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Fitting shoulder screws are fitting screws that have a shoulder piece in addition to the fit. Such shoulder screws are used in fixtures or as bearing seats.

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Fitting shoulder screws made of steel or stainless steel have largely changed the mechanical engineering sectors and many other industrial markets. Today, it is impossible to imagine mechanical engineering companies without these screws, as the use of these shoulder bolts has continued and become more and more widespread in recent years. There is no more favourable connection possibility in the most diverse areas of mechanical engineering or jig and fixture construction as well as in almost all branches of metal construction and many other industries. In this article we would like to take a closer look at this very special type of screw, as its design alone offers endless possibilities for use. Furthermore, we would like to go into detail about how they are constructed and which material is used for such screws. We would also like to take a closer look at our stock and of course the production of fitting shoulder screws made of metal. As in the other articles, we would like to start with the detailed structure of shoulder screws made of steel or stainless steel. This special type of screw has, like the others, a screw head which is usually equipped with a hexagon socket as drive and is designed as an optimal drive receptacle for Allen keys. At this head the continuing shaft ends which is continued to the threaded end piece of the screw. The shank and the back of the fitting shoulder screw is designed as a fit and has been ground to an exact fit. This means in plain language that the shoulder fit screw has a shaft fit as well as a back face fit, which is ground during production. To ensure that this type of screw can accommodate all possible types of ball bearings or bushings as well as other parts with an exact fit, an undercut is made at the transition between the cof area and the shaft. The same undercut is also located between the shaft and the thread. Now, of course, it must be said that the shaft is always larger than the thread. There is a reason for this. Because fitting shoulder screws can also be screwed into a threaded hole with the thread due to their face fitting surfaces and sit on the shank surface over and centrically. Due to the wider one, the screw cannot glide away and stands securely after screwing. Now we come to the materials that are used for fitting shoulder screws as a common option. On the one hand, there are bare or burnished steel screws or also the very corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws. With the stainless steel fitting shoulder screws two different alloys are used again. On the one hand the stainless steel V2A, which is usually completely sufficient for most applications, or the stainless steel V4A. Only this alloy is resistant to acids, alkalis and salt water.

Our delivery program of fitting shoulder screws - buy online in our online shop

Fitting Sholder Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the previous article, we were able to tell you a few things about the use of fitted shoulder screws. As industrialisation continues to grow, the requirements and areas of application for fitting shoulder screws made of steel or stainless steel are also constantly increasing. Especially in this age, where machines and technical systems are becoming more and more complex and the precision of components that have to be connected to others is constantly increasing, fitting shoulder screws have not yet reached their zenith. So we could also register an ever increasing demand for these special screws and so we decided to include these screws in our delivery program and thus to be able to supply customers from all areas safely. Through our online shop we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your fitting shoulder screws quickly and easily through our online shop. This gives you more freedom when ordering and so you can shop with us around the clock. So that the purchase can also run safely, we have also had to deal with the topic of Internet security and have converted our entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This type of encryption allows us to protect your stored data from access by third parties. Especially when we transfer your order to our merchandise management system, access by third parties is no longer possible, as everything is securely encrypted. Let us also say a few words about how an optimal and fast process should be when shopping for your fitting shoulder screws. Certainly we may welcome you on our platform, because you came over one of the big search engines and searched with the keyword " Fitting shoulder screws". Of course we are very pleased about that. If you are now on our site, you have all the time in the world to choose your fitting shoulder screws in peace and quiet and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you want. If this first ordering stage has already been completed, the second stage will now follow. At this stage, if you have made your decision and wish to complete the order, you will now be able to select the payment options suggested by the online shop when you wish to check out. Before you can do this, however, it is important that you create a customer account and enter all data that are important for shipping and invoicing. Once you have done this, your payment method will be selected. Once you have found the right one, you confirm and the purchase of your fitting shoulder screws is complete. You will now receive an order confirmation and see exactly what you have purchased.

The production of fitting shoulder screws

Fitting Sholder Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have already arrived at the last, but not insignificant chapter. In this chapter we will discuss how fitting shoulder screws can be manufactured and which machines are used for this. Most of you know how these screws are installed on technical equipment and devices so that they can function perfectly, but few of you know anything about how they are manufactured. In order for us to be able to shed some light on this point, please take some time and read the following article carefully. In order to be able to produce a fitting shoulder screw economically in today's economic times, it is important to use the right machines, which can also produce a precisely fitting surface and operate on a fully automatic basis. These machines must not only work fast, but also deliver high quality. These machines are specially designed for screw production and usually always work in conjunction with a loader. The loader insert allows the appropriate materials, such as stainless steel V2A or V4A, to be stored and loaded as required. This means that with this CNC machine the CNC program must always be loaded so that all parameters are clear, such as feed rates and speeds. Then the production of fitting shoulder screws made of steel or stainless steel can already start. The first step is always to cut the entire length. Now, as with the other screws, the head is pre-compressed with the front side. Once this first process is completed, the final upsetting of the finished head is carried out with the drive as a hexagon socket. Now in the next section the stepped outside diameter of the thread is turned. The thread can then be rolled in. For this purpose, the fitting shoulder screw is rolled back and forth between two rolls until the thread is finished. The last stage in the production of such screws is the grinding of the shank and the back of the screw. This last step is done by grinding with different grit sizes until the fit has the desired diameter. Once this process is also completed, the screw is placed in our warehouse and can be shipped to you promptly when an order comes in from you.


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