Please note before a contact request:

  1. Please always quote the article number when making inquiries.
  2. Articles that are not listed in our online store, we can not offer for sale
  3. We do not offer small series or individual production of turned or milled parts.
  4. Due to constant changes and work on the online store system, new parts are added and updated, so some categories are still unfilled! We therefore ask you to refrain from inquiries in this regard. These categories will be filled little by little.
  5. Sale on invoice exclusively to public institutions and authorities, or to companies in germany! Please order separately by mail, stating the article numbers and quantities.
  6. We always send only insured parcels (even for small quantities), as only these allow tracking in case of transport problems. We therefore ask you to refrain from inquiries in order to save shipping costs and to send them as "parcel" or "letter!
  7. We ship our goods exclusively via online shipping! Pickup is not possible.
  8. The standard delivery time after an online order is usually 3-4 working days. A faster delivery only after prior consultation or contact with us whether the ordered goods are in stock in sufficient quantity.
  9. Please understand that we do not manufacture custom products of any kind.

Thanks for your understanding!

Attention: due to increasing annoyance regarding sales calls by phone, we do not accept phone calls with suppressed number anymore! Unfortunately these increasingly dubious calls force us to take this action! We hope you have understanding for this.

edel+stahl DESIGN GmbH

Im Wüstfeld 21
D-64859 Eppertshausen
(Design and product Development)

Phone: Mobil:+49 (0) 160 97 818 016
Email: (Spam protection remove the number before the @ and behind)

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EDELSTAHLDEPOT • Moebus Steel Design • Im Wüstfeld 21 • Germany • D-64859 Eppertshausen

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