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Fully threaded screws are screws that always have the thread up to the head. Fully threaded screws are therefore able to accommodate a nut that can be screwed on up to the head.

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Which screws are we talking about when we talk about the group of fully threaded screws? Many people ask themselves this question and would like to know the difference between a fully threaded screw and a partially threaded screw? We have written this article because we would like to shed light on the dark, so that you know when technicians or other people talk about a fully threaded screws made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel. In this article we would like to go into more detail about the structure of a fully threaded screw and also which types of screws all fall into this large group. At the same time we would also like to go into detail about the structure of such fully threaded screws and also the areas of application of such screws. But not only that, we would also like to briefly introduce our delivery program of solid thread screws and also illuminate the manufacturing process. However, we would like to start with the detailed structure of these screws with the full thread. Like any other screw, the fully threaded screw has a head, which at the same time is also the drive on the front face to apply a torque for tightening or loosening. This drive can be designed as a Torx drive or as a cross slot drive or even as a hex drive. The drive for such fully threaded screws depends exclusively on the conditions and requirements. At the head directly adjoins the shank of the fully threaded screw, where the thread runs fully over the entire length of the shank. In the case of machine screws, this can be the metric thread or the inch thread or, in the case of a wood screw, the coarse thread or the wood thread, which runs over the entire length to the head. At the front beginning of the wood screw, all these threads run to a point, because the tip can be screwed into the wood. But which materials can be used for such fully threaded screws? Basically all commercially available screws are made of a somewhat harder steel. This must then inevitably be coated with a rust protection layer with a thin nickel layer to delay rusting. If you would like to have fully threaded screws made of stainless steel, of course, you are well advised, because they resist corrosion. Usually the material stainless steel V2A is sufficient for such a screw, unless you use these screws near salt water or near sea water. Then you should exclusively use stainless steel V4A for the fully threaded screws.

Our stock range of fully threaded screws - buy online in our online shop

Fully Threaded Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the demand for screws with a full thread (fully threaded screws) has continued to increase, especially in the area of machine screws or wood screws, it is all the more important that online shops on the Internet can also meet this demand. But this is difficult, because the companies offering the fasteners must always have everything available in sufficient quantities, which of course cannot be assumed. For this reason we have decided to offer this category of fully threaded screws made of steel or stainless steel (v2a or V4A) in our online shop to all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe. We supply our customers in the private sector but also to companies that need these screws for their daily work. So you can easily buy your fully threaded screws quickly and uncompressed in our online shop and let us supply you. So that this whole order procedure can run off also surely, it is important that also the topic of security is not pushed aside and your data are also surely deposited. We have made this conversion of the entire domain some time ago and therefore all your deposited data is also safely stored and protected by the access by third parties. But not only the topic security is important, we would also like to explain briefly how an order process should look like, so that you can quickly reach your goal when buying your fully threaded screws. Certainly we can now assume that you have also found us via a search engine under the search term of fully threaded screws. Then you are also in the right category and can examine all screws with a full thread and choose the right sizes and put them into the shopping cart. Please always indicate the desired quantities so that we know what you are looking for. Now you can continue shopping or finish the order of your fully threaded screws made of steel or stainless steel and pay the goods. If this is the case, please create an account with us and enter all your data which are important for the purchase. If this is done, you can go directly back to the shopping cart and click "Checkout". After a few clicks you will be shown the payment options where you can choose the right one and pay the fully threaded screws. If the process was successful, you will receive an automatic email confirmation with all details.

The production of fully threaded screws

Fully Threaded Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AMany of our customers not only want to know the details of fully threaded screws, but also want to know a short description of how such screws can actually be manufactured. The production of such screws was in the past as well as today produced on automatic screw machines. The difference to today, however, used to be that the machines produced much slower and the set-up times were also much longer. The quality was always very high and the downtime was very small due to the pure mechanics of the machine. Today, all this is somewhat different than in the past, because today, when it comes to quality, what counts is the economic efficiency that must be given when producing fully threaded screws. This includes fast changeover or set-up times and small batch sizes. It is also important that the machines run almost unmanned and produce the fully threaded screws. In order to be able to produce such fully threaded screws, a modern CNC screw machine is required. This machine must have a loader that can accept strand material in stainless steel or steel and can accommodate several bars simultaneously. Also a drum loader for the endless wire is important, because especially for the production of small fully threaded screws such a solution is the best. Once the screw machine has been set up and is ready for operation, the parameters required by the machine to perform the production steps can be loaded. Now the stainless steel wire can be inserted into the processing station and first of all the length of the screw is calculated and also cut off. The next step in the production of fully threaded screws is the pre-pressing of the head area. After this pre-step comes step two, the final pressing of the head with the drive as Torx or as cross slot or the hexagon drive. Now only the shaft has to be provided with the full thread, then the fully threaded screws is ready for sorting in the warehouse. To apply the metric full thread or the inch thread or to apply the wood thread or the coarse thread, the thread rolling method is used. To do this, the shank of the solid thread screw is now pressed between two rollers that have incorporated the thread structure. The flanks are worked into the shank by the pressure and the rotational movement. Now the fully threaded screws is finished and can be put into our stock. After an order from you, we can now process your order and ship it to you.


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