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Rear panel screws are specially designed to be screwed into rear panels of furniture. Rear panel screws have a very large thread, which can be screwed perfectly into wood.

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What would a furniture back panel be without a corresponding fastening by the so important Rear panel screws. Many people do not really know how to build a piece of furniture, but when it comes to assembling a piece of furniture, and if there are any screws missing in the packaging and the back panel cannot be fixed, it is clear how important such Rear panel screw are and how bad it is if they are missing. Or imagine that the next move is imminent and all pieces of furniture have to be disassembled so that they can be transported through the apartment. Once at the new location, the furniture must also be put back together again so that it can serve the purpose of storage again. But if then the back wall of a piece of furniture is to be assembled and the Rear panel screw are missing, it quickly becomes heavy. In this article, let us talk about the small but very important Hefler, the Rear panel screw. No back panel without Rear panel screw, everyone must be aware of that! These often thin back panels are only held together perfectly by the Rear panel screw supplied with them. Such small screws always consist of a shaft with a coarse wood thread and the head designed for it. This head can have a flat shape or be slightly curved or even designed as a countersunk screw head. The drive of such back wall screw heads can be made of a standard cross slot or even be equipped with a Torx drive. The possibilities with the Rear panel screw are extremely versatile. The shank of the screw is always, as with any wood thread, tapered towards the front, so that the tip can drill or screw itself into the pressed plates or the pressed walls. Only by the correct length of the Rear panel screw and the correct shaping of the tip, it is possible to screw the screw quickly and safely into the wood wall without much pressure. Anodized or otherwise coated steel is almost always used as material for the Rear panel screw. Or stainless steel is also increasingly used for such screws as V2A or V4A Varriation. Today the subject of humidity is on everyone's lips and so it has become enormously important to buy stainless steel Rear panel screw and thus permanently eliminate the problem of rust or corrosion. So Rear panel screw made of stainless steel only bring advantages and the material itself is more wear-free and the drive does not wear out immediately if a move is imminent and the furniture must be disassembled several times.

Our delivery program of Rear Panel screws - Buy online via our Online Shop

Today, so many stainless steel and steel Rear Panel screws are used that there must be enough online shops that provide these special screws in sufficient quantity. So we decided a few years ago, after our customers asked us to add another category to our shop, which could be reserved exclusively for Rear Panel screws made of steel or stainless steel. So now all our customers have the possibility to buy all your Rear Panel screws fast and reliable, practically 24 hours a day, to buy your Rear Panel screws uncomplicated and cheaply through our online shop. This option of buying is extremely important, because such screws are often ordered late in the evening, when there is still some time to plan the move of his apartment sufficiently and the children are already in bed. Exactly for such customers is our online shop and the category of the Rear Panel screws. Surely we may also welcome you in the right category, because you have found us through a large search engine. Meanwhile many of our customers do this and can therefore quickly and safely choose and buy the right Rear Panel screws. So that the purchase experience can be arranged also surely, it is important that also the topic security got a large meaning. For this reason we decided a few years ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. We have also succeeded in doing this successfully. Now your stored data can no longer be accessed by third parties and can be securely transferred to our merchandise management system. Let us also lose a few words, what the topic of buying within our online shop means and how a successful purchase of your Rear Panel screws can also be processed quickly and safely. Once you have found the right screws, you can simply add them to your shopping cart by selecting the right quantity. After this order section follows the next one, which allows you to create an account with us, so that all your data can be stored. To do this, you open a login and enter your email and delivery address. Please stay logged in and follow the further instructions of the warning basket, if you want to buy the Rear Panel screws made of steel or stainless steel now. After a few clicks you will be shown a selection of different payment options. Now choose the best payment for you and confirm the payment. If the purchase of your Rear Panel screws was successful, you will receive an automatic email about your purchase. You can see exactly how many items you have purchased.

The production of Rear panel screws

Now we have already arrived at the last article and therefore we would like to give you a small insight how Rear panel screws, no matter if made of steel or stainless steel, can be produced with today's ultramodern machines. Thereby the most important character always resonates, the economic efficiency. The economic efficiency is a very important topic in the production of Rear panel screws. Let us now begin with the actual manufacturing process. In the past, the subject of economic efficiency was not so central to any production of screws. This made it possible to use slow, mechanical machines that were driven by a cam disk. This had the advantage that no central parts of the electronics could break down, but it also resulted in very slow cycle times. Today, this is somewhat different. Anyone who can produce quickly and cheaply today has a clear competitive advantage in the production of stainless steel or steel backplate screws. Today, CNC screw machines are used, which must meet exactly these manufacturing criteria that we just mentioned. The first priority is the fast and inexpensive production of such Rear panel screws. At the CNC screw machine imme rein Loader is coupled, which communicates directly with the machine. This loader is usually equipped as a drum loader. The raw wire of the Rear panel screws is coiled up on this drum and can be inserted directly into the machine. Once the program has been loaded within the CNC machine and the machine has been set up and all stops have been neatly adjusted, the stainless steel wire can be fed into the machine. The first step is always to cut to the desired length of the Rear panel screws. Once this has been done, the back of the screw head is prepressed or pre-pressed. After this process the final upsetting of the front part of the head of the Rear panel screws always takes place. The corresponding drive must also be inserted into the head. This can be incorporated as a torx or cross slot. Now only the pin can be seen as a bare wire. In order that the Rear panel screws can also be screwed cleanly into a wood, the wood thread must be rolled into the screw body. Since rolling is the best and most economical variation for the production of Rear panel screws, the rolling of the screw body is now done. Two hardened rollers run in opposite directions within the machine and have the thread on the roller. If the screw is now held between the rollers and rolled under pressure, the thread is transferred to the Rear panel screws. Now the actual manufacturing process of the Rear panel screws is completed. Now the screws can be packed and stored in our warehouse until we receive your order.


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