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Cage nuts are nuts which are equipped with a retaining cage. This gives the cage nuts a secure hold on thin sheets of metal and can be simply clipped on as required.

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In this article we will only deal with the cage nuts. We would like to explain everything about the cage nut made of steel or stainless steel and also the assembly. In a further section, we will go into more detail about the materials used from which cage nuts can be manufactured. In a further section, we will also describe the areas of application and our range of metal cage nuts in stock, as well as their manufacture. Let us start with the detailed design of a metal cage nut. A cage nut is a nut that is trapped in a cage. This cage completely encloses the nut so that it cannot fall out of the cage. This function is very important, because otherwise the nut would come loose from the cage and might get lost: but it does not. The nut in the cage is made from a square and has a through hole through and through. In this hole there is a fixing thread with which the screw connections can later be screwed in. The nut itself surrounds a spring plate, very thin, so that this encapsulates the nut and has two opposite clamps, these clamps are arranged in such a way that it can be locked into all sheet metal parts, for example in a square perforated plate. Only the clamps have to be pressed tightly together and the cage nut can be clipped into the square perforated plate. When mounting such special nuts, it is extremely important that the direction of load through the screw connection is always from the opposite side so that the cage nut is also pressed against the perforated plate and not out of the socket. These nuts are most often used in sheet metal processing, because especially in sheet metal, due to the thin wall thickness, no possibilities can be created, because there would only be a few threads in the sheet metal, this would not work in the long run. The materials used are exclusively standard materials made of bare structural steel. This must of course be provided with a surface protection so that corrosion can be delayed. If you want to use a completely resistant material group for the cage nuts when it comes to handling water, it is always the stainless steels in V2A. These are usually always sufficient, but those who want to use the cage nuts near salt water, or in the chemical industry, with alkaline solutions and acids, should always fall back on the stainless steel V4A.

Our stock range of cage nuts - buy online in our online shop

Cage Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs a result of the ever-increasing processing of sheet metal parts, which today can of course be lasered, the processing of such complex parts (cage nuts) is also advancing more and more. Especially such connecting elements, such as sheet metal angles or sheet metal strips, are used more and more often in all kinds of technical equipment or machines. Of course, this has also created the possibility of quickly clipping a steel or stainless steel cage nut into the square holes and screwing other components to it. Especially in the field of computer technology, more and more cage nuts are in use, which provide a fast, safe and uncomplicated way of fastening. The total demand for metal cage nuts has risen disproportionately in recent years. In order to meet the demand from industry and private users, we have decided to include stainless steel cage nuts and steel cage nuts in our stock programme and thus to be able to supply our customers quickly. So we offer with our online shop to all customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your cage nuts fast and uncomplicatedly over our online shop. To ensure that the shopping experience is not clouded, we have decided to give priority to the security of our domain and have converted the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate some time ago. This creates even more security when buying your metal or steel cage nuts. Especially your stored data, like your delivery address and your email are now securely encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. Especially when exporting your order data, access from outside is no longer so easy. While we are on the subject of shopping, let us also just say a few words about the order process via our online shop. Surely we may also welcome you on our domain, because you have found us in the shop via a search engine and the search word "cage nuts". Now you have all the time in the world to choose your special cage nuts and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you want. Once this is done, you can create a customer login and enter all your delivery address data and your Emal. After this step, you can continue to purchase our products, or you can finish your purchase and pay for the cage nuts. For this purpose, the shopping cart now gives you a few more options, which you simply follow. After a few confirmation steps a selection menu will appear, where you can choose which payment method you would like to use to pay for the goods. Now confirm the payment of your cage nuts and continue. Now we receive your order and can deliver the goods to you.

The production of cage nuts

Cage Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last step will be the production of metal cage nuts. This section is important for all those who would like to read a short sequence of how such fasteners can be produced on modern machines today. Since the cage nut consists of two parts, we would like to start with the square, the nut. This is produced today on CNC flat processing machines. There are several stations within the machine, such as drilling station or cutting station or milling stations, which make it possible to carry out different work steps. Outside, there is always a loader coupled, which communicates with the CNC machine. Once the program has been loaded, the production of the cage nut can begin. The flat bar is fed into the machine and the first thing to be done is to drill the threaded hole in the square nut. Then the nut is cut off and falls into the collecting container. If now enough nuts are ready, they can be collected. The cage of the cage nut consists of a flat steel, which can be a spring steel made of stainless steel or normal steel. This cage is produced on modern sheet metal forming machines. This machine, which is CNC based, is also equipped with a drum loader which has wound up the steel strip. When the CNC program is loaded and the beginning is inserted into the machine, the production of the cage can begin. After this section the bending together and the bending in of the clamps on both sides is done. During the process of bending together, the actual flat steel nut must of course be inserted, so that the nut is later firmly inserted and cannot be lost. Now the toggle nut is finished and can be stored in our warehouse, if there are enough in the container. If an order comes in from you via our online shop, we can pack the cage nuts together and ship them to you.


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