standard manufacturing process. This always creates a negative image, which is produced as a wax mould. Then the dipping is done in a sludge solution so that the entire wax mould is covered. Now comes the most important part, which burns the sludge layer firmly in the kiln through the effect of heat. So that the wax can flow out of the mould at the same time. Then the raw form of the iron nuts is ready. Now it is time that this hollow form can be filled with liquid steel or stainless steel. Again, a stainless steel alloy mixed from V2A or V4A is used. Once the mould has been poured out, there is a time to cool down and then destroy the mould so that the raw Lifting nuts fall out. This can now be ground and equipped with the required thread on the base. Then the shackle nuts are almost finished and can be stored in our warehouse until we receive your order and can ship the Lifting nuts. After a few days you should now receive the order with your bracket nuts and can install them in your technique (Lifting nuts).


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