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Lime head screws are semicircular screws with one head. This lime head is often used on machine parts.

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Lime Head screws also belong to the large family of screw connections. These types of screws also allow the user to create firm and resorbable connections between two different metal parts, components, or stone or wood materials. The lime-head screw has a very special design in its design, which the other types of screws do not have at the head area. Panhead screws are available in all conceivable drive forms. These can be designed as slotted or cross-slotted versions, or even as Torx drives and many more. In this article, however, we would like to explain a little more about the shape of the head itself, because it is a lens shape. In the following article you will find out exactly what this means for this lime-head screw. The lime-head screws are usually made of the following materials and are used in industry and around handicrafts or in private areas: The standard material is always steel. This steel for the screws is always covered with a protective layer to slow down or prevent corrosion. This protective layer on the lime head screws is almost exclusively a nickel layer or a thin chrome layer. This layer covers the entire screw. Of course, this protective layer is not a security. For this reason, stainless steel lime head screws have become more and more popular in recent years. The material alone has many advantages over bright structural steel. This stainless steel can be produced in two different versions. On the one hand it can be V2A or V4A. These two stainless steel materials are perfectly suitable to produce lime-head screws. Usually the material V2A is sufficient for the use of lime-head screws. This applies to indoor use as well as outdoor use. However, if you want to use the lime-head screws on boats and yachts or in the vicinity of salt water in general, you should always use V4A stainless steel. Only this material is resistant to all salts, acids and alkalis. For this reason, only lime-head screws made exclusively of stainless steel V4A are used in the chemical industry. Only these defy the chemically reactive materials in the long run without being damaged. But now a little more about the head shape of a lime head screw. The head shape has been given the name "lime head" because it looks very similar to a lens. This name comes from the past, when lenses were still a main source of food. Today this is unfortunately no longer the case...;). If you now cut the lens halfway through, you get the typical lime head shape. The head of the lime head screw is constructed in such a way that the collar always sits at the lower edge, with which the screw can be screwed tightly to the material to be joined and presses firmly against the material. The head is curved upwards. Semicircular like a lens. The drive for the respective keys is located in the middle of the head.

Our range of lens head screws - Buy online in our online shop

Lime Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the previous article we were able to tell you a lot about the well-known lime-head screws. These screws are an indispensable fastener in today's economy and industry. Panhead screws can be used as steel lime-head screws or as stainless steel lime-head screws. Due to the semicircular head shape, it is possible to use these screws on sheet metal claddings or components which, for example, often come into contact with hands or can be touched by hands. The semicircular shape of the head prevents injury to the screws, as the hands or fingers simply glide over them and have no resistance. lime-head screws are also often used for optical reasons on machine covers to create a perfect view in combination with the material stainless steel. The possibilities are manifold and for this reason more and more of our customers are searching the search engines for their suitable lime-head screws. With our online shop we offer thousands of our customers the possibility around the clock to buy their screws fast and uncomplicated at a favourable price and to have them sent home or to the company. Your data security also plays a decisive role in the purchase of your goods or products. So we have decided to convert our entire website to the very secure SSL certificate, which offers some advantages when using our online shop. The main security offered by this SSL interface is data retrieval during data export. This can no longer be done by third parties. Encryption no longer allows any external access. Your data is therefore very secure when exporting your purchases to our merchandise management system. At the same time we would like to show you in a few steps how a purchase of your lime-head screws in our shop should be fast and safe, so that your ordered goods arrive safely at your place. Most people get to us via the search engines if they enter the search word "lime-head screws" for example. Now you have landed with us. Simply put all the lime-head screws in the desired diameters and sizes in the shopping basket. Also all other products you need for your building project. Now check whether all articles in the shopping cart are also available from us. If this purchase section is completed, you now have the possibility to create your guest account or your customer account. Enter all your data, which we need for the delivery address and the invoice. Once the purchase has been completed, you can now follow the shop's instructions and you will be offered payment options. These include many different ones. Choose the best payment method for you and confirm it with your payment. If the payment of your lime-head screws was successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation from our server. Now your order will be processed by us and handed over to the warehouse.

The production of lime-head screws

Lime Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it is the same with the lime-head screws as with the other screws. In order to be able to install and screw these in technical systems or covers or other parts, they must first be produced. For this purpose we would like to give you a brief introduction to the production of lime-head screws in earlier technical systems and machines, including the production of these screws today. Everything used to be different. There was also more time for the production of lime-head screws, no matter whether they were made of stainless steel or nickel-plated construction steel. The economy was in second place, after the quality of the screws. At that time, machines were used that worked very slowly, but were highly efficient when it came to downtimes. These cam-controlled machines were mechanical marvels without any electronics. Everything was manufactured according to the motto: everything slow, but unbreakable. Today, for economic reasons, the lime-head screws have to be produced on modern machines. These CNC screw machines are so fast, but also very susceptible, because many electronic control parts control the systems. Of course, the changeover times to other lengths of lens head screws or other diameters are quickly completed, because simply the programs have to be loaded and the raw start has to be supplied from the outside. Each of these machines has a machining chuck, which is rotatable and multifunctionally equipped with other units. Outside the machine there is either a bar loader that stores the raw material or a drum loader that has wound the raw material in stainless steel or steel. This is simply inserted into the processing head of the CNC machine and the lime-head screws production can start directly. To do this, the shaft of the screw is always cut to length from the wire at the beginning. This process is the starting process for every lens head production. Dananch is then followed by the pre-upsetting of the lens head. An upsetting device drives with high pressure against the shaft and presses the head against it. The head now already has the collar. Now the second stage of the upsetting process takes place and the final lens head is pressed against the screw. The drive is incorporated at the same time. Now only the thread is missing. In addition there are two thread plates which are hardened inside the machine. The oval head screw or the shank is now rolled back and forth between the two threaded plates under high pressure, so that the thread can be transferred to the shank. The lime head screw is then ready and only needs to be washed. Then the finished screw can be stored in our warehouse until you order it.


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