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Cup screws also belong to the large group of screws and are only a part of them. So the cup screws belong to the special screws that can be installed.

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Surely you have heard of so-called cup screws before. The word sounds a bit funny at first, but it has little to do with the screws that can be used in a cup. How it came to this Naman exactly, is actually unclear. But there are more and more companies that can use cup screws and thus create wonderful visual aspects. Wherever cup screws are used, how they are constructed and from which material such special screws are made, we would like to bring you a little closer in this article so that we can bring some light into the dark of these connecting elements. These screws are manufactured and installed in a material which is a structural steel with a certain strength class. These are steel cup screws which can and must be coated with a thin nickel layer or a chrome layer so that corrosion only occurs much later and the screw protects against humidity and water. Since this coating is not a real long-term solution, most of our customers have switched to cup screws made of stainless steel in V2A or V4A. The advantage of this alloy is that the whole screw is protected against decomposition and as stainless steel cup screws it has a good protection against corrosion, if the screws are used normally indoors as well as outdoors. If special material requirements are placed on this type of screw or if the screws are used at sea, for example on boats and yachts, these screws should always be used in V4A material. Only this steel alloy can withstand all conditions. In principle, bucket bolts are no different from onboard screws, which are also mounted and used on onboard walls of trailers, for example. The advantage of a cup screw is that it has a large screen, i.e. a head that is even larger than a pan-head screw and the curvature is even flatter. This makes the screw even "smother" and further reduces the risk of getting caught or injured. You can quickly compare this, if you place a pan-head screw with a cup screw next to each other, you can quickly see the great advantages of this type of screw. This enlarged contact surface ensures a perfect hold in wooden boards or other wooden planking, as the wide head can press down well when the cup screw is tightened. Due to the slot in the cup screw, it is no problem to hold it in place when tightening with a screwdriver.

Our stock program of cup screws - Buy online at Online Shop

Cup Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ADue to the use of cup screws in recent decades, the demand for these special screws has also continued to rise. On the one hand, this has to do with the increased processing of wood or wooden beams or planks as well as the production of trailers. Today, car trailers are indispensable because they always have the task of picking up loads and transporting them safely. A trailer has a steel body and usually has to be covered with a wooden planking. This is the only way to ensure that loads do not slip and remain safely on board. In order to safely vibrate this planking, the cup screw with its wide and only slightly curved head is ideal for installing a screw that is not too strongly applied. But not only for this purpose cup screws are suitable, but also for many other applications. So that you can also buy your cup screws safely, quickly and cheaply, we have set up an online shop which makes it possible for you to order your special screws from us around the clock and thus make a quick purchase possible. So that the entire purchase of cup screws can also take place uncomplicatedly and quickly, we converted the entire online shop page some time ago to the secure SSL certificate. This conversion has only advantages when buying your screws. Your stored data can now no longer be tapped by third parties during data export and are therefore very secure. At the same time we would like to inform you briefly how a purchase of your cup screws in our online shop should proceed. If you have now found your way to us via one of the major search engines using the keyword "cup screws", we would like to welcome you warmly. Now you have the possibility to put your screws in all lengths and diameters in the desired quantity into your shopping cart. Once you have made your selection, the next step of an order is to enter all your data, so that we know where to send the cup screws. If this order section is also completed, the checkout and the associated payment will take place. Here you will now be shown some payment options, where you can choose one that confirms your purchase. If the payment was successful, you will automatically receive an order confirmation by e-mail from our server. Now we know exactly which cup screws in which size you need and can assemble and dispatch them in our warehouse.

The production of cup screws

Cup Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn a few sentences we have now been able to give you a good idea of how cup screws made of steel or stainless steel are used and how they are constructed. Now we are of course also of the opinion that we do not want to withhold the production of such screws from you and would like to briefly touch on this chapter. We would like to explain how such cup screws were manufactured and produced at that time and how these screws can be produced today in modern CNC systems. Everything used to be different! This is true, because even the metal cup screws only had to be produced in small quantities, because the market did not yet want to and could build up the large quantities. So the topic - time - was not yet considerable in production and the economy was not yet drilled. Slow, purely mechanical machines were used, which could be programmed by a cam disk control. All movements that were executed had to be meticulously aligned so that the disk control could execute these processes correctly. Today, completely different factors are important that make the production of cup screws so interesting. The first priority is the high quality of the cup screws and the most important is still the economic efficiency that today's CNC screw machines have to demonstrate. Under such a hood of a machine, always a chuck is inserted, which can take up the wire, which is inserted from the outside. This wire comes from a drum, which stores the wire in order to enable a cost-effective night shift operation. Once all the data required for cup screw production has been loaded, production can begin. The wire is inserted into the machine and the first step is to cut the shaft to length. Now the screw head of the cup screw is pre-pressed. Once this cutting is completed, the final pressing of the curved screw head of the cup screw takes place. Now only the thread has to be rolled in, which is always done between two running rollers. This thread can be either a metric thread or an inch thread. Once all production steps have been completed, the finished cup screw can be sorted in our warehouse and shipped to you for an online order.

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